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Sex Standing Up

Couple Have Sex While Standing.

Ever watched some movies where people have hot, steamy sex while standing and, you just want a piece of that? You are not alone! Sex while standing can be exciting and great to watch but have you tried practicing? In pornography videos and movie sex scenes, it would seem effortless and easy to do. However, when you try recreating the standing sex position, you discover that it is not as easy as it seems.

Well, that is also the case for other sex amateurs out there. Relax, Today might just be your lucky day! Get set to go kinky as this article contains tips and tricks to guide you on how to have sex while standing up like a pro. We also have listed some of the best standing sex positions ever. Skip if you do not want to get addicted!

Tips to help you master sex standing up

The trick to having sex standing up is balance. Once you find your balance, it will be easier to achieve various sex positions while standing. The following tips will prep you for stand up sex:

  • Support Your Weight with Available Props: Standing sex positions like doggy require the bending partner to hold on to something for support. Your partner can hold nearby items like the wall, a piece of furniture, the window, doorknob, kitchen slabs, and others to support their weight while you thrust. That will make the position less awkward, more comfortable, and enjoyable.
  • Oral Sex Counts: Sex standing up is diverse. You do not necessarily have to penetrate before enjoying sex. You can go for standing oral sex too! Your partner can stand while you kneel and use your mouth to explore them. It goes the other way too.
  • Use The Wall: This is pretty exciting if you get it right. You can use the wall as a balance while wrapping one of your legs or both legs around them. The face-to-face effect adds more fun to the moves. Wall sex positions are exotic and even more fun when the shower is running.
  • Sit to Gain Balance: There is absolutely no rule against sitting to get balanced during standing sex. Your partner can sit on the kitchen counter, bathroom sink, or table while you thrust. That position provides balance, control, and gives you more access to your partner's clit.
  • Hold Your Core: Some sex positions require core strength to execute. Without power in your core, it may be hard to hold your style for even a short period. Do some core strengthening exercises if you want to enjoy those hot-standing sex positions.

5 mind-blowing standing sexual positions

There are several ways to have sex while standing up. While some require the use of props, others are done without them. Are you ready to explore sex positions while standing? Here is a list of crazy standing sex positions that will get you addicted.

  • Upstanding Citizen Sex Position: Stand facing your partner then, have them wrap their legs around your waist and hands around your neck. Support your partner by grabbing their laps. That way, there will be balance and you can begin the adventure. You can also have this kind of sex against a wall.
  • Standing Oral Sex Position: This position may or may not involve penetration. Kneel before your partner who is standing and perform oral from that position. You may switch at intervals so you can both enjoy the session. To make it more fun, you can use sex toys in that position. Sex toys help in diversifying and spicing up your sex life.
  • Standing Doggy: Doggy-style standing up is as enjoyable as its variations. Instead of your partner going on all fours, they stand and bend holding something as support. Then you penetrate from behind at desired pace.
  • Quickie Fix: Just as the name implies, this position is suitable for a quick bang. Have your partner bend like they want to touch their toes, then go in from behind. This position will not be comfortable after a while. It is advisable to switch styles if you will not finish quickly. If you love have to have standing sex from behind, you may get addicted to this kinky one.
  • The Ballet Dancer: While standing, wrap one leg around your partner like you want to waltz and have them hold it. Then draw your partner in using the leg wrapped around them while they penetrate.
  • Aquaman’s Delight: That is one of the most popular stand-and-carry sex positions. Wrap both legs around your partner’s waist and hug them close. Have your partner hold on to your legs and penetrate from that position.


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How to Have Sex Standing Up?
The secret to making love standing up is finding balance. Whatever position you want to try, make sure you have enough support so that you can enjoy the sex.
How to Have Sex Against a Wall?
You may want to try the standing missionary sex using the wall as a prop. Stand with your back against the wall with your partner in front of you. Arch your back a little bit so that your pelvis comes up for easy access to your clit.
How to Finger a Girl Standing Up?
Have her stand with her back against the wall then, slide your finger into her clit from that position. You can also kneel for easier access to her vagina.
Is it possible to have sex standing up?
There are several sex styles you can do while standing up. From standing anal sex to carry position, you can explore them all once you know the tricks.
Does Standing Up After Sex Reduce the Chances of Pregnancy?
Whether you have sex sitting, laying down, or standing, the risk of pregnancy remains the same. When a guy releases, the sperm swim up to meet the egg. Standing up will not prevent that from happening.

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