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Sex Pillow Positions

Sex pillow positions.

There's a reason some people have a million pillows on their bed... it's the best sex accessory you can have, and it won't embarrass you if curious hands come across it! A pillow or two can modify practically any position for a more profound, intriguing experience, and keep you quiet when you aren't alone with your spouse.

Remember that it is essential to keep sexual pillows different from regular sleeping pillows. You don't need to run out and buy a sex wedge cushion, but you should have one on hand that is comfy, thick and folds in half for versatility.

Sex pillows can heighten the intensity of your lovemaking, whether you're having penetrative sex or just enjoying an intense session of oral sex.

Try out these sex pillow positions to spice up your sex life and make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner.


Girl-on-top is a difficult position to learn, but with a pillow, you can ride it out like a champ. Propping a pillow beneath both knees provides you more leverage for bouncing, and you'll cover less ground with each movement, especially if your boyfriend is bulky. This sexual pillow position will heighten comfort while increasing pleasure immensely.

Lazy Dog

If your companion isn't very well-hung, you may prefer this sex pillow position to doggy-style. Lie down on your stomach with a pillow under your abdomen and a pelvis, and squeeze your legs together tightly. This will tighten your vaginal wall, giving you a more secure fit that you'll both like. Light pressure on your stomach also feels weirdly seductive and facilitates climax! You may require a second pillow to scream into.

The Rock-It Fuel

Make a sex see-saw by flipping a pillow onto its curved side. For a rocking variation on doggie style, lie face down with it under your hips, or use it during oral sex to rock and glide your lover along with your mouth (or you on their lips—you'll figure it out).

Legs Over Shoulders

Place a cushion beneath your booty and throw your legs over his shoulders if missionary is your go-to motion. This subtle lift and angle shift make it easier for him to hit your G-spot, and there won't be any awkward knee bruises from your knobs accidentally clanking together.


Spooning sex is difficult to master since there isn't much wriggle space available. And feeling like a tipped-over clamshell with your legs awkwardly parted so he can get into the rhythm isn't exactly sexy. What can be done about this strange sexual predicament? Spoon away with a tiny pillow between your knees.


If you and your partner are of different sizes, side postures can be challenging to achieve! Prop up the smaller you with a pillow to make up for the size difference and close the gap between your bodies for a more intimate tantric experience.

Dissimulation Station

Place a pillow underneath him while you're on top if he needs a little de-stimulation to last longer (there's no shame in that game!). To establish a comfortable angle for both of you, move the pillow across his back, hips, and pelvis. Will you be able to reach orgasm jointly using this small hold-off technique?

Best wishes!


Do him a favor and slide a folded pillow beneath your hips to raise your pelvis a few inches if he's going down on you. This will relieve the tension on his neck and allow him to go deeper into your sensitive zones. It also means that you will no longer be in the bridge position, leaving you with nothing else to do but enjoy every minute. And when either of you is getting oral action, place a couple of pillows behind your neck to keep an eye on what's going on below!

Valley Of Fire

Create a pillow valley by placing large hard pillows under the penetrating partner's back, followed by more under their bent knees and thighs. The top is in the sex valley between the two. The receiving partner gets down on their hands and knees and faces away, straddling the other giant rigid monster. This position eliminates the reverse cowgirl's strange angle concerns and adds more accurate interior pleasure.

Padded Doggy

Stack pillows high on the bed's edge and have one spouse lie down on them with their upper body. The partner lying down can squeeze their legs together to make it better. The cushions against her tummy and her legs offer an incredibly snug fit for the lucky partner from behind.

The Deep Dog

Place a wedge/heap of pillows at the edge of the bed (be careful), but instead of lying over with their hips, the receiving partner can prop themselves up on their knees. They can stretch down and use their hands to balance themselves on the bed if they fit. The top comes in, standing for a sensation similar to doggy but much more.


Sex pillows make sex more comfortable, alleviating the stress of awkward and stressful sex positions and adding flavor to conventional ones. It is essential to feel comfortable while using sex pillows. Communicating with your partner about using sex pillows will help you relax and enjoy the whole process. I hope you found this article useful. If you want to spice up your sex life, check out our list of the most excellent sex toys . Everything that meets your budget and needs can be found here.

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