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Sex Swings

Sex Swings.

In case you're looking for fun approaches to spice up your sex life, there is a lot of sex toys and equipment to assist you on that journey. Whether it's some new sex toys, erotic lingerie, crotchless underwear, it’s always a great feeling to be adventurous and step out of the norm once in a while. Adding a sex swing to your collection can be an absolute game-changer.

That's right, sex swings do exist outside of porn, and they're certainly not as unnerving as they sound. So, if you're thinking about getting a sex swing, here's our guide for the various sorts and the most ideal ways to utilize them.

Top 10 Best Sex Swings in 2021

Products Information Price
Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece)
Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece)
Material: Neoprene
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Velcro
Includes: 1x satin blindfold, 2x wrist cuffs, 2x ankle cuffs, 1x 4-way hog tie, 1x inflatable sex position wedge, 1x position restraint, 2x over-the-door straps, 1x swing
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Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
Material: Neoprene
Contains latex: No
Length: 41 - 73 inches
Fastening: Straps
Circumference: 31 inches
For weights up: to 308lbs
Includes: acrylic barbells, Straps, Thigh supports, handles
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Fetish Fantasy Door Swing
Fetish Fantasy
Material: Neoprene
Contains latex: No
For weights up: to 300lbs
Length: adjustable
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Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing
Bondage Boutique Deluxe
Material: Metal
Contains latex: No
Length: adjustable
Fastening: Clip
For weights up: to 300lbs
Includes: Industrial strength support frame, standard carabiner clips, spring, chain, straps, 2x body straps, 2x foot stirrups
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Purple Reins Sex Sling
Purple Reins Sex Sling
Material: Nylon
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Clip
For weights up: to 309lbs
Includes: 4x adjustable reinforced straps, C-shape support frame, 3x reinforced straps, carabiner clip
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Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing - Black
Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing
Holds up: 350 lbs
Designed for: Unisex
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Easy Toys Door Leg & Bum Support Over The Door Swing - Black
Easy Toys Over The Door Swing
Weight: 150 kg
Color: Black
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Whip Smart Pleasure Swing Black
Whip Smart Pleasure Swing Black
Spring Type: extension
Holds up: to 200 pounds
Color: Black
Swing Width: 14.5"
Swing Features: stirrups, removeable straps
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Fetish Fantasy Series Yoga Sex Swing
Fetish Fantasy Series Yoga Sex Swing
Materials: Polyester
Holds up: to 300lbs
Includes: Heavy-Duty Steel Eyelet Bolt, Metal Support Bar with 2 Torsion Springs, 7 Soft Fabric Supports, Swivel Clip, Free Satin Love Mask
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What Are Sex Swings?

Otherwise called a 'sex position enhancer', sex swings make otherwise unthinkable sex positions, not only possible but enjoyable.

One partner will be suspended in the swing while the other is remaining on the ground, making positions like standing sex a lot simpler. While the partner in the swing can be completely leaned back, the other can explore and do all the work, unrestricted. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Sex swings can be used for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. They go a long way to reduce the strains on muscles and joints. They have also proven quite helpful for plus-sized people and people with disabilities. Sex swings allow them to take part in a wide range of sexual positions that a bed or couch simply wouldn’t. For those intrigued by BDSM, sex swings can come in handy as well.

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand.

Types and main characteristics

  • Body Sex Swings: One partner lash into to coat and suspended. There are extra lashes to help suspend the legs and hands for the other partner to move and control the saddle at will.
  • Door Sex Swings: As the name implies, these portable sex swings are placed around a door lash. While they have a restricted scope of movement, they are quite easy to use.
  • Sex Slings: Sex slings resemble a lounger and ordinarily have an unsupported base. The suspended partner has the option to be tied in or swing around.
  • Conventional Sex Swings: These adult sex swings are made out of two essential lashes and stirrups. They often come with handles and headrests. They can hold up to two individuals and commonly dangle from roof snares, unsupported casings, or between the dividers in a lobby.

How to Choose the Best Sex Swing?

There are many types of sex swings available on the market, so making a choice can be quite daunting. Here are a few hints to help you make a perfect choice.

  • Check the Weight Limit: This is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Particularly, if either you or your partners are plus-sized. You need to identify precisely just how much your sex swing can hold. And if you plan to have swing sex with multiple partners simultaneously, you should factor that in as well.
  • Consider the Mounting Points: After picking out the right bondage sex swing, remember, you'll need to sort out how to hang it up. If you have the capacity and expertise to add new structures to your home, you can construct hooks to hang the swing directly from the roof. For your safety, it is essential to find a strong roof structure.
  • Your Budget: While it probably won't be your #1 thing to consider, your spending capacity will also determine the type of adult sex swing you can afford. Some high-quality swings can cost more than $600 while at the lower-end, swings can cost around $100.
  • Door Sex Swings.
  • Think about the Sex Swing's Support: For your comfort, it is important to consider how delicate and cushioned you'd like your swing's cushions to be. Most top-rated sex swings offer a specific type of cushioning, depending on the type or model that you purchase. You can also enhance your sex swing's cushion by adding a foam pad.
  • Think about the Straps: The straps are the most important elements of a BDSM sex swing. So, before buying, you need to identify the following, what amount of suspension do you think you'll need your swing to give? Would you like to suspend your legs? Would you like to suspend your arms? If you think putting the whole of your body weight on your butt will be awkward (as it will be on most sex swings for bigger bodies), you might need to consider going for a swing that has thigh lashes for extra support.
  • Add Special Features: In case you're into a piece of extra extreme fun, you can add some unique features to your sex swing.

Some sex swings come total with arms and leg suspensions. Others may come in total with a bondage suite to help you fulfill your BDSM fantasies. So, feel free to choose features that suit the various kinds of fantasies that you wish to explore.

Features of using

Before using a sex swing, ensure to safely deploy and assemble it. Read the directions on the casing to prevent any malfunction. Before getting a sex swing, your partner(s) must be also on board. To get the best out of the swing, speak with your partner and explore each other’s fantasies. This will help you identify how best to utilizing the sex swing to guarantee maximum satisfaction on both ends. A few specialists recommend that beginners start with Doorway sex swings since they're not difficult to set up and moderately cheap. That way you and your partner can test the waters without spending excessively.

360-Degree Sex Swings. Choose Sex Swings


  1. Standing Missionary. The receiving partner(s) will be lashed into the swing with their back tilted towards the ground. With each foot in leg straps, their legs are spread wide open for unrestricted access for the other partner.
  2. Hanging Doggy Style. Here, the receiving partner hangs over the ground with the adult sex swing supporting them by the midriff. The other partner can lift two legs or put them in lashes if accessible while penetrating from behind.
  3. Swinging Cowgirl and Swinging Reverse Cowgirl. In this position, the penetrating partner(s) will sit in the swing, while their partner hops on top, facing them, in a cowgirl position, or with their back to them in the reverse cowgirl position.
  4. Sitting Up Straight. While using the rear cushion of the sex swing to help support the thighs, the receiving partner can remain on the leg lashes and penetrate from beneath them.
  5. Hanging Ass Out. In this position, the getting partner allows their butt to hang out beneath the swing seat while holding the supporting straps with their hands. The penetrating partner can either approach from the other side or be lying on the ground. This depends largely on the height of the partners.
  6. Swinging Oral Sex. Yes, you can also perform oral sex using a swing. The penetrating partner can stand, sit, or rest, depending on the structure of the sex swing.
Hammock Sex Swing.

Safety Guidelines

Ensure you generally adhere to the guidelines for the sex swing you're utilizing.

  • Firstly, check how much weight it can hold, where it tends to be suspended from, and ensure you've attached every one of the clasps effectively. It's anything but's somewhat longer setting it up to stay away from any wounds.
  • If it's you’re a first-timer, your body will most likely be put in new positions that it’s now used to. So don’t begin with extreme positions.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard if it doesn't feel right.
  • A light warm-up and muscle stretching exercise before hopping on the swing can be quite helpful.
  • When using the swing sex toy, pay close attention to your body. If your muscles begin to cramp, ask your partner for help immediately.

If you are using a sex swing as a component of BDSM or Dominatrix, ensure you agree on a safe word with your partner in advance. And remember that consent is continuous and important. If your partner signals discomfort at any point, you should discontinue the activity immediately.

Extreme Sling and Swing Stand.

How to clean your bondage sex swing

Like some other sex toys, you should clean your sex swing after each round of use. Neglecting or simply leaving them unclean with body fluids for extended periods may lead to attracting microscopic organisms. Pay close attention to this to avoid contracting any severe infections. Cleaning out your Sex swing is not complicated. But depending on the material, some are quite easier to clean than others. This could be a major factor you should consider when purchasing a swing as well.

  • For Fabric Material. Fabric or Cloth-made sex swings are quite the easiest to clean. All you have to do is simply disassemble them and place them in your washing machine for a nice clean-up. You can also gently hand-wash them if you do not have access to a washing machine.
  • For Nylon or Leather Materials. Clean sex swings made of leather or nylon can be quite dicey. Throwing them into your washing machine can quickly damage the materials and make them unsafe for use. So, all you have to do is get a clean towel, and anti-bacterial soap, and water to wipe them down after use.

Storing Your Sex Adult Swings

Not everyone is audacious enough to their sex swing in place constantly. So, if you have kids or anyone else that you wouldn’t want to come across them, you will require some special place to keep your swing. Fortunately, most producers construct the swings with this factor in mind. Most sex swings on the market are quite easy to disassemble. They will crease up without any problem. To keep them away safely and prevent damage, you should have a box or sack to keep the swing in, when they’re out of use. A plastic or metal case will last any longer, and endure any potential damage effects.

Pipedream Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing.

Sex Swing Benefits

  • Having sex with sex swings can significantly enhance the sensual adventure experience between you and your partner(s).
  • You get to try out different sex positions that might not be quite possible of comfortable on a couch or bed.


  • While sex swing is great for sex, most people find it quite awkward to use.
  • If not properly fitted and assembled, it can lead to accidents and injuries.
  • Keeping the sex swing clean for consistent use can also be an added workload for you and your partner.


It may seem awkward at first, but when you get the hang of it, that sensual combination of flexibility, adventure, and sexual pleasure is unmatched! With sex swings, you can spice things up when you relinquish total control of your body to feel the sensations your partner is taking you through.

Choose and order Sex Swings
How to use a Sex Swing?
Some sex swings come total with arms and leg suspensions. Others may come in total with a bondage suite to help you fulfill your BDSM fantasies. Feel free to choose features that suit the various kinds of fantasies that you wish to explore.
What is a Sex Swing?
A sex swing is a type of sexual enhancement equipment designed to allow sexual intercourse between partners, where one partner is suspended by the swing and the other has unbridled access to their body.
How Does a Sex Swing work?
Experts say that Sex swings help you work smarter during sex. They are designed to help sexual partners explore new positions without requiring you to have special acrobatic skills or 360-degrees flexible muscles. They can also come in handy for plus-sized people, people living with disabilities, and partners who have height differences to enjoy their sex lives to the fullest.
How to hang a Sex Swing?
Over-the-door sex swings are the most common. You can easily deploy them by attaching heavy barbells to the end of each strap, which is hung over both sides of the door to keep the swing in a firm place. All you need is a strong door frame to hang it on, and once you’re it can be disassembled and packed away nice and easy.

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