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Sex Swings

Sex Swings.

Sex Swings are not only designed to enhance the sexual pleasure of couples moreover they help disabled persons to live a healthy sex life. The sex sling harnesses provide couples with the liberty to attain sexual pleasure in different ways. As inhibitions about buying sex toys are declining with time, the couples are now ready to experience uncommon sexual life. They can be fun, kinky, and full of a new experience every time you use it. Besides providing the utmost pleasure, they are known to be good for your overall health.

Top 6 best Sex Swings in 2021

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Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
Material: Neoprene
Contains latex: No
Length: 41 - 73 inches
Fastening: Straps
Circumference: 31 inches
For weights up: to 308lbs
Includes: acrylic barbells, Straps, Thigh supports, handles
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Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece)
Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece)
Material: Neoprene
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Velcro
Includes: 1x satin blindfold, 2x wrist cuffs, 2x ankle cuffs, 1x 4-way hog tie, 1x inflatable sex position wedge, 1x position restraint, 2x over-the-door straps, 1x swing
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Fetish Fantasy Door Swing
Fetish Fantasy
Material: Neoprene
Contains latex: No
For weights up: to 300lbs
Length: adjustable
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Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing
Bondage Boutique Deluxe
Material: Metal
Contains latex: No
Length: adjustable
Fastening: Clip
For weights up: to 300lbs
Includes: Industrial strength support frame, standard carabiner clips, spring, chain, straps, 2x body straps, 2x foot stirrups
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Purple Reins Sex Sling
Purple Reins Sex Sling
Material: Nylon
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Clip
For weights up: to 309lbs
Includes: 4x adjustable reinforced straps, C-shape support frame, 3x reinforced straps, carabiner clip
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Sex Swings to Spice Up Sexual Life

Most slings are usually used to suspend one partner on the contraption, with different designs available, both the partners can also suspend themselves. Sex slings provide you with a lot of options to try that you can’t attain during normal intercourse. The more it sounds fun and exciting, the more it is tricky to buy a sling. Before buying the sex swings, there are few things that you should consider otherwise it might hamper your health and can lead to injury.

There are a few things you should consider before looking for the Sex Swing:

  • The number of support provided;
  • The type of sex swing meeting your needs.
Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand.


You will find many options on the offline and online market to buy a sex swing but deciding on the suitable option is really tricky. We will provide details about the types of sex slings to narrow down your search options. Before leading to discuss different types of adult sex swings, you need to understand the type of support provided in this sex apparatus. Majorly three kinds of supports are provided in the sex slings:

  • Platforms: Used to suspend the partner, platforms are generally rigid and keep the back straight.
  • Hammocks: Alike platforms, Hammocks are also used to provide support in the suspension. They are soft and flexible to bend the body easily.
  • Straps and Stirrups: They are used to fasten the arms and legs during the complete suspension. Sex stirrups and straps can also be used to support the back.
Door Sex Swings.

These sex toys have a specific set of rules, problems, and benefits. The Sex Swings majorly fall into five types:

  1. Traditional Sex Swings: The most basic type of sling as the name suggests, the traditional sling is the first and foremost type that is still popular among couples. These are usually composed of a seat and straps for leg support. With time, the traditional sex slings have been updated with handles and headrests. There are many types of traditional sex swings available including bondage swings, single hook swings, dual hook swings and pinning swings.
  2. Door Sex Swings: Without the need for permanent installations on walls and ceilings, the door sex swing can be easily slid on the door frame. The hassle-free installation and easy usability have made it popular. Once the door is closed, these popular sex swings are ready to be used. But the easy installation on the door limits you for the movement. It provides limited options to try while spicing up your sexual life. Before using doorway sex slings, make sure that the door is sturdy enough to hold the extra weight of a person. Subcategories of door sex swings include standard door slings and deluxe door slings. While standard slings feature legs straps, deluxe door swings include additional seat strap. The temporary and easy disassembling allows you to keep them secret.
  3. 360-Degree Sex Swings.
  4. 360-Degree Sex Swings: Unlike traditional and door sex swings, if you looking for complete movement freedom instead of easy usage then 30-degree sex slings are made for you. These love swings are designed to be attached on a ceiling or a heavy-duty stand. These swings provide you with the freedom of moving forward and backwards without any hindrance. You can rotate the slings in any direction to change the positions in no time.
  5. Body Sex Swings: Instead of fixing to ceiling, walls or doors, the body sex slings are fitted around one partner. The straps and stirrups are used by other partner to hang herself/himself around the partner. Alike doorway sex swings, the body sex swings restrict the movement making it ideal for few positions. It needs strength and stamina thus should only be used if the person can easily hold the weight of the partner.
  6. Fantasy Sex Swings: Considered as most adventurous of pleasure swings available, the fantasy swings can be hanged from a hook attached to the ceiling. These are designed to provide complete freedom so that you can enjoy any desire. Usually consisting of hammock and loop supports, they come with additional options too to help you in different fantasies. The freedom of position with fantasy love swings is immense.
Hammock Sex Swing. Choose Sex Swings

What You Should Consider Before Buying Sex Swings?

If you want to buy a sex swing, there are multiple things you should look for, this will not only help you in attaining desired pleasure moreover it will prevent you from accidents and injuries.

  • Installation Type: Once you are set to buy the sex swing, it is important to know what kind of swing you want. Depending on your choice, you can buy a sex sling for permanent installation or temporary installation. If you are ready to hook up the swing to the ceiling then you can choose 360-degree swings or fantasy swings. If you are concerned about the privacy and looking to hide it whenever someone is about to arrive, you can opt portable sex swings like door slings or traditional sex slings.
  • Space at Your Place: Unlike other sex toys, sex slings are not the kind of things that can be carried away at any place. You need to install them properly at any place and it will cover up some space. Depending on the space available at your place, you can choose the sex sling. If you are not worried about the space it will cover then you can go for sex slings with a permanent installation. It will reduce your efforts to disassemble after every use. On the other hand, if your room doesn’t have much space, it is ideal to choose sex slings with the temporary installation.
  • Weight of The Couple: Though most of the standard sex swings can hold the weight of couples easily, it is good to be cautious while buying the sex swing. If you or your partner are plus-sized, then consider buying a swing for plus-size. There are sex slings available in the market depending on the size and weight of people so you can easily find the one suitable for you. Choosing the right sling with extra weight capacity can prevent you from multiple injuries. It will also help with the stress or force that you might put on the swing.
  • Freedom of Movement: While every sex swing is ideal for a few movements and positions, it depends on you what kind of sling you want to choose. Door swings can support only forward and backward movement while fantasy swings support movement in every direction. Depending on the desires of you and your partner, you will find several options to choose from.
Extreme Sling and Swing Stand.

Right Material and Maximum Comfort

The material of a sex swing should never be overlooked as it helps you to fulfill your fantasy. Sex swings are not made of a single material, different parts are made of different materials. Each part plays a crucial role to make your sexual experience the best every time you use it. While stands are usually made of metal as they have to stand firmly on the ground and hold the weight of a person.

To provide maximum comfort while swinging, the platforms are generally made of leather. Though you will find sex swings with nylon, polyester, and neoprene platforms leather platforms are known to deliver maximum comfort. Straps and stirrups are also made of soft material so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. Extra padding around on and around the seat provides extra comfort and prevent your back from injuries due to force and stress. In addition to the material, the ease of usability and adjustment decides the level of pleasure you are going to attain. Before buying the sex swing, make sure that straps can be adjusted to correct length or not. You must be able to adjust hands and legs straps without getting interrupted.

Pipedream Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Sex Swing

You should clean sex swings after every use just like you clean other sex toys as it may lead to the generation of bacteria. Wiping the sex swings every time would prevent you from infections. It is ideal to wipe it quickly before every use to eliminate any risk of infection.

A simple clean from wet cloth or sponge would keep you away from yeast infections, rashes, and STIs. To further simplify the cleaning process, you can put the fabric made parts in the washing machine and dry them after wash.

Sex Swings offer a sensational experience to everyone who wants to take the sexual pleasure up a notch. Like other sex toys, the sex sling is versatile and available in a range of options including yoga sex swing, bondage swings, or BDSM swings. You can use it as you want and store it in a secret place. It depends on the preference of you and your partner to buy the perfect swing to meet sexual desires. If you suffer from any kind of physical disability or mobility problems, sex swings can help you to fulfill sexual desires easily. The swings reduce the strain of back making it more comfortable. Whenever you buy any sex sling, follow the instructions provided. You can have swings with head, leg, thigh, and arm support and can also use stands, bars as per your need.

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