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Sex Positions in a Chair

Sex positions in a chair.

Getting some action on the chair can be fun and exciting. Besides, there is more than one way to have sex in a chair . It is a favorite because it offers the duo of comfort and intimacy. Sex positions is also great for partners who want some adventure. You can have laid-back sex. You can also be active, loving, and anything else on the spectrum. Chair sex is just like any sex because it offers similar emotions. Because, well, it’s sex. Only difference is that it’s happening on a chair.

Reasons Why you Should Try Sex Positions in a Chair

  • More Depth Control: You and your partner can easily regulate penetration because you have so much control in sexual positions on chairs. In this case, you can straddle your partner and settle at a position that seems most comfortable. To amp the intensity, you can sit on their lap and settle until you reach the base of their penis or strap-on.
  • Better Intimacy: There’s not much to hang on to when you’re having sex in a chair. You basically only have each other. Take advantage of this. More pleasurable body touch and roaming hands are ideal for sex positions in a chair. Eye gazing and deep kissing can also create more intimacy.
  • You Enjoy The Benefits Of Having Sex Standing Up: Without needing to stand, chair sex positions give the impression of verticality. Standing while having sex is usually a lot of labor.

List of Sex Positions in a Chair

The following chair sex positions will help you make the most of your next chair sex.

Cowgirl On The Chair

This is a pretty straightforward and well-known chair sex position. You are simply doing the normal cowgirl sex, but it is happening on a chair. Your spouse should sit in a chair. After they've sat, climb on top of them and straddle them. Once you're there, your lover can lean back or pull you near, and you can do the same. Carry on as normal, grinding ahead and backward. Just make sure the chair is sturdy so you don't fall over once the party starts.


On an armchair, couch, or computer chair, this sex position in a chair is ideal. Sit in the sexual position chair. Maintain a bowed knee position with your feet flat on the ground. Kneel in front of the chair with your spouse. Their thighs should brush against your shins and be facing you. They can then lift one of your legs and put it around their shoulder. By scooting forward and leaning back until you're comfortable, you can change your position. From this close grip, you should be able to experiment with kisses, hugs, and penetration.

French Kiss

This sex position is much more than just French kissing. Begin by unwinding in a plush armchair. After that, move forward until your buttocks are on the seat's edge. To keep yourself steady, stretch your knees wide and rest your hands behind your back. After that, your spouse can kneel in front of the chair and face you. They should be between your legs, but to get closer to you, they may have to straddle you. Once you're both within reach, wrap your arms around each other and kiss. Make sure you have a good time when it comes to penetration.

Seated Wheelbarrow

The sitting wheelbarrow can be useful if you wish to be more daring with chair sex positions. Request that your spouse take a seat, and then take a seat on their lap. Make sure you're both facing the same way and your backs are touching their chest. Lean forward and grab towards the ground to spice things up. If your chest is lingering between your partner's knees and your arms are working overtime, don't be surprised. To make things more comfortable, lift your legs off the ground and place your feet and knees on the chair. While your hands remain firmly planted on the ground, hold your partner's outer thighs with your thighs. From there, you or your companion can grind or slide.

Armchair Lotus

For those who favor cozy sex positions, the Armchair Lotus, which puts you face-to-face with your partner, is great. Your friend settles into a plush chair. They should sit in the chair diagonally, with their buttocks in one corner and their knees bent over the other. Climb on top of them and turn your back on them. Sit with both legs on each side of their body in their lap. Then your sweetheart can wrap their arms around you and pull you in closer.


There you have it! Make sure to experiment and try out these different chair sex positions. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to improve your sex life, do not leave without checking out our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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