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Sex Positions for Virgins

Sex positions for virgins.

So, you are finally ready to take the leap of faith. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Your mom, elder ones, friends, uncles, and aunties have all been through this phase when they were scared of how sex would feel the first time.

It’s okay to have so many questions and there are answers to all of them. But regards what sex position would make sex feel amazing yet gradual and painless, this article is the answer to that question. Here are five of the virginsto have sex.

The Missionary

Even if you haven’t tried it before, you must have heard of the missionary sex style. It is the most common and also the foundation of all sex positions hence the virgins; straight or LGTB.

What to do:

The receiving partner should lie back down on the bed fully relaxed. Legs should be stretched out and not in any way bent or folded. The penetrating partner should lie on top making sure not to crush his or her partner underneath. As the partner on top, you can use your hands to support your weight while your partner underneath you should use her hands to guide your penis/strap-on dildo into the right opening.

This should be done gently and slowly only after adequate lubrication has been applied. The partner on top just needs to pull out and push back in slowly until a momentum can be created. While doing this, continue to kiss your partner on the lips, neck, ear, and so on while the other partner can touch your hair and rub your back or caress your butt while you take care of the rest.

Woman on Top

Alternatively called the cowgirl position, the woman on top is one of the best sex positions for virgins, especially for heterosexual couples. But despite the name being ‘woman on top’, LGTB couples can as well enjoy this position as long as it involves a penetrating and a receiving partner. Also, this position is simple and easy to understand as it puts both parties in a comfortable position.

What to do:

The penetrating partner would lie on his or her back with legs spread out as the receiving partner during missionary while the other sits on top of his thighs/laps. Before penetration, the ‘woman on top’ should bend forward, coming close to his/her partner to rain romantic and intimate kisses all over. This strengthens their bond and makes it easier and thoughtless when it is time to go in.

The partner underneath can use his/her hands to massage his/her partner’s buttocks. After a while, the ‘woman on top’ should lift herself and try to sit on the erected penis/dildo. This should be done gently and with the support of his/her partner underneath. The movement (up and down) should start slowly before building up the speed and intensity.


If you are not bold enough to look your partner in the eye just yet, you can try this position. Tagged as one of the best positions for virgins, it is gentle and helps to encourage more intimacy without the awkward stare.

What to do:

Both partners should lie on their sides facing the same direction. The receiving partner would need to bend the knees on top such that it follows the same direction as her face while the other leg (the one below – directly brushing the bed) remains straightened.

Her partner remains behind her, making sure that his penis/strap-on dildo touches and can easily enter her from behind. His hands can wander around caressing her breasts or reaching her clitoris for some clitoral stimulation. He can also kiss her neck from behind as their intimacy plus the continuous thrusting lead to a special moment for the two.

Sex For Virgins Things to Note

Though it is easy to run to the bedroom, close the curtains, dim the light, and remove your panties there are a few things you need to take note of for a smooth and painless first time.

  • Apply enough lubricant for smooth entry.
  • Take things safe and make use of a condom.
  • Don’t keep mute, tell when you like what happening and when you don’t.
  • Don’t force anything, take things slow, and don’t expect to get them right the first time.
  • Don’t be trying to imitate what you watch in porn videos.
  • Enjoy the process. Don’t try to calculate whether it is painful or not, what he or she is doing, and what you should do. There is no strict rule, so just allow the feeling to take over.


Another item that can make your first time memorable with plenty of orgasms is to use first-time sex toys. But it’s not that easy to know what sex toys are great newbies. However, a look at our best sex toy reviews will give you the guidance you need to know what toys work best for you and your sex life. So, don’t pass by those reviews, there is something for you no matter your budget.

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