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Sex Positions for Menstrual Cramps

Sex positions for menstrual cramps.

Who says you should stop having sex just because your period is here? If you are open to new experiences and don’t have a belief against them, you might enjoy them so much that you look forward to them every cycle. However, it is not that straightforward – the sex, that is. Some sex positions can prevent things from getting messy and best of all, help with the cramps that come with mensuration. So, if you are one of the many women that have crazy sex drives during their period and want to satisfy that craving with sex, here are 10 good sex positions for period cramps.


The missionary style is the oldest and maybe the most common sex position in the whole world. It involves the woman lying on her back while the man lies on top of her. Being that the woman is relaxed during sex play and penetration is shallow, it is no surprise why this position is the first on this list.


She would have to be on all four with her back arched upwards for easy penetration. Since the thrust is not directly attacking the pelvic area, it is the best sex position for the menstrual period.

A great tip is that if you are into anal sex, you can ask your partner to add some anal flavor during play.


With your guy behind you, while you lie on your side, he can help caress, and relief the pain from sore breasts. The penetration is also shallow, and, hence, one of the best sex positions for menstrual cramps.

Elevated Butterfly

A variation of the simple butterfly position, this is another one of the best sex positions for menstrual cramps. Instead of placing your legs on your partner, you would need to keep your feet up and crossed over each other. This relaxes your pelvic muscles, that is exactly what you need during those annoying period pain moments.


Just like two scissors entangled in one another’s tail, you and your partner will have to snarl your legs together having your inner thighs meet at the center.

With or without penetration, this sex positions for menstrual cramps reduces the cramps within minutes from the get-go.

Yogic Missionary

Inspired by a kind of Yoga pose — specifically, the reclined bound angle, it is a sex position that allows you to relax and loll. Considering that is what many females crave during their periods, you can have a taste of both worlds with this sex position. All you have to do, is lie on your back like the missionary style, then bent your knees and pressed your feet together. He’ll do the rest from the front.

Cramps position

It is called the cramps position because it is very similar to how you’d lie down when you are dealing with period cramps. Do you know how you would lie on your side with your knees bent towards your abdomen? This position does not only allow your partner to grace your beauty from above but also keeps you idle, which is perfect for cramp relieving.


This is another variation of doggy style but with a little twist. You won’t be on all fours like a cute sexy puppy, you will be lying on your stomach. So, it is best to have a pillow close to you for better comfort. Then as you lie down, you will arch your back to raise your buttocks for penetration. Try this, and you would be surprised how relaxing and relieving this good sex position for period cramps is.

Standing in the shower

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you have to stand, shower sex reduces the amount of mess you can make to about zero, not to mention that it is also very soothing. But, aside from mess reduction and relief, it is also an awesome way to keep yourself lubricated for great sex. A great tip is to use warm water instead of cold water. Also, try to direct the shower onto your back and see how the nagging pain drains down with the water.


Which of these sex positions for menstrual cramps was your favorite? Plus, how many of them are you going to try during your next cycle? However, if you want to get the best feeling during sex, try using a sex toy, and if you don’t know where to begin, we can help you with that through some of our best sex toy reviews . So, don’t hesitate to check them out! We are sure that you will find all what you are looking for according to your fetish and budget.

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