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Small Dildos

Suitable for those inexperienced and new to sex toys, highly reliable for both types of sexual activity, vaginal and anal. A specially designed toy to help beginners enjoy amazing sexual moments in both masturbation or in couple mode. Smooth and with the right size to fit any beginner’s pleasure, these toys are the best companion when you need extra stimulation.

6 inch realistic small dildo
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What is a small dildo?

Small dildos are highly reliable and intuitive sex toys, best for beginners use and suitable for both anal and vaginal stimulation due to the smaller size. These toys are made out of various materials and they come in many shapes but are limited to a maximum of 5 inches in length. Also called mini dildo, this small toy penis is easy to maintain and store and can be carried anywhere due to the limited size which can fit any bag.

6 inch purple classic realistic small dildo

Types and main characteristics

Small size dildos can be found in a variety of forms, shapes and colors. The main types of small dildo are:

  • Double headed small dildo – highly rated sex toy with two heads for both clitoris and vaginal stimulation. Best used with lubrication in advance.
  • Two headed – penis shaped toys with two heads on both ends, suitable for both anal and vaginal stimulation in the same time
  • 6 inch pink vibrator classic realistic small dildo

  • Realistic small dildo – most appreciated dildo in the small category for beginners willing to try a realistic feel in solo or in couple masturbation

No matter the type of toy you choose, each provides a different feel and stimulation. Always seek the best small dildo reviews to better understand each type.

5 inch black silicone small dildo
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How to choose the best small dildo?

When you are a first timer and you have little knowledge on how to use a dildo, the small dildo reviews are the first thing you should seek in advance to choosing such toy. You will find valuable information regarding the types, measures, materials and many more, perfect to help you decide better. Also, keep in mind that not all small dildos are perfect for you. Some are rigid, others are too smooth. If you think of using a small dildo for both anal and vaginal purpose, it’s best to choose a more rigid one. Realistic small dildos are suitable for vaginal stimulation only while the other types can be used for anal as well.

5 inch blue silicone vibrator small dildo

Choosing the right size

Although smaller dildos are limited in size and can vary from only 2 to 5 inches, choosing the right size is a very important step in enjoying the best sexual moments.

There are:

  • small dildos (2-5 inches);
  • extra small dildos (3-4 inches);
  • very small dildos (2-3 inches).

6 inch pink silicone small dildo

Depending on your desires and also keeping in mind your little to no experience at all, choosing the right size will determine the level of satisfaction you will encounter.

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

While most small size dildos have the shape of a penis and look realistic, the materials they are made from are very different. They can be made from rubber, silicone or plastic and each can provide a different feel and texture.

5 inch realistic classic vibrator small dildo

The mini dildo made from rubber offers a smooth feel and a silky texture. It’s a perfect toy for vaginal stimulation and highly reliable for women

The mini dildo made from silicone offers a more realistic feel, close to the actual penis and a very soft texture. It’s stiff and silky in the same time, perfect for both vaginal and anal stimulation

The small plastic dildo is the perfect choice for anal stimulation and a highly reliable toy for men. Also known as small dildos for men, these toys are a gay man’s dream.

4 inch pink realistic silicone vibrator small dildo

How to use a small size dildo?

Since these types of toys are mainly used by beginners, it’s always good to read positive small dildo reviews ahead of buying one. Using such type of toy requires little to no experience and it’s a very easy activity to conduct. Make sure the toy is clean and hygienized, ready for use, then continue with lubricating the area where you want to insert it. Start with slow gestures and proceed with stimulating the area in any way you like it. After each use, make sure the small size dildo is clean and stored in a dry place, away from high heat or humidity.

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