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Sex Tips for Man

Secret Ways For Men To Please A Woman

Indeed, a large percentage of women do not attain orgasms with their male partners. However, it is also correct that a lot of women orgasm while having sex with their partners. Oh boy! Their partners must be doing something right.

Well, there are no secret ways to please a woman in bed. You have only been ignoring the most obvious things you ought to be doing. It is neither about the hours nor minutes spent during thrusting. It is about how good you are at pleasuring a woman.

This article is a sex guide for men. Here, we have some of the best sex tips for men, including ways of sexually satisfying a woman, how to get better in bed for guys, sex health tips, how to pleasure a woman, foreplay tips for men, and the best ways to please your partner. Read and learn!

Sex advice for men

If you are interested in understanding how to please a woman in bed, here are some things you should consider doing:

Masturbate with your partner

Mutual masturbation is an erotic exercise. You both are pleasuring yourselves and watching each other do it. You will be able to see what gets your partner high and vice versa. This method works better when you and your partner are comfortable with yourselves and having somebody else watch you do your thing.

Avoid premature ejaculation

Who says premature ejaculation cannot be prevented? There are proven ways to stop premature ejaculation and last longer now.

Some of them are:

  • Edging. Stroke your penis until you are near releasing and stop. Wait till your erection is down, then start again. Do that for about 30 minutes before you orgasm. You can also involve your partner in this exercise, let them do the stroking.
  • Kegel exercise. Try restraining the flow of your pee while going for 3 seconds each at intervals. That will help you strengthen your pelvic floor.
  • Use condoms. Condoms may help reduce the sensitivity of your penis. Use condoms if you and your partner are comfortable with that.
  • Squeeze. Stimulate your penis and squeeze the head when you are about to cum. Repeat over and over for 30 minutes, then allow the release.
  • Use lubrication. Explore the wonders of extra lubrication with your partner. It does not matter if she’s already got her juice dripping. Extra lube not only helps to prevent friction during sex. It also makes the process more enjoyable for both of you.
  • Engage in oral sex. Women do not have the exact orgasm speed as men. While men usually cum faster, women most times do not even come close to orgasm. Solution? Engage in oral sex. One of the most pleasurable things to do to a woman is to stimulate her clitoris. It brings her closer to orgasm than penetration could. You could even find out her G spot while at it. Try some oral sex first before proceeding to sex so you can both be on the same level.
  • Bring in some sex toys for both of you. Who says three can’t play the game? Don’t fret. We are only talking about sex toys here. You don’t have to rely on your mouth and fingers alone. Engage interesting toys like vibrators, butt plugs, penis rings, and others. Sex toys make sex better and more pleasurable.
  • Take it out of the bedroom. Sex does not have to be a bedroom affair all the time; take it elsewhere. Ever tried having sex outside the bedroom? Like in the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, lobby, balcony, or the beach? That’s right! You can take it outside too. Don’t be such a bore; explore different locations and create erotic moments.
  • Use dirty words. Do you know? One of the best ways to pleasure a woman is talking dirty. Whisper naughty sweet nothings into your partner’s ear. I bet you that they will be wet before you make contact with them. Watch your partner’s reaction to the words because some people are not comfortable with things like that.
  • Try other ways. Sex should not be mechanical. There are so many ways to pleasure a woman than you can ever imagine. Stray from your routine and explore how to give her pleasure. Try some advanced sex techniques and watch how your partner reacts. Also, tell her what you enjoy so that the fun can be mutual.
  • Masturbate before sex. When men release the first time, they can last longer because the body takes some time to build up for another orgasm. You can jerk off beforehand if you cum fast during sex so you can last longer. However, if you are amongst the ones who find it hard to finish, do not masturbate before sex. You can do it when you are alone but not before going in to meet your partner. You don’t want to leave them frustrated.
  • Have fun all the way. Most times during sex, men have their minds fixed on orgasm. That is one of the reasons why men have premature ejaculation. Before sex, unless it is a quickie, you should remember that sex is not always about orgasm. The best way to pleasure a girl is to make it last and to enjoy the whole process with your partner all the way. For once, take your mind off releasing and focus on having some crazy sensual fun.


As you may have noticed in the men sexual tips above, sexually pleasing a woman is not far-fetched and getting you to enjoy sex hard too. You have to be conscious about some of the regular sexual activities you engage in and introduce some new ones.

Speaking of introducing new things, sex toys are one of the best additions you can ever use to spice up your sex life. They allow you to explore pleasure in good different ways.

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