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Sex in Shower Positions

Sex in shower positions.

As much as shower sex sounds like a total turn-on, it can be tricky to find sex positions in the shower while in the shower with your partner. However, these shower sex positions article can guide you into making sweet memories as the water droplets tingle your skin. The poses go from standing to lying down in the shower all to help you and your partner reach orgasm.

But before going into details with the list, it isn’t a bad idea to incorporate sex toys and lube as part of your shower tools. This is because water dries out the vagina quickly (which lube can work against),and, most likely, your hands could be busy supporting your weight. So, sex toys – especially suction cups help add sauce and spice to the entire process. Now back to the topic at hand.


The Caboose is one of the few sex positions in the shower that involves lying down on the bathroom floor. You might consider it as a safe position because there is a low-zero chance of slumping or slipping. Here your partner will sit on the floor of the bathroom with his hands behind him for support. Then you will target the shower water, so that it is landing on his pelvis or legs. After this, go ahead to sit in between his laps scooting upwards till you are directly on top of him. Your hands can also go behind you for better support.

A quick tip: Instead of bouncing on him for an attempt at penetrative sex, grind him and go in a circular motion. Also, you can turn your face towards him and steal a kiss or two. He can also use one hand to caress your chest and private part.

Standing Doggy Style

This is another top of sexual positions in the shower that works best with the shower wall and floor. It is also a pretty rigid style, so you can throw ‘falling or slipping out of the window here. To get this pose, you will need to bend slightly with your hands against the shower wall. Then your partner, directing the shower head towards your buttocks, can stand behind you, holding your waist for better control. This sexual position in the shower is super easy to achieve and just like the classic doggy style, standing doggy can help both partners reach orgasm.

Standing Spilt

Before proceeding into the ‘how to do it, you should know that beginners or those with no experience in keeping balance on a wet floor cannot and should not attempt this sex in the shower position because of how unstable it can be. Unless you are acrobatic, great in extreme yoga poses, or are very good at keeping your balance, please skip to the next shower position for sex.

To do this style, bend over as you did in the standing doggy position so that your head is pointing toward your feet. Then using the edge of the tub as support, lift one leg so that your thighs are then spread open. Have your partner stand between your spread legs while he can either hold your leg or place it on his shoulder for better stability. These positions give your partner a free gateway to paradise as he can do whatsoever, he pleases with you including touching your chest below.


Also, acrobatic but with less tendency to slip or fall, the wraparound also gives your partner free access to your pelvic area to do as he or she feels. While your hands are busy supporting yourself, you cannot do much but suffer the extreme pleasure as with BDSM. To achieve this pose, rest your back on the wall while your partner, who is standing, faces you. Allow him to lift your legs to his elbow by placing his hands underneath your knees.

Secure your hands around his neck and make sure the two hands are interlocked tightly. The end position should be you sitting on his hands – legs spread out and wrapped around his waist while your hands are on his neck. He should still be standing and can use his stands to direct and control your waist and intensity of penetration. Note that this style does not allow for any other type of sex than the penetrative.

Tip of the Tub

Just as the name implies, the entire action takes place at the tip of the tub and unlike the previous shower sex position, this position allows for more oral action. Sit down at the edge of the tub with your legs spread open and your hands behind you on the other side of the tub. At this point, your legs should be touching the floor, your back bent slightly backward almost like you are lying on your back and your legs spread apart.

Have your partner kneel in between, using his or her tongue, fingers, and lips to send you to paradise. For a more extreme, but risky move, lift and unite your legs around his neck. It will give you straight access to touch your buttocks underneath.


Don’t let your sex life die, keep trying new things and best shower sex positions to keep your sexuality alive. One of the supreme ways to explore all the ends of sexuality is through sex toys just read and check our best sex toy reviews for a suitable toy that will bring you utmost pleasure and doesn’t break the bank.

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