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Sex Positions for Beginners

Sex positions for beginners.

When scrolling through the Kamasutra or any online sex platform, it is common to see some acrobatic sex positions that will surely guarantee ultimate pleasure. With legs in the air and heads turned in a confusing manner, it is also normal to wonder if you can ever experience pleasure as a beginner. But not to worry, other straightforward sex positions won’t have your body in an awkward position and would also be easy for you both to come. Therefore, without any more fuss, this guide will introduce and detail some beginner sex positions that are just as hot as the other ones.


Missionary is one of the easiest sexual positions for beginners because it allows both partners to be at ease with themselves, well-rested, and has no limbs in the air as with other acrobatic styles. The missionary happens when the woman lies on her back comfortably and the man lies directly on top of her, also comfortably while he thrusts into her from the front. Many might call this a boring sex position but it’s far from that. Aside from that, the penis is sure to reach the woman’s G-spot from that position, his hands are free to touch and caress all of her body during the play as well as the woman’s.


Known as the second most popular sex position and the most favorite for men, this legendary position is also great for beginners. Doggy was named after the position of the woman is like a submissive but sexy dog receiving punishments from her master. She has to kneel on all fours either on the bed or floor while the man stands or kneels behind her. This style, as sexy and overly satisfying as it is, is easy and stress-free, hence, why it is one of the sex positions for beginners.


This is best if the man is a beginner and he has an experienced partner. Here she’ll do all the work pleasuring both of you while you will lie down, relaxed, and going insane from too much sweetness. To get this beginner sex position, the man will lie on his back with his penis facing upwards while the woman will sit on it, facing him, and ride onto victory. She can do whatever she pleases while on top of you because she is in control; from straddling, to bouncing, grinding, kissing, teasing, and so on. The options are endless.

Reverse Cowgirl

This can work when you both are shy of each other – which is pretty common for first-timers. This sexual position for beginners is similar to the cowgirl but has the woman facing the other side (his feet). She still has all the power and can do all those things but instead of the man staring into her eyes (which can be too overwhelming), he can grace her buttocks and watch as it vibrates with every bounce.

Cowgirl Helper

Still, on the cowgirl topic, the cowgirl’s helper is a variation of cowgirl where the man is the experienced one and the woman is a beginner. Considering that you both love this sex position for beginners but have the lady as a newbie, then this is the one for you. In this position, the man again lies on his back, but this time with his knees folded up. Then the lady sits on his thighs and rests her back on his folded knees. She is, therefore, assisted by her partner who pushes his pelvis up and down following the rhythm of her bounce. With this best sex position for beginners your woman won’t get tired quickly and will reach orgasm faster.


Nicknamed the lazy man sex position, it is also a great sex position for beginners. Here, both the man and the woman can be first-timers and still enjoy sex. To do this position, the woman will have to lie sideways and arch her buttocks backward with her knees bent forward. Then her partner will do the same things behind her, except, that he will push his pelvis forward to meet with her buttocks. He can also wander around with his hands, touching her neck, breasts, clitoris, and so on for more pleasure.

Sit to Standing

This is another sex position that turned out to be among the best sex positions for beginners. The woman lies on her back with her legs raised the man kneels in front of her (as with the doggy position) and thrusts from the front. He can hold her legs or keep them rested on his shoulder while they go. As seen, this can only happen if the man is experienced enough to guide his partner through the steps to great pleasure.

Flat Iron

Finally, the last but not the least sex position for beginners is the flat iron pose. Some might call it the opposite of the missionary position because of how it looks. The woman will lie down with her chest flat on the bed while the man (in the same direction) lies on top of her. He can use his hands to support weight to avoid crushing her and thrusting in through her behind. This position requires no effort and hence is great for beginners.


A practical tip for better sex for newbies is to include several sex toys into the equation. But if you don’t know how to choose the best sex toys for beginner , you can look through our highly detailed sex toy reviews as a guide. You will find one that meets our eye with a description of how to use it.

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