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Sexual Spanking

Spanking Position

Spanking got a bad reputation from your mothers and older relatives that used it as a mode of punishment from when you were younger. However, as we grew older, we started to seek these ‘punishments’ as part of sexual gratification, and boy, does it feel good!

What is sexual spanking?

Sexual or erotic spanking is a sexual activity that involves the use of the hands or other tools to hit the booty, upper thighs, and any other fleshy parts of the body. Except you are into punishments (cue BDSM), adult spanking can be seen as a reward. Spanking has always been associated with BDSM. However, it is not exclusive to it. You can spank your partner during sex without necessarily going down the BDSM lane.

Contrary to past beliefs, spanking is not a form of abuse. Spanking releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins to reverse the feeling of pain and turn it into a pleasurable experience. Spanking the butt sends vibrations to the genitals that lead to intense stimulation and arousal.

Although spanking can be done during sex as a kink, you can also spank your partner for fun. This could be done as you pass by them in the kitchen or with them bent over, doing a chore.

Any other part of the body with plenty of muscles and fat can be spanked. However, the best place to spank is the butt. The top near the back, the sides of the hips, the underside of the butt cheeks, and the middle are all premium booty spanking estate.

Spanking is fun when you have a consenting partner. But what do you do when your partner doesn’t understand your spank fetish and has no desire to participate in it? You enjoy it alone. Spanking can be incorporated into your self-love time. You can use your free hand or invest in a spanking paddle to reach different parts of your butt cheeks.

Tips for spanking

To get your partner to spank you or consider the idea of being spanked, you can send them videos of people being spanked and ask if they’d be open to the idea. Using a visual aid will enable your partner to better understand what spanking is and how pleasurable it can be without fumbling through the explanation.

Just as with BDSM, spanking requires a safe word so that you and your partner know when to stop. Your safe word should be something easy to remember like ‘pink’ or “black”.

For beginners, it is best to start with the hands. It is advised you get a good measure of the size of your hands and their impact on your partner. The palm is fleshy and creates more impact and sting, and is, therefore, suitable for tapping the different regions of the butt during ass spanking.

Check for bruising and rub the area of impact after a few spanks. Massaging the site helps to extend the spanking session.

Invest in good toys

If spanking is a kink for you, you should try sex toys to help you enjoy the most fun. Floggers, spanking paddles, and spanking whips are worthwhile investments.

Remember, you can spank your partner almost anywhere and on nearly everything. The list is endless – in the bathroom, over the tub, in the kitchen, over a chair. For extra kink, you can try spanking in front of a mirror.

When to try spanking

Spanking can be done anytime, even without sex.

  • You can spank your partner during foreplay or sex.
  • You can spank your partner when you are in the mood for some sexual action and want to put them in the heat too.
  • You can spank when you want to be a tease. This is usually done as pleasure spanking, where you can spank your partner on the butt while they are bent over and not expecting it.
  • If you are into BDSM, then you can try spanking as a “punishment”.

Spanking techniques and positions

There are different positions you can get into when you want to spank your partner.

  • You can have them lie across your lap.
  • You can get them to bend on the foot of the bed with their bottom raised and facing you.
  • Get them into a doggie position on the floor on the bed while you stand beside them and spank.
  • You can also sit on their lower back while they lie down and spank them.

There are different techniques to spanking, and it is crucial to figure out what works for you and your partner. If you are both beginners, you can start with spanking gently until you get a feel for it.

To spice things up, especially for spanking women, you can try.

  • Gripping the hair while she’s on your lap.
  • Forcing her hands behind and holding them there while you spank her.
  • Asking her to look at you while getting spanked.
  • Make her look at herself in the mirror.
  • Tease and touch while spanking.
  • Talk dirty.
  • Use a spanking feather to tease sensitive parts of her body.


Spanking should be fun for both the spanker and the spanked. There are many ways to have fun with spanking, so find out what works for you and make your rules.

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How to spank your girlfriend?
First, make sure your girlfriend is open to the idea of being spanked. You can try different positions, like lying across your lap. Spank her gently on her bottom and explain why she’s being spanked. You can also increase your firmness and speed as you go.
How to get spanked?
If it’s your desire to get spanked, your first and best option is to choose and get someone that you’d like to spank you. Find out if the person is into spanking and ask nicely to get spanked.
How to spank someone?
Get consent first. Once that is out of the way, talk to the person about why they are being spanked. To make spanking enjoyable for both parties, spank the person on the part of the body with abundant muscle and fat, preferably, the booty and upper thigh.
How to ask for spanking?
You can ask directly for a spanking. If you feel that is not right for you and your partner, you can try saying it during sex dirty talks. Wear undies that say ‘spank me’ at the back to send the message.
Why do people like spanking?
People like spanking because pain causes an endorphin rush which can increase pleasure. The process of endorphin rush leads to blood rushing to the pelvic area, leading to increased sexual arousal.

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