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Sex Masks

Sex Mask.

Has your desire for engaging in BDSM and kinky activities reached a fever pitch? You need the right accessories to kink it up in the bedroom. One of the popular fantasy accessories for fetish lovers is a sex mask. This is an exciting and sensual accessory that is known to spice up the romance between couples of any gender or orientation. When you put on the mask, you can let go of your old identity and recreate a new one. Also, you can make your sub wear masks for sensory deprivation play, bondage and other BDSM activities. By the end of this guide, you will know how to buy sex masks.

Top 10 best Sex Masks in 2021

Products Information Price
Fifty Shades of Grey Masks On Masquerade Mask (Twin Pack)
Fifty Shades of Grey Masquerade Mask (Twin Pack)
Material: ABS Plastic
Include: two masks
Fastening: Tie-up
Check price
Lovehoney Silky Black Blindfold
Lovehoney Silky Black Blindfold
Material: Synthetic Silk
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Tie-up
Length: 51.5 inches
Check price
Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold
Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold
Fabric: Satin
Color: Purple
Check price
Bondage Boutique Metallic Pink Blindfold
Pink Blindfold
Material: Faux Leather
Contains latex: No
Fastening: elasticated band
Check price
Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Blindfold
Faux Snakeskin Blindfold
Material: Faux Leather
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Buckle
Check price
Lovehoney Oh! Red Satin Blindfold
Lovehoney Oh! Red Satin Blindfold
Material: Satin
Length strap: 7.5 inches
User: Beginner to experience
Fastening: Double elasticated band
Check price
DOMINIX Deluxe Padded Leather Blindfold
Material: Leather
Length strap: 20 - 26 inches
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Buckle
Check price
Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You Faux Leather Blindfold
Fifty Shades of Grey Leather Blindfold
Material: Faux leather
Length: 25.5 inches
Fastening: Buckle
Check price
Ouch! Street Art Printed Leather Blindfold
Ouch! Street Art Printed Leather Blindfold
Material: Leather
Check price
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What are Sex Masks?

Sex masks are one of the most sought-after sexual lovers for BDSM couples. The masks are used to create an atmosphere of mystery and fantasy. It can be enjoyed by couples or worn during orgies to hide one’s identity. Since the mask hides the wearer’s face, it helps to create a thrilling atmosphere and add more kink to the intimate encounter. It is suitable for both female and male users, but most commonly worn by women to look sensual and intriguing. Since it is used largely by the BDSM community, it has also come to be known as BDSM masks or bondage masks. They’re available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Some of them even come with ball gags, which makes it even more exciting for the dominant partner.


Different types of sex masks are available out there, but they can be categorized under the following.

  • Eye or blindfold sex masks – These masks cover the eyes and are great for beginners who want to try out a sexy personality, but not quite ready to create a new disguise. However, experienced players also use blindfolds or eye sex masks to heighten their sexual experience and engage in sensory play. The one wearing the eye mask is unable to see anything and has to rely on the other senses like, hear, taste, smell and feel. This makes the entire sexual act more exciting. The intimate encounter can be turned into a surprise and the dominant partner can use ice, floggers, whips, feather and so on, to intrigue the sub who is blindfolded.
  • Face hood sex masks – These are capable of transforming one’s look and great for making a slave out of your sub. Beginners can start with a BDSM hood made of spandex and have three holes – for the mouth, nose and eyes. But, you will also find hoods in different materials like, lace and PVC. Some of them are full face hoods with no holes, but the material is breathable. There are also open-mouthed hoods and some of them even feature a built-in blindfold.
  • Lace Sex Mask.
  • Persona sex masks – BDSM couples and kinky fetish lovers wanting to take their sexual plays to the next level by embracing their naughty personalities prefer persona sex masks. The personas can range from naughty bunny to a dog. There are also multiple personality sex masks.
  • Masquerade sex masks – Masquerade fetish masks are the ideal way to experiment with role playing. It can spice up your sex life by adding variety to your sex routine. Obscuring your partner’s or your face when getting intimate can be mysterious and intensely erotic. These masks come with a lot of detail and some of them are also bejeweled. These are popular due to the artistic difference that they provide compared to other BDSM items. You can create a promiscuous pageant in your bedroom.
  • Sex masks with ball gag – These vary in style, balls size and colors. But, typically, a sex mask with ball gag consists of a blindfold and a ball gag. The blindfold is meant for the eyes while the ball gag is to be put inside the mouth.
Black Blindfold sex mask.

What Materials are Sex Masks Made Of?

Sex masks are made of a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Latex;
  • Leather;
  • Rubber;
  • Spandex;
  • PVC;
  • Silk;
  • Satin;
  • Faux fur.
Black Masquerade sex mask.

Spandex, latex and rubber are softer materials and breathable. They can be worn comfortably, and therefore, suited by those who have just entered the world of kink and BDSM. A BDSM hood made of spandex is super breathable that even if they don’t come with holes, you can still breathe and not feel asphyxiated. But, for those who like the feeling of asphyxiation, PVC or leather masks might be more appropriate. These materials are not as soft as rubber or spandex and they typically come with adjustable straps.

Sex masks made of faux fur, satin and silk are for romantic, sensual moments.

Different Shapes

Varied shapes of S&M masks are found out there. The masquerade masks are designed to look similar to the masks worn by the Venetians. There are also masks that cover the entire head and these masks are great for creating a feeling of obedience. These are mostly used in BDSM play to make wearers look and feel submissive.

Some masks are shaped like animal faces, especially bunnies, dogs and cats. Some of the only cover till the nose and have horns. So, you can be sure of finding a sex mask that suits your sexual need perfectly.

Bondage Sex Mask. Choose Sex Mask


Usually, a bondage mask is designed as one size fits most style. But, there can be variations. For instance, spandex and rubber can slightly expand, which means that they can be adjusted to the shape and size of your face. But, leather will not expand and fit your size. You have to properly measure the size of your eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure that the holes in the mask align properly with your face. You can also get custom-made sex masks or leather zipper masks. A leather zipper mask can be adjusted thanks to the zipper at the back. These sex masks usually cover your entire face, along with your hair and nape.

To know which size sex masks will fit you the best, you can go through sex mask reviews to gather in-depth information and details. This will help you to understand the difference between each material and how they fit.

Latex Sex Role Play Dog Mask.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for choosing the right sized sex mask:

  • Measure your face and the size of your head.
  • Before buying a sex mask, select which type of sex mask you want to buy. Accordingly, you have to measure. For instance, if you are buying a blindfold, you need to measure your head size. If it comes with a ball gag, the size of the gag has to be comfortably fit inside your mouth.
  • To avoid confusion, you can get adjustable or bespoke BDSM masks.

Selecting the right size is important because if the bondage mask is too big, it will fall off the face and if it is too small, it will be uncomfortable.

How are Sex Masks Used?

Sex masks can be used for dominant adult adventure or sensual foreplay. It is the ideal accessory to spice up your sex life. Bondage masks are easy to use and all you have to do is put the mask on the wearer’s face. Then, enjoy unlimited hours of sexual stimulation.

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