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Sitting Sexual Positions

Sitting sexual positions.

Looking for how to spice up your sex tonight? Try switching from the classic and rather boring bedroom styles. Instead of lying down for hours, level up and experiment with some sexy, erotic, and orgasmic sitting sex positions. These positions are still comfortable as lying down and unlike many misconceptions, seated sex positions can cause you to come in minutes because these positions are strategic so that your G/P spot is adequately aroused. Ready to know about some juicy sitting sexual positions?

Seated Wheelbarrow

As first on this list of sitting sex positions, you should probably note that this position is only possible for daring couples and those with a love for tricky and acrobatic sex styles. Have your partner sit down as he or she would normally. Ensure that your partner is well relaxed on a comfortable chair because he or she will do a lot of that in these poses.

When he is comfortably seated, sit on his lap (also facing the same direction) and bend over until your hands reach the floor but your butt is still firmly grounded to his or her pelvic area. Then raise your legs with the help of your partner so that your legs are secured at his or her sides. Then gently and slowly grind or receive a good amount of thrusting with no obstruction whatsoever. You can have your partner grace your back, hold your waist, or caress your chest for more pleasure.


Get yourself an armchair and sit on it as you normally would then turn sideways ensuring that your head is resting on one arm of the chair and your legs on the other. Spread your legs open and welcome your partner to stand between them. He or she can remain like that or for intense sensuality, have him or her bend over so that he is facing you and his arms and hands are supporting his weight.

Your partner has all the control in this sitting-down sex position as he or she can do as they please. You can also make your hands useful by touching his or her private parts and hair/back.

Seated Cowgirl

Who doesn’t know the cowgirl sex position? Highly unlikely. It is a common and popular heterogeneous sitting sex position where the man lies on his back while the woman sits on top and grinds him or bounces on him to pleasure herself. The seated cowgirl is quite similar,except, that it has nothing to do with the bed. Here, your partner sits down as he normally does while you climb on top of him making sure that connected pieces connect. You can either grind his private part or bounce on him to derive pleasure. However, ensure that the chair you decide to use is stable to avoid unforeseen meetings with the floor.


As with the name, this sitting-down sex position promotes intimacy and connection with couples. To get this sitting sexual positions, have your partner sit down comfortably and then sit on his or her lap facing the same direction (as with the seated wheelbarrow). Ensure that your feet are touching the ground for balance and support while you raise your body slightly using your hands as support. Then grind him or her like your life depends on it and see how your partner will moan.

Seated Butterfly

Another dubbed bedroom sex position with a little bit of alteration is the seated butterfly position. In the bedroom position, you would lie on your back and lift your legs so that they will rest on your partner’s shoulders who is standing or kneeling in front of you. With his pelvis directly grazing your inner thighs, he can hold your waist for better control during thrusting.

However, for the seated butterfly, the bed will be gotten rid of and a comfortable chair (preferably an armchair) will be its replacement. To get this seated sex position, you would need to lie as you did during XXX (your head rested on one arm and your legs on the other). But instead of your partner bending over, he or she will remain at the original position standing between your legs. Then the final step is to lift your legs and place them on his shoulders. You can either place them both on one side or each aside.


These are not the only sitting sexual positions there are. Over a thousand more can be found with more research but at the end of the day, when you try these few positions, you can beat your chest to say that you are no longer a novice. So if you wish to try out sitting sex positions to spice up your sex life, you can go the ‘sex toy’ way by looking through our best sex toy reviews. There will always be something you’d like that will suit your pocket.

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