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Sex Swings

Sex toys can vary from plain simple ones to adventurous and oversized contraptions that are used by the more experienced. The adult sex swing definitely falls in the second category since it’s not really for everyone, and here we will take a look at what’s so special about these swings and how to properly set one up and use it.

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What is a sex swing?

A sex swing can be defined as a type of harness that can be used by the sex couple in various ways. It usually works by one person getting suspended on the contraption while the other one positions himself (usually a man) for intercourse, but both people can hang from it as well. Apart from that, sex swings can be used by people with various disabilities as to help them in the sexual act. It is constructed in a way so it can be attached to various things in your room, like a door for example, but it can also stand on its own and be portable. It presents a way for you and your partner to spice things up in an entirely new way.

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Types and main characteristics

As you may imagine, there are a lot of types of sex swing on the market. Some are easier for setting up, others can support more weight, while some can even be portable. Here are the most common types of sex swings you can find:

  • A traditional sex swing can use a tripod or a four point stand that suspends a platform at which the person can lay or sit on.
  • Sex door swing consists from series of straps and loops with a couple of bars that get attached to your closed door.
  • black polyester sex swings

  • Fantasy swings can hang from a hook that gets attached to your ceiling. They can have both hammock or strap support.
  • Body swings can support both partners as are ideal for cowgirl position or 69.

However, that’s not the end of the story sex swing types. Some sex swings are made for plus-size people as they can support extra weight. Others are called 360 swings which is pretty much self-explanatory. Whichever type you use, the most important thing about sex swings is your own imagination. With the series of loops and a hammock you can practice multiple positions for both oral sex and penetration no matter the type you choose to buy.

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How to choose the best sex swings?

If you already set your mind on buying a sex swing, here are some tips on how to choose the best one:

  • Price – It’s actually not too bad to go for something more cheap and simple if you’re a beginner. Stands are usually sold separately, and they cost around $200. If you want something cheaper, go for a door sex swing.
  • Weight – If you or your partner are plus-size, make sure to buy a sex swing for plus size that can support the extra weight. However, most swings can support a lot of weight if they are made from quality materials.
  • Brands – Some top rated sex swing manufacturers include Bondage Boutique, Dominix, Purple Reins, Fetish Fantasy, etc.

black stand polyester sex swings

Choosing the best size

Sex swings are by far the largest sex equipment you can find. That’s why you need to worry about space before buying one with stands. We assume that you will use this in your bedroom if you don’t already have an extra “pleasure room” at hand, so make sure that you have enough space to put it there. It’s not just the contraption that is important, but the swinging motion as well. Don’t make a mistake here, so you and your partner don’t bump into the wall or other furniture while swinging. The 360-degree swings also might need some extra space, so think about that as well. Door swings are really handy in these types of situations because they practically don’t take any space at all and all you will need is a functioning door that can be closed. A portable sex swing can be put together and disassemble easily, and you can store them in your closet or anywhere you like. Fantasy swings just require a ceiling, but you should nevertheless have enough room for action. As far as the straps and loops go, they are easily adjustable regardless of your height or size.

polyester sex swings

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Sex swings can be made from various materials. Different parts are made from different materials as well, as each part serves its own purpose. The construction and stands are usually made from metal because they need to stand firmly on the ground and be reliable. The part that needs to be the most comfortable is the platform that you will be swinging in. These are usually made from leather, but some can also be made from nylon, polyester, neoprene, or foam. These are the same materials that are used for the making of straps and loops that you are going to be tied with. Don’t worry if things get a little uncomfortable, especially if you’re a beginner, because sex swings need getting used to. Find the most comfortable position, and each material will suit well on your skin. Some swings have chains that are also made from metal. The colors of sex swings are usually black or gray which are predominantly used in the making of BDSM sex toys purely for aesthetic purposes. A shape of a sex swing can have hundreds of variations, and although some might look scary at first glance, they are pretty safe to use, which brings us to our final point.

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How to use a sex swing?

Using a sex swing has to do more with your own imagination than anything else. This contraption leaves you with endless possibilities regarding sex positions and action. We admit that setting up a sex swing can look quite complicated. Some manufacturers tend to make it, so the user spends the least amount of time setting the thing up, and the portable version is pretty simple as well. Always make sure you are reading the instructions correctly, and your swing should be ready for use sooner rather than later. You should always find a comfortable position for you and your partner as this toy is meant for simple pleasure and not a challenge. If you are having a bad time, just change positions and try something else. As we already mentioned, your weight should not be that much of a worry, but plus-size swings can support the extra weight if you need one. Know that most materials will be porous so prepare to clean these parts after each use.

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