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Sex Positions to Reduce Leg Pain

Table top sex position to reduce leg pain.

Considering that many sex positions involve the leg and its muscles, it can be a bit difficult to find sex positions that don’t aggravate already-existing leg and knee pain. However, don’t feel down because that doesn’t mean that your sex life should be dull, boring, or non-existent. Some sex positions help reduce leg pain, and they are also pretty easy to try. Take a look at them and see if you can experiment with a few of them tonight.

Best Sex Positions to Reduce Knee Pain

Before getting into the details of which sex position can reduce leg and knee pain, you should know that these positions can happen only if just one out of the two parties has leg pain. Therefore, the other person (male or female) can freely and without pain, use the leg muscles during sex play. In that case, below are the sex positions to reduce leg pain.

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

If you have leg pain as a man and you wish to enjoy stress-free but erotic sex with your woman, the cowgirl sex position is a great place to begin. Lie down on your back and stretch your legs forward but make sure that they are relaxed. Then ask or allow your partner to climb on top of you. Although the basic cowgirl position would have the lady sitting on the man’s pelvic floor, here, she can lift herself using her hands for support as she squirts up and down. She can also kneel and swaddle her waist to create pleasure for both of you. One reason this position was chosen as a sex position to reduce knee pain is that you won’t stress your leg muscles at all and you would lie down comfortably. The reverse cowgirl is when your partner faces the other way instead of looking at your face.

Table Top

Unlike the cowgirl, where the woman takes the lead, here the woman does the relaxing while the man takes full charge of the situation. The table here can be the kitchen counter, a table in the garage, in the bathroom, study room, or the bedroom but make sure to add some pillows for better comfort. Have your partner lie on her back with her buttocks at the edge of the table. Then lift her leg, place them on your shoulders and stand in front of her. After this, gently insert yourself in and thrust her to happiness. You can also place a small cushion under her buttocks to raise her pelvic floor. This makes insertion easier and helps you reach her G-spot.

Oral Missionary

This works for both a man and a woman. It is also a great sex position to reduce leg pain in LGTB lovers. Involving only your genitals and your partner’s mouth, both a man and woman can reach orgasm without introducing penetration. An amazing tip is to include sex toys during play to heighten the level of pleasure that would be derived from this sex position. To do the oral missionary, one partner would lie on his or her back as in the missionary or cowgirl position.

Then the other partner would position himself or herself in between your thighs, bending over like a cute dog or puppy. The point of contact would be one partner’s tongue to the other’s genitalia (vagina or penis). You can also include fingers during stimulation as well as a dildo and other sex toys.


In a situation where you both suffer from hip, back, knee, or leg pain? This sex position to reduce knee pain is great when the two partners don’t need stress on their legs. You and your partner simply need to lie down on your backs, facing opposite directions but with your knees still touching each other. Then both of you should interlock your legs with one over the other like two scissors intertwined forming an X. After this, scootch closer together until your genitals touch, then using your hands and waist, grind against each other. You can also incorporate twin sex toys or vibrators to help stimulate things and send orgasmic shivers down your spines.

Face Down Missionary

This is another variation of missionary that takes away the ‘boring’ but leaves behind the comfort. Have your partner lie face down on a soft bed or cushioned sex table with her buttocks facing upwards. Then lie directly on her and insert your cherry in. You can either use your hands as support so as not to crush her or you can hold her tightly from her breasts for more mental stimulation. A tip is that your partner should join her thighs tightly together during the sexual play.


Sex should not be boring regardless of whatever is in play — leg pain or not. Even boring sex positions can become exciting when the right sex toys are introduced. That’s why we recommend that you look through some of our best sex toy reviews to find the best adult sex toys that would spice things up for you and your partner.

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