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Sex Masks

The best fantasy accessory for kinky fetish lovers, meant to increase the pleasure between couples during foreplay and intercourse. A sensual piece of accessory which can spice up any romance between couples of any gender. Sex masks are a must for those in love with playing sensual sex games, sharing BDSM moments in group or with the partner or aiming to spice up the foreplay in bed.

Top 10 best Sex Masks in 2020
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Fifty Shades of Grey Masks On Masquerade Mask (Twin Pack)

Fifty Shades of Grey Masquerade Mask (Twin Pack)

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Include: two masks
  • Fastening: Tie-up
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Bondage Boutique Black Lace Eye Mask

Black Lace Eye Mask

  • Material: Lace
  • Contains latex: No
  • Fastening: Tie-up
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Bondage Boutique Lace and Faux Fur Blindfold

Bondage Boutique

  • Material: Faux Fur
  • Fastening: elasticated band
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Bondage Boutique Metallic Pink Blindfold

Pink Blindfold

  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Contains latex: No
  • Fastening: elasticated band
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Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Blindfold

Faux Snakeskin Blindfold

  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Contains latex: No
  • Fastening: Buckle
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Lovehoney Oh! Red Satin Blindfold

Lovehoney Oh! Red Satin Blindfold

  • Material: Satin
  • Length strap: 7.5 inches
  • User: Beginner to experience
  • Fastening: Double elasticated band
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DOMINIX Deluxe Padded Leather Blindfold


  • Material: Leather
  • Length strap: 20 – 26 inches
  • Contains latex: No
  • Fastening: Buckle
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Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set

Fifty Shades of Grey Set

  • Material: Polyester
  • Contains latex: No
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Fastening: Double elasticated band
  • Include: two masks
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Bondage Boutique Temptation Soft Bondage Kit (2 Piece)

Soft Bondage Kit (2 Piece)

  • Material: Neoprene
  • Length: 12.5 inches
  • Fastening: Velcro
  • Contains latex: No
  • Circumference: 5 – 10 inches
  • Include: wrist cuffs, mask
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What is a sex mask?

Sex masks are sexual accessories for lovers meant to create a fantasy atmosphere in bed along the partner or during orgies. It’s a thing of beauty which creates mind bending thrills as well as offers even more kinkiness to the whole act of sexual intercourse. Suitable for both male and female users, most commonly used by women to look intriguing and sensual when faced with sharing passionate moments with their partner.

Types and main features

Masquerade sex masks – Sensual and sophisticated with fine details that makes them look very appealing. Offers the users a feeling of romance which can increase the passion in any situation.

black fetish sex mask

Latex sex masks – Often used by users in love with the fetish sex, such as BDSM masturbation, female domination or orgies. It’s made out of Latex which offers a kinky look and covers the whole face for a better domination sensation.

Blindfold sex masks – A premium choice for a highly stimulant sexual experience. The one wearing it is unable to see anything that making the whole act of sexual intercourse even more intriguing and exciting.

black sex mask by Fetish Fantasy Series

By obscuring the sight of one lover, the whole experience in bed can turn into something really exciting and full of surprises. Builds confidence between lovers and makes them want to try new things without feeling shy about. The masks for sex are a perfect choice when one is aiming to increase the excitement in bed.

latex black sex mask

How to choose the best sex mask?

When you decide to get a sex mask for adults, keep in mind the variety and the types available in most sex shops, both off line and online. Either you need a masquerade mask or a blindfold, the manufacturer, the quality of the material and the feeling you have when you wear it, are very important things to keep in mind.

Choose Sex Mask

The best and easiest way to gather information about a certain sex mask you might want to buy is to seek the internet for positive sex masks reviews from other users. You will understand better the differences, their purpose and each material advantages or negative parts.

18 inch latex black sex mask

How to choose the right size?

Just like any other piece of accessory you wear, it must fit and suit your measurements and needs. Either we are talking about a leather sex mask, a latex sex mask or any other type of material and version, it should fit your face and suit your needs according to your desires.

Adult sexual masks are adjustable in most cases but some forms and types can come in fix size therefore additional information might be needed before buying. Female sex masks are a bit smaller and more delicate in comparison with the male sex masks so always make sure you select the right type before buying such piece of sexual accessory. The size of your sex mask will influence the way you feel and the proper attachment, if it’s too large, it will fall off your face and if it’s too small, discomfort might influence your sexual moments.

8 inch latex black sex mask

Choosing the right material, shape and textures

Depending on your tastes and sexual desires, masks for sex can cover a wide list of kinky sexual needs, sex games or roleplay. If you need a mask for sex to enjoy kinky sexual moments like BDSM, bondage, femdom or maledom, a mask made out of latex or leather will definitely be more suitable to wear. On the other hand, for sensual and romantic foreplay moments, softcore sexual games or teasing sessions, a mask made out of silk, sating, faux fur or any other soft material will better suit your needs and will offer a more erotic feeling to your game play.

19 inch natural black sex mask

Shapes can vary from masquerade masks which are similar with the ones used by Venetians long back ago, to masks that cover the whole head and create the feeling of obedience and makes the user to look more submissive.

Either way, the variety of shapes, materials and textures will suit any demand and sexual need as long as they will be used according with the instructions.

natural black sex mask

How to use a sex mask?

Either it’s for a sensual sex play or for a harsh dominant adult adventure, used correctly will make the sexual mask a much needed accessory, perfect to spice up your love life. It’s easy to use, highly reliable and easy to clean, made out of safe materials and designed to avoid any possible choking hazard. However, it must be used according with the instructions and always kept clean from any possible solution that might affect the material or the person using the adult sex mask. Either it’s a nylon sex mask, a Venetian mask sex or any other version, using it requires minimum of experience. Simply use it to cover your face or your partner’s, make sure to apply it correctly and enjoy unlimited moments of high sexual stimulation.

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