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Sex Wedge Positions

Sex wedge positions.

A sex wedge has a triangular shape. It has one larger end that progressively angles down, giving it a triangle shape. Usually, you put this sex wedge under the hips, ensuring that its smaller/narrower end goes to the back. Its main goal is to help you be more comfortable during sexual intercourse.

Sex is astonishing and enjoyable when you are comfortable with your position. Thus, when looking for a sex wedge, it is crucial to think about your comfort, size, and material of the wedge.

Why Use a Sex Wedge?

A wedge, unlike your usual pillow is made to help you with various sexual angles. It gives one a firm, comfy support to enjoy sex. This reduces stress on the uncomfortable places or joints, putting you’re the body in an improved position for deep penetration. Besides enhancing your preferred sexual position, this will help you attempt new positions. While certain angles can be sexually satisfying, they might be hurting on pressure points, like your back. The good thing about this is that most sex wedges are easy to clean as you can use your washing machine.

Thus, clean it. If you're using it with multiple partners, regular cleaning of the sex wedge helps prevent the potential transfer of STIs. Thankfully, many sex wedges have a detachable cover.

Sex Wedge Positions

Sex is a vital aspect of life, and experiencing satisfying sex should be a priority. Thus, with a wedge, you'll be able to enjoy various sex wedge positions. These include:

Oral Sex

The wedge in this angle is put under the woman's buttocks, lifting her to help the man access her vagina for oral sex. Typically, the sex wedge opens the genitals to make it easy to navigate the creases and folds, stimulating the woman.

And if the woman is performing oral sex, the wedge is put under the man, lifting the penis. This helps the woman not to bend down that far. Also, in a 69 angle, the man can use the sex wedge to lift the head, making it easy to keep contact with the woman's clitoris without hurting his neck.

Also, a sex wedge can help perform oral sex, particularly, if your bed is frameless. It minimizes the pressure from the blood draining to the head while performing head-off-the-bed oral sex. At this angle, the wedge ensures that the head doesn't go lower than the rest of your body. Thus, it is evident that wedge sex positions for oral sex are many, and you can invent yours as long as you and your partner are comfortable and getting sexual gratification.

Doggy Style

During this rear-entry angle, a sex wedge plays a distinct role. It can add more firmness to the angle. Typically, the doggy style has the woman on the knees and hands, making her feel unstable. The continuous back and forth during thrusting make the woman uncomfortable, which can divert concentration from the sexual act to the pressure on the knees and hands.

Fortunately, with a sex wedge against the woman's legs and hands for support, she can reduce focus on keeping the desired angle and stability. And the result is a more enjoyable and smooth thrusting for enhanced sensations.

A sex wedge, in this case, is not only beneficial to the woman. The man will also appreciate it since if the woman is stable and comfortable, the thrusting will be smooth without missing the target.

Manual Sex

There are two ways you can use a wedge during manual sex. First is putting the wedge on the bed (or wherever you're having sex) and having the woman lay over it. This way you'll put the wedge while on a doggy style. Positioning the wedge right can help the man have access to penetrate the woman while stimulating her clitoris using a vibrator or the hand. Interestingly, some women claim that lying facing down allows gravity to pull their clitoris down, increasing sensitivity.

The second is having the wedge on the back of the woman, lifting the buttocks. This can help the man have a deeper penetration for more pleasure. Alternatively, the man can kneel near the woman's head for her to give him oral sex. This is because it makes it stress-free to reach and reduces stress on the back.


Sex should not be uncomfortable and unfulfilling when there are various sex wedges out there. They help you be in a more comfortable angle for an enhanced sexual experience. Further, they help try new, better sex positions, making sex exciting and satisfying.

Before using any type of sex toys , ensure to talk to your partner, explaining the advantages that come with it. Also, explain the different sex styles that you can engage with a sex wedge to improve your sex performance and experience.

Lastly, ensure to choose a sex toy that serves your needs. When choosing a sex wedge or any other kind of sex furniture, pay attention to other factors, such as the quality of the material used and the detachable cover. Remember to clean it frequently to reduce the probability of potential transmission of STIs.

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