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Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Classic missionary position to get pragnant.

So, you are planning to make a baby, and you think there are sex positions that can help in that department. Sex experts and lab specialists cannot fully guarantee that some specific sex positions can increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, positioning the body in a particular way that gravity makes the sperm reach the uterine fundus faster might increase your chances of fertilization. Plus, there is no harm in trying right? Therefore, here we reviewed the top ten sex positions to get pregnant.

Classic Missionary

This is an easy sex position to get pregnant, maybe the easiest. Lie on your back and allow your partner to lie on you. You can use your hands to caress each other while he thrusts deep inside you. This position makes it easy for him to penetrate deeper, which can increase your shot at pregnancy.

Rear Missionary

Similar to the classic missionary position but with a little twist, this pregnancy sex position works with gravity in leading the sperm towards your womb. Lie on your face with your buttocks facing upwards. Then allow your partner to lie directly on top of you using his hands to support his weight. He can hold your breasts during sex for more pleasure.

Side By Side Scissoring

This position is finest to be done on an armchair for better comfort. For this position, your partner would sit as he normally did, and you would sit on top of him, facing him directly. Like the cowgirl, ensure that he is inside you, and you can either bounce on him or he can push himself inside you.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is just a variation of the classic cowgirl. It is chosen over the classic version because the rear entry is closer to a woman’s uterus than entry through the front. Here, the man will lie on his back and stretch out his legs, then you can sit on top of his erected penis, facing his feet instead of his face. Also, make sure to sit on it gently and with his help too. Then ride him like the good cowgirl that you are.


For this position, allow your partner to lie on his side and then do the same but face him. Then, wrap your legs around his waist for better control. Another variation is to face the other side, so he enters you from behind.


Lie down on your back and raise your legs. Then allow your partner to kneel in front of you, placing your legs on his shoulders. This easy sex position to get pregnant is not only romantic and promotes intimacy, but it also works with gravity helping his sperm reach the goal.


Bend over like a dog with your hands and knees supporting your weight and allow him to penetrate from your butt. This position can be done on the bed while he kneels to enter you, on the edge of the bed, or a mat.

One Leg Up

As the name implies, one leg will be raised for a deeper position, and there are different variations for this style. You can both stand facing each other, and your partner will help raise one of your legs while drawing you closer. You can also stand close to him, facing the same direction he is, and using a stool or a chair, place one leg on it to give more access to your vagina from behind.

Over The Moon

You need a chair or a stool for this position as well. Taken from the BDSM boom, this sexy position can be used to initiate pregnancy. Using a chair, bend over allowing your knees to remain folded at one side of the chair and your hands at the other (just like a doggy but with an item of furniture). The furniture takes it out of the bedroom, which is spicier than the basic bedroom sex.

Bow For the Master

A variation of the doggy position, this easy pregnancy style would still require you to bend over but your knees will not touch the floor. This leaves your butt pointing much higher. This way, your partner can stand and insert himself in while you support yourself with your hands.

Take Note

Having the best sex positions to get pregnant isn’t enough for conceiving. You also need to work on your daily habits as well as your way of living so that you won’t jeopardize your chances of making a baby.

  • Don’t gain or lose too much weight.
  • Quit or avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Lower your caffeine intake.
  • Reduce stress and exercise more.
  • Be consistent with sex but don’t make it an obsession. Enjoy the process with your partner.
  • Don’t give up.


Learning how to put a pillow under your hips to get pregnant isn’t the only thing to know about getting pregnant. You have to get the position right and also work on your daily habits. If this article has helped you and you are interested in learning about more things like this, don’t leave just yet. Hang around and look through more of our content. We have sex toys just for you that will suit your taste and needs.

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