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Sexual Episode While Sleeping.

This article is about sleep and sex disorder that affect a lot of people. And ignorance is making things even more difficult for those that suffer from this disorder. Many people have been arrested for harassing or having sex with their roommates and friends at night while sleeping while some others have contracted an infection or a disease. And worst of all is that they don’t remember the incident. Learn more about sexsomnia and how to deal with it.

What is Sexsomnia?

It is a medical and psychological sleep disorder that makes a person crave and have any sexual activity while asleep. It also comes with aftermath amnesia so that the person does not have any memory of what would have happened the night before.

There are many names for this disorder like sleep sex or sleepwalking sex and more, but it all revolves around having sex in your sleep. However, Sexsomnia is not limited to sexual intercourse alone. It can also include sex harassment, sexual dreams, or sleep masturbation.

It is a serious psychological defect that can affect any relationship (friends, partners, one-timers, siblings, and so on). Sexsomnia happens when a person is in deep sleep and though it is an unconscious act, it can look intentional and mildly forceful.

Parasomnia: the father of Sexsomnia

Sexsomnia is a subset of parasomnia. Parasomnia is a type of sleep disorder that causes a person to talk, walk around, move, or perform any other action while in deep sleep. There are other types apart from sexsomnia like sleep eating, sleepwalking, or sleep talking. So sexsomnia is simply sleep-humping.

Some studies have also added that parasomnia is more than a physical display of activities during sleep, it also includes dreams, perception, and behavioral or emotional expression. And it can occur while falling asleep, in deep sleep, or near waking up characterized by aftermath amnesia.

Symptoms of Sexsomnia disorder

The symptoms of sleepwalking sex can present themselves in many ways depending on the psychological state of the mind, gender, and environment. And although some studies say it is not the same with erotic dreams some others classify within the same bracket. Most of the symptoms include moaning while sleeping, masturbating while sleeping, erotic sleep talk, grinding, dry humping, pelvic thrusts, sexual intercourse, and so on.

And worst of it all, some people have reported that those that have sex while sleeping can be aggressive, rough, and harmful about it. And sexsomnia facts that the victims fall right back to sleep after with no memory of what happened when they finally do wake up. Some people who have fallen victim to those that suffer from Sexsomnia have regarded it as harassment, or rape. But here are the signs that would help you differentiate between a person suffering from Sexsomnia and an actual defiler.

  1. The person masturbates alone or with a partner during sleep.
  2. Moans while sleeping as if he or she is having sex.
  3. Uses erotic words to characterize things unknowingly.
  4. Men attempt penetration during sleep.
  5. Women attempt to be penetrated while sleeping.

Causes of Sexsomnia disorder

Sleeping sex disorder, as it has been previously explained occurs in different levels of sleep including deep sleep and partially awake. And a key aspect of sleepwalking sex is that the person will not remember the sexual episode he or she had the night before after he has woken up. They usually end up learning about it from their partner, parent, sibling, friend, or roommate which can be very shameful. There is yet to be a single identifiable cause for the disorder but there are several things that have been recorded to have a hand in its occurrence.

  1. Anxiety and psychological stress from work, relationships, or other parts of everyday living.
  2. Poor sleep hygiene (like sleeping late, repeated nocturnal awakenings, repetitive deprivation of sleep, or difficulty in maintaining constant and adequate sleep due to noise disturbance, uncomfortable room/bed, or frequent nightmares).
  3. Some drugs that have sedative or narcotic effects.
  4. Abuse of alcoholic beverages (this can be due to other reasons apart from addiction like constant worry, overthinking, depression, and so on).
  5. Other concomitant parasomnias.

Consequences and risk involved

The consequences of sleep sexuality disorder can range from personal to relational. It can also lead to physiological consequences like lack of concentration, constant feeling of shame, social problems, difficulty in attention, unrest, and so on. Most victims try to keep themselves from falling asleep which leads to other health problems associated with lack of sleep.

Some experience deep guilt and fear of losing a partner while others end up being alone and stigmatized. Relationships suffer at the hands of this disorder but it gets even worse when strangers are involved.

There is a huge risk of being charged with criminal offenses like rape, sexual assault, and so on if shreds of evidence cannot prove otherwise. Health risks also arise when unprotected sex occurs resulting in the contact of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases and infection. And worse of it all is that the victim doesn’t remember the episode.

Dealing with sexsomnia

Since we have been able to find the causes of sleep disorder then the treatment should lie there also. If a person is sleepwalking then he or she should treat this before it migrates into sex during sleep. The person should try finding the treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. If the victim is using drugs that have sedative and narcotic effects also, it should be stopped immediately and replaced with another drug.

Victims should work on sleeping better and relaxing their minds. Some studies also mention that they should have better sex while they are awake. They can incorporate the use of sex toys to enhance and diversify their sex life. And finally (and most of all), people who have sex while asleep should seek medical help, counseling, and behavioral therapy.


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What causes sex dreams?
Sex dreams can be caused by various reasons. In men, it is a normal occurrence that happens during the early age of development and it is as a result of sexual awareness.
What Is Sexsomnia?
It is a sleep disorder that causes a person to want and have sex or any other sexual activity while sleeping. It could include sexual intercourse, masturbation, and body caressing.
What causes arousal during sleep?
Many things can make a person to be aroused during sleep. It could be because of erotic dreams or due to Sexsomnia (a disorder that makes a person have sex during sleep).

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