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Soft Dildos

Soft Silicone Dildo

Do you want to try out a dildo for the first time? Or are you looking for a gentle squishy feel? No dildo is as perfect for you as a soft dildo. These are the most harmless of the bunch. Soft dildos are also among the most available of all the variants of dildos out there, as they are easy to use, maintain and store. Their popularity and versatility attest to how awesome they are! Soft dildos are employed in many sexual scenarios. Whether solo, partnered up, or even in a threesome. Look for any scene involving toys and you will most likely find that a soft dildo is employed. The takeaway here is that you can never go wrong with a soft dildo.

Take a look at our top picks in the table below:

What is it?

Soft dildos are dildos you can press between your fingers. They aren’t rigid, rather they give way for compression, which is a good thing for any penetrative sex toy. Squishiness allows you to control the intensity of your emotions. This quality sets soft dildos apart and makes good news for everyone who includes penetrative action in their sexual lives.

Types of Soft Dildos

There are different types of soft dildos. These various types are classified according to the materials, shapes, sizes, and additional materials.

Based on Material

The material used in making a dildo can determine how it works for you. It also determines how much you will spend on a squishy and super soft dildo.

  • Plastic soft dildos: These are by far the most available in the market. As their materials are easy to find and they are easy to produce, plastic soft dildos are usually the first sex toy most people would have. Soft rubber dildos come in exciting colors and could appear super realistic. They also possess unique veining.
  • Soft silicone dildos: Silicone has always been a friend of the sex toy world. Soft silicone dildos are among the safest dildos to use, as it is easy to keep clean. They may be pricier but they give the right value for money spent on them.
  • Leather dildos: These are known for being expensive, but when you use them, you will know why. If you are into hyper-realistic soft dildos, break the bank and get a leather dildo. Nothing can bring you closer to the real thing as much as a soft skin dildo. Leather soft dildos are worth every penny you spend on them.
  • Soft jelly dildos: These are also extremely good, and more affordable. They are the squishiest of the soft dildos and some employ materials that are less likely to cause environmental harm.

Based on Shape

A soft dildo’s shape can be split into two categories; they could be phallic, or non-phallic.

  • Phallic dildos: Under this classification, we have realistic dildos and those that aren’t. Each of these kinds gives distinct sensations. Soft realistic dildos can feel quite human and provide you with a more immersive sexual experience.
  • Non-phallic soft dildos: These get the job done just as much as their counterparts. What they lack in realism, they make up for with their effectiveness.

Based on Size

Soft dildos have the most variant sizes among all the kinds of dildos in their group. Because of their non-threatening nature, different sizes could be employed for different purposes. You may want to get a big soft dildo before you get the same size of a different kind.

Additional Materials

Due to the freedom that soft flexible dildos allow, they mostly come with various additional materials such as suction cups, harnesses, and strap-ons. Also, we have the soft vibrating dildo.

How to Choose the Best soft dildo?

Selecting the best soft dildo for you is a piece of cake. It is all down to your personal preferences. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Size: Look out for a size you are most comfortable with. Considering girth, you would either love a large soft dildo or a smaller one. And considering length, you might prefer a soft long dildo to a shorter one. Go for your preference.
  • Squishiness: What degree of squishiness do you prefer? The levels of softness differ among different brands of soft dildos, so you might want to make the best selection that suits you. For instance, you might want to go for a super soft dildo. The softest dildos are the gentlest.
  • Aesthetics: Which color makes you happy? The outlook of your sex toy should equally give you pleasure, so consider your aesthetic preference when making a choice.
  • Durability: Soft dildos may weaken over time, faster than rigid dildos, so it is important that you consider this factor while selecting.
  • Usage: This would determine whether you should get a soft vaginal dildo or a soft anal dildo.

How to use?

If you have used a dildo before, then using a soft dildo should be a walk in the park. A soft dildo doesn’t require too much finesse, as it is the least likely of your sex toys to hurt you. Be sure to sterilize your dildo before use, and choose a comfortable position. If it is your first time, start slow, and in no time, you will discover what you like.

Always remember to lube up. Lubricants work to make the experience easier, and more rewarding.

How to clean a soft dildo?

Cleaning a soft dildo is quite easy. As it is flexible, you can take a clean cloth and go to town on all of its corners and grooves. Always clean right after use. If the dildo is made of plastic or silicone, you can wash it in warm water and soap.

Leather soft dildos are a different matter. Clean them thoroughly and dry immediately so that bacteria do not have the luxury to make a home on them.


As long as you take things slow and you clean your soft dildo properly, you are fine. Bear in mind that rough usage might cause harm to your soft dildo.

Advantages of Soft dildo

  • Soft dildos are easy to use and are least likely to cause any genital chafing during usage.
  • Soft dildos give you more control over them as you can press against them for more intense sensations.
  • They come in the widest variety among all the kinds of dildos available.
  • Because of the availability of the materials used, soft flexible dildos are the cheapest amongst the dildos.
  • They are easy to carry around as they can be folded.
  • The softest dildos are easy to clean and are friendly for first-timers.
  • They are adaptable to any kind of activity and can be used safely at any orifice.


  • Soft dildos may not be as stimulating as other dildos.
  • They could be pretty cheap and break easily if you do not get a good one.


Soft dildos are your safest bet for buying dildos. Their ready availability and ease of use make them the best partners and accomplices. When in doubt, get a soft dildo.

What is a soft dildo?
A soft dildo is a dildo that is flexible and can be bent or folded in several ways. They are squishy, versatile, easy to use, and are the most available dildos around.
What are soft dildos made of?
Soft dildos are either made of plastic or silicone as these are the materials that suit their purpose. Soft dildos could also be made of leather and can be inflatable.
What feels better, soft or rigid dildo?
This depends on your preference. Soft dildos are the choice of beginners or people who are quite active with dildos as they are less likely to cause any chafing.

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