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How to Get in the Mood for Sex?

How to Get in the Mood for Sex

Dear friends, the romance novels lied to us! They fed us the fantasy in the lines of ‘they looked at each other, and wild desire formed a pool at her core….’

Want the truth? Desire isn’t always spontaneous. Have you ever tried getting into it with your partner, but your vagina continually remains dry, or your dick stays flaccid? Some people need an extra hand getting in the mood for sex. And, you know what? That’s totally okay!

In this article, we have outlined the best and easiest ways for you to get in that nasty, nasty atmosphere, and in turn, get the best loving of your life.

What Exactly is a Sex Mood?

You probably have some ideas of what a sex mood feels like, but we just want to be more specific. The sex mood is simply the mood you get when your hormones and your body organs are primed for sexual intercourse.

At this point, you may experience tingling sensations in your core, hardening of some body parts (e.g., nipples and penis), and discharge of body fluids. You alone can tell when you’re in the mood for sex because the sensations just come flooding in. Now, you just want to grab your partner, sex toy, or even your fingers and get yourself off at O-town.

What Prevents You from Getting in a Sexual Mood?

You see, this is a safe space. Many people like you are wondering at this moment, ‘why the hell am I never in the mood for sex’? The loss of your sex drive didn’t just happen overnight. You must identify these libido zappers and work on preventing/curing them to get your sex drive back to normal. The reason you’re never in a sexual mood may be different factors, which we’ll break down below.

  • Stress. In the words of Dr. Streicher, OB/GYN Professor at NorthWestern University, ‘being stressed will negatively impact sex drive.’ Pretty self-explanatory. Ease the tension, folks.
  • Hormonal Imbalance. Both men and women can experience hormonal imbalance, leading to a total loss of interest in sex. For women of reproductive age, hormonal imbalances are frequent due to puberty, menstrual cycles, the pill, PCOS, menopause, etc. Always check in with your doctor to ensure that your disinterest in sex is not due to hormones.
  • Dwindling Attraction. The math is elementary. If your attraction for your partner is fading away, then you wouldn’t want to fuck them so much. To be fair, make sure you’re always honest about your feelings.
  • Boredom. Statistics from the Journal of Sex Research show that 41% of men and 27% of women are sexually dissatisfied in their relationships. To fight boring sex, discuss your concerns with your partner, introduce sex toys, try out some kinky stuff, and just go wild.

4 Ways to Get Yourself or Your Partner in the Mood


By now, we have already established that stress is a thief of pleasure. Various forms of relaxation can help you get in the mood for sex, such as sleep, bedroom chats with your partner, taking a bath, lighting a candle, meditation, etc. A relaxed mind equals a relaxed body, so get some ‘me time,’ or try to involve your partner in your forms of relaxation. Have them give you a sensual massage, read you a book, go swimming together, or even watch videos to get you in the mood- together.

Indulge in whatever makes you feel good, and when your partner comes calling, you’ll find yourself eager to roll in the sack with them.


There are lots of fun things to do to yourself sexually. If you don’t masturbate, how can you ever understand your own body? Between you and me, you can probably give yourself more pleasure than any partner will. In the same vein, your partner may be clueless as to what gets you in that sex mood, but you know all the right places to stimulate. That, my friend, is the beauty of masturbation.


Don’t ever rush through foreplay. Let yourself be loved by your partner. Most people get in a sexual mood by receiving pleasure, but a select few also get in the mood by giving pleasure. Think of foreplay as setting the mood for sex. Teach your partner how to turn you on. Also, take time to learn how to please your partner and place them in the right mind frame for sexual activity.

Use of Sex Toys

Suppose this is a taboo topic for you; best to keep your eyes closed. On this site, all we do is teach you how to level up your sex life with the best sex toys. Love the idea? Using sex toys will ramp up your sex drive to unspeakable levels. For instance, if you’re stressed, you can use a sex toy that also functions as a massager to ease the knots on your aching muscles.

If you’re looking for the best ways to turn on a woman, a rabbit or wand vibrator will quickly ease her tension, make her nipples hard, and pussy wet. Triple blessing, right? To get your male partner in the right mood for sex, the best toys to use are strap-ons, anal training kits, and anal pumps.

Who knows, you might even have a preliminary orgasm before you get down to business.

From the article above, you now understand there are many ways to get yourself/partner in that sex mood. We hope you have learned things to improve your sex drive and bring back that intimacy between you both. Always stop by this site to get the latest on the best sex toys that will make you wild with desire.

How to increase sex mood?
Speaking of sex moods, you might even have the desire to go at it all day long, but you’re not quite there yet. What do you do at this point? We’ll show you. First, discuss with your partner (if any). Figure out why sex drive is low between both of you, and try to solve the problem. Next, get yourself involved in any stress-relieving activity. Finally, invest in sex toys. Sex toys can switch up the pace of bedroom activities and get you in a sexual mood.
How to get yourself in the mood for sex?
There are different ways to turn yourself on and get in the mood for sex. You can try watching videos to get you in the mood, take a relaxing bath, or even switch up your sex toys. Anything that relaxes you and allows you to feel works just fine.
How to get her in the mood?
Some people argue that getting a woman in a sex mood is difficult. That’s simply not true. The best ways to turn a woman on are sensual massage, extended foreplay, role-playing, introducing a slight kink in the bedroom, sexting. If you try any of these steps with the right approach, you’ll have your woman all hot and bothered in a matter of minutes.
What to use to get in the mood for sex?
Tools are essential- even in the bedroom. You can use a good old sex toy, sensory deprivation (for kinky people), raunchy texts, porn, erotica, and so much more. The big question is, ‘what exactly works for you?’
Why am I never in the mood for sex?
Your lack of interest in sex may result from different situations, including stress, hormonal imbalance, boredom, and much more. Identify which of these issues you’re dealing with, and consult with a professional for guidance.
Ways to turn on your husband?
Get into the little acts of loving; hugs, kisses here and there, touch, eye contact, raunchy texts, etc. Next, you can get into foreplay, switch things up and go all commando on him. There you have it, a hard man, with the veins pulsing from his rigid dick.

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