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Sex Positions for Men

Flatiron position for man.

Championing in the other room does not require much. You only need to try sex from different angles to see which one works best and master it. Speaking of the best sex positions, men love some techniques better than others. Those positions make for great sex, enabling you to discover pleasure in different ways while enjoying the session.

We have compiled some of those sexual positions men love to give you a glimpse of what you are missing. The stances are not only for your enjoyment, but your partner will also find most of them pleasurable. Check out below our list of the 7 best sex positions for men and how to get them working.

Lazy Man

The lazy man sex stance is one of the techniques that men look forward to during a season. It entails the man sitting with their back to any support while the woman sits on their lap and controls the pace. The woman may either grid or bounce on the man's penis to move. The grinding movement is an exotic tantric sex technique that entails subtle movement. It also allows premium vagina stimulation and enables a stronger climax for both partners. This sex position drives men crazy every single time. They love it when their partner takes the wheels and rides the hell out of them.

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl drives most men over the edge with the dangerously kinky positioning. It involves the man staying flat on his back with legs stretched out while his partner bounces and grinds on his penis, facing away. The gorgeous view of their partner's behind while they grind gives the men access to the rider's bum to smack and caress during the sex session.

Doggy Style

It is no news that the doggy style is one of the best male sex positions ever. They love it so much that hardly one sex session passes without them switching to the doggy style. It puts the men in control as they dish the back shots to their partner at their pace. It also allows the woman on all fours to rock back and forth, complementing the movement. The doggy style makes the men feel like alphas allowing them to enjoy deeper penetration and enhanced satisfaction.

Lovers' Spoon

Men love the spooning rear entry sex position. The technique is very intimate and does not require a lot of energy. Both partners only have to lay side by side with the woman facing away while the man slides in from behind. They both may move at a controlled pace, whether slowly or intensely. Either way, having sex from that position is totally fun and promises premium satisfaction. It is even more fun when the man stimulates their partner's vagina or when the woman slightly turns their head to lock eyes with him.


Flatiron is another rear entry sex position favored by men. Although it is not suitable for marathon sex sessions, it adds more spice to the action. You get into it by laying down flat and protruding your bum a little while your man slides in from behind. The flatiron requires core strength from your and arm strength from your man. Nevertheless, once you can get into the stance, both partners will feel the intensity of the flatiron no matter the time frame.


The missionary style is not just some old couples' sex technique. Men love it, which is why there is hardly a need to describe the sex position. They use it almost all the time during all their love-making sessions. The reason is not farfetched as it gives them the reigns and allows high-level intimacy. You can ease into the missionary style by laying on your back, legs apart and slightly raised knees. Your man then comes in between your legs to dish out some deep thrusting while you join the pace by rocking your hips.

Kitchen Affair

While this sex position usually gets done using the kitchen counter, you can do it where there is a suitable flat surface. Such furniture or solid surface must be around the hip level of your man and have balance. Sit on the counter or surface and wrap your legs around his waist while he slides in and out. Your man controls the pace, and the hands are free to roam all over his body.


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