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Silicone Butt Plugs

Mini Silicone Butt Plug

There's more than one way to get turned on during sex, and thanks to the booming sex toy industry, more and more people are getting creative with it. There is now an array of sex toys that bring a renewed fun to the bedroom, bring a new perspective to the art of lovemaking, and make it less of a chore. One of these fantastic new toys is the silicone butt plug, a sex toy that turns on a user (and the partner) in many ways. It is an anal sex toy, that can fit into your luggage, check into the zone for stimulation, and work magic when used correctly.

Here, we will discuss what silicone butt plugs are, the types of silicone butt plug available in the market, and how an individual can choose the perfect silicone butt plug to suit their sexual desires. What's more, we will be looking at the pros and cons of the purchase and use of silicone butt plugs and what a user should know about the fantastic sex you have. However, you might want to look at the table below displaying our top and sexy silicone butt plugs before we go further. So without ado, let's get on to the business of attaining peak sexual satisfaction!

What are Silicone Butt Plugs?

Silicone butt plugs are sex toys that come in handy for anal play, typically plugs your bottom, but with a better purpose. They are almost shaped like a teardrop and have a large base not to be sucked too far away. These sex toys are perfectly shaped to please users in ways that won't flare up the anus, finding unique ways to mix pleasure and pain while placing a premium on the former.

These sex toys are super handy, and they work wonders in working on the lower regions of stimulation, as they are handier when compared to a bare finger. Silicone butt plugs are the perfect anal plugs for a sex toy enthusiast and someone looking to try new tricks in the other room. There are different types of silicone butt plugs in the industry today, and we'll be showing you them in a wee bit.

Popular Types

Here are the two main types of silicone butt plugs in today's sex toy industry.

Silicone Butt Plugs for Beginners

Using butt plugs takes a logical progression, and it would be ill-advised to go from zero to a hundred really quick. That's why a sex toy enthusiast should start with the beginner's version before getting on to bigger things. That's not to say that the silicone butt plugs for beginners are a slouch, as these sex toys are great for working on different zones for stimulation; they come in different shapes and sizes and are waterproof. It makes them a valuable addition to a freaky wardrobe.

How to Use?

First thing's first, ensure that it is properly cleaned before and after being used for anal play. That is super important to prevent the spread of diseases or stories that touch. Once that's done and dusted, then you can slowly ease it into the anus, putting it in and out till the orgasm is achieved. Do this carefully, monitor the bodily reactions, and maybe you can then proceed to the next item on our list.

Silicone Butt Plugs for Experts

Once you are done with using the silicone butt plugs for beginners and have mastered the ins and outs, it's high time that you progress to the ones for experts. These sex toys are tailormade to fit the bill of an advanced user of the always pleasurable butt plugs. They are more sophisticated when compared to the butt plugs for beginners, as they work on more stimulation zones, come in an array of sizes, and make for quiet yet assured pleasure. Butt plugs for experts aren't to be reclined upon, as these sex toys can be a godsend when in the hands of a competent user.

How to Use?

Once you're done cleaning, unpacking, and practicing, you can move on to the main course. Then, proceed to spread your partner's ass cheeks, apply a little bit of lube, and they fit in the silicone butt plug with precision. Do this a couple of times, and you can also alternate with the speed; you can thank us later!

How to Choose Silicone Butt Plugs?

Here are some valuable tips that will help in your search.

  • Do your research. It is super essential for your (and your partner's) own good. The reason is that silicone butt plugs aren't sex tools you should use without doing the proper homework. It is a sex toy that would be going in and out of your mushy, so the least you can do is ensure that it's going in and coming out the right way. No one loves a flared ass, and we assume that you are part of the sensitive bunch.
  • Don't rush to the expert plugs. The reasons are simple, and we are sure that you can predict what we are about to spell out. Well, there's a reason why silicone butt plugs for beginners exist, and we richly advise that you master those before progressing to the ones for experts. The grounds have been slept out time and time again, so we don't want to keep flogging an exhausting issue.
  • Be on the same page with your partner. Silicone butt plugs are better used with a partner, so it is highly recommended that you are on the same page with such a partner. You can do this by engaging in meaningful dialogue before, during, and after the sexual encounter. These are the little things that go into getting a fitting climax; it's only suitable that your significant other is on the same wavelength.


  1. They are amongst the most effective sex toys in today's market.
  2. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes, and they work on all body types.
  3. They are available in a wide range of colors.

Cons of Silicone Butt Plugs

  1. They are pretty complex to master.
  2. They are pricier than most sex toys in the industry today.

Concluding remarks

Silicone butt plugs are some of the most futuristic sex toys in the industry, getting more accepted in the mainstream than ever before. These sex toys might be tricky to master, but once you've done this, then it's a forgone conclusion from then henceforth. These sex toys are a must-have in the wardrobe of a freak in the bed, as they are helpful for foreplay, BDSM, and a range of other unique sexual shenanigans. What's more, they can be purchased either online or in your resident sex toy store. They are a massive asset in the hands of an experienced user, so it might be high time to watch several do-it-yourself videos and practice as frequently as you can.

How to clean silicone butt plug?
You can clean a silicone butt plug by using a piece of cloth lightly dipped in warm water. You should do this before and after use and make it a practice. Make sure that the water is always clean, as this is a surefire way of preventing infection.
Which is better, a glass butt plug or silicone?
It all depends on the user's taste, but we will pick the silicone version as far as we are concerned. That is because they are easier to clean, they are easier to handle, and you can fit them in with more ease when compared to their glassy counterparts.
How long can you wear a silicone butt plug?
You shouldn't wear a silicone butt plug for longer than half an hour. That's because wearing it for too long might result in complications in removing it and a possible flared posterior at the end of the day.

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