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Sexual Positive

Sex-positive Behavior.

It's not likely for you to never have heard the term sex-positivity. But, likely, you don't know what it means (or you think you know what it means). Sex positivity is a concept, a lifestyle, a culture, and a movement. It is a different understanding of sex and sexuality and so much more. Ready to know the true sex-positive meaning, then flow with us.

Sex positivity — what it isn't

Before we dive into what sex positivity is, let's take a quick look at what it isn't.

  • Being sex-positive does not mean that you have sex too frequently, have crazy fetishes, or can't stop having sex (with yourself or with people)
  • It also doesn't mean you are always horny.
  • Being sex-positive isn't a gateway to perversion.
  • Talking about sex and sexual topics is only based on consent, and is never a forceful thing.

What is sex-positive?

To be sexually positive means to be open to knowledge about your body and the body of other people around you. You'd also be interested in how to effectively communicate about sex topics with consent and intimacy. It means you are open to learning and talking about sex, sex toys, sexual orientations, sexual fantasies, fetishes, sexual identity, sexual behavior, gender, and anatomy in a non-judgemental manner (as well as without shame).

It also means making sure that those who work in the sex industry have equal rights and are not treated like scum. You can also become a safe space for people to run to when they are confused or nervous about any sex-related topic such as having a hard time getting erect or wanting to try out a new sex toy.

So if you are asked 'what does sex positive mean?', you now know what to say.

Sex negativity

In sex-positive therapy, there is something called sex-negativity and it is simply the opposite of sex-positivity meaning.

Sex negativity is the belief that sex outside heterosexual marriage is bad and wrong. And for a long time, we believed this concept until we saw the benefits of talking about sex openly (we will get to that soon).

Sex positive movement

Recall when we said that sex positivity is more than a concept, here, it is a political and social movement.

The sex-positive movement consists of all persons that believe strongly in sex positivity. It is focused on safe and consensual sex (no matter the kind of sex). The movement was born from the secrecy of talking or asking about sex and the shame that comes with it. But the sex-positive community is filled with people that know and believe that sex is a part of our normal lives too. And we don't have to feel like it's a bad or shameful thing to explore our bodies.

The sex movement also encompasses the topic of sex toys. In this community, sex toys are viewed as an object used to enhance and diversify sex life. It is also a channel to further exploration and healthy sex life. So it is not to be shamed.

Some of the things the sex-positive community tackle are sexual assault, slut-shaming, sexual health & responsibility, sexuality, and body acceptance. The goal is for people to be comfortable talking about their sexuality.

Sex education

Sex education is a major part of the sex-positive movement. Sex-positive education involves teaching people about the world of safe sex.

Sex-positive culture

Sex-positive culture allows every individual to make their choices about how they want their sex life to be without body-shaming and so on.

Sex-positive asexuality

We understand that sex-positive people are interested in sex, but what about asexual people? Asexuals are not sexually attracted to anyone (or maybe have just a little attraction), so can they also be part of the sex-positive movement? Yes, they can. Sex-positive asexuals might not be interested in sex, but they are accepting of other people's sexual preferences without judgment and shaming.

Example of sex-positive behavior

To further understand what sex-positive behavior is, here are some examples of what people do when they are sex-positive.

  1. You are interested in learning more about your body.
  2. You are open to new things including sex toys.
  3. You accept other people's consensual sexual practices without judgment.
  4. You practice safe sex by using condoms and other methods of birth control to protect yourself during sex.
  5. You get tested for sexually transmitted infections as frequently as needed.
  6. You understand and you are comfortable with the fact that your partner might not want to have sex every time.
  7. You are open to talking about your sexual preferences and dislikes with your sexual partner.
  8. You try to discover what you like during sex and what brings you the most pleasure.

Why do you need to be sexually positive?

As promised, we would give a bonus at the end of the article as a reward for reaching the end. This is why you should be sexually positive if you still aren't:

  1. Sex-positive parenting is so that you create a safe space for your children to talk about it with you and avoid sex-related mistakes that can be costly.
  2. You would be working towards better sexual health and easily avoid sexual-related health problems.
  3. You would easily avoid unwanted pregnancy and clustered birthing.
  4. Finally, you are still active even during old age which is a very sexy decision for your partner.
  5. Sex positivity leads to safe sex and pleasure for everyone involved if consent and effective communication are intact.


We hope you found this article informative. If you do and you want to work on diversifying your sex life, please stay with us and check through our best sex toy reviews. We know you will find everything that suits your taste and budget.

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