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Sexual Fantasies

Married Couple Trying Sex Fantasy

Do you know the great thing about fantasies? You have the final say. It’s up to you to create your own wild sexual fantasy when and however you want. Today, as is our nature, we bring you some hot fantasies that will have you grabbing the sheets while you read. Don’t go anywhere.

What is a sexual fantasy?

A sexual fantasy is a mental scenario where your deepest sexual desires play out.

Most people think of fantasies as dirty thoughts, but we’re here to say no! According to sex coach Gigi Engle, ‘the more we talk about sexual fantasies, the less we’ll beat ourselves up for having naughty thoughts.’ And we agree!

You see, not every sexual fantasy makes it out of your head. And that's totally okay. Some fantasies you keep to yourself, some you may share with your friends/partner, and some others you make a reality. Which category does yours fall in?

Seven common sexual fantasies

Every breathing adult has sexual fantasies, no doubt. However some fantasies are more popular than others, probably because they are way too uncoventional. If yours is not listed here, well, your imagination is way off the charts!

Same-Sex Fantasy

In the words of Justin Lehmiller Ph.D., ‘59% of women fantasize about sex with other women.’ Many have described same-sex fantasy as the core of women’s sexual fantasies, but we know it applies to every gender.

This is an easy fantasy to create because you’re probably thinking of the thrill of being pleasured by someone who understands your body almost as well as you.

Dominance/Submission Fantasy

The submission fantasy is one of the kinky sex fantasies. It involves yielding total control to a sexual partner, trusting them to bring you erotic pleasure through pain or restrictions. A survey carried out by the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that 65% of 1000 women fantasize about being dominated. That’s a huge population! But did you know that this is also the most common male fantasy? According to Gigi Engle, ‘the idea of being sexually submissive can arouse people who are always leading outside the bedroom.’

Being the dominant partner is also one of the top women fantasies ever. Ever been called Mistress while you spank your man during sex? So hot!

Exhibitionist Fantasy

Exhibitionism means doing sexual stuff for others to watch. It creates a wild arousal in both the voyeur and exhibitionist. This fantasy may involve you touching yourself while your partner watches. It could also include making out and having sex with your partner while other people watch.

It’s such an intense fantasy, and if you feel the need to play out this sexual fantasy, just say the word, and you’ll be surprised that your partner may also want the same thing.

Multi-Partner Sex

When you think of multi-partner sex, it’s just sex with more than one person. Think threesomes, orgies, etc. Having sex with multiple people is always an exhilarating experience. It’s even more intense in your fantasies because you’re the sole focus and all your partners are eager to please you.

Multi-partner sex is perhaps the most common sex fantasy out there because, according to Engle, ‘you’re the star of the show.’ Bask in your sexual fantasy and make it a reality if you want. Because who doesn’t like being the center of attraction?

Adventurous Sex

Having wild and spontaneous sex is the silent prayer of many married couples. Having been married for so long, couples need some excitement in their sex lives, so they begin to fantasize (which is free for all, anyway). At this point, wild sex in a restaurant, bathroom, or alley may be the most common fantasy of a married man.

Often, the most common fantasy of a married woman would be trying something out of the ordinary. One of such things might be using sex toys on her husband. If this is one of yours, check out our sex toy reviews for amazing couple vibrators you can enjoy with your partner.

Open Relationships/Polyamory

Having multiple lovers is among the hot fantasies for couples and individuals. You can try an open relationship, swinging, or just plain polyamory as you wish because you’re still in fantasy land. You may also have fantasies of your partner sleeping with other people, because everything is possible in Fantasy Land.

Taboo/Forbidden Sex

A taboo fantasy involves erotic activities not generally accepted by society. Some taboo fantasies include licking one’s feet, armpits, sniffing undies, etc. Another common taboo fantasy is voyeurism which entails secretly watching an individual or couple engage in sexual activities. A taboo fantasy such as voyeurism should never be practiced in real life unless you obtain consent from the individual/couple.

Certified sex coach Gigi Engle says, ‘no matter what the fantasy is, it’s completely normal!’. It’s yours, so own it. We hope this article was helpful to you. Suppose you need toys that can help bring your fantasies to reality; check out our sex toy reviews for the best fantasy dildos you can use while you get lost in your world of pleasure. Your body will thank you for it.

What do women fantasize about?
Women fantasize about many things; you’d be surprised at how different women’s sexual fantasies are. However, some women fantasize about fucking another woman, role-playing, sex with a stranger, orgies, etc. Some others even fantasize about fucking an alien.
How to fantasize?
There are no rules to creating a sexual fantasy. All you need to do is reach deep down inside you and think of all the erotic things you’d like to try. From there, new sexual fantasies may even play out in your head.
What is the most common male sexual fantasy?
The most common male fantasy falls between submission and taboo fantasy. Due to societal standards, men are often pressured to take the lead in every aspect of life. Sometimes, a man may want to let his guard down and hand control over to another dom in the bedroom.
How to talk about sexual fantasies?
If you want to discuss your sexual fantasies, first understand that your sexual desires are valid. Then, approach the topic lightly, don’t just jump headfirst. Start by talking about random fantasies before getting to the hardcore that is sexual fantasy.

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