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Spanking Paddles

Spanking Paddle.

Do you get to turn on when you get spanked or have you ever wanted to spank your partner so hard and you feel like your hands aren't doing enough?  Spanking paddles will do the job well, although you’d have to speak with your partner first. By covering longer areas, than your hands, they make spanking easier for the dominating partner (the sex partner in control). Most impact scenes generally begin with light spanking, then you can later increase the intensity to spanking with a paddle. Allowing your partner to spank you delivers a sweet feeling of surrender, knowing that you have given your lover the power to control and dominate you. It can feel very intoxicating. Unlike floggers or whips, they are safe and easy to use. You can take a quick look at our top picks in the table below, to either feed your eyes or give you an idea for a good purchase.

Top 10 best BDSM Spanking Paddles in 2023

With the wide variety of kink implements, ranging from clit clamps to spreader bars, there are loads of BDSM toys for people curious about and gravitating towards the kink sex type. With the many options available, it is inevitable to feel overwhelmed and confused. However, one of the simplest yet most effective kink equipment you can start with is the spanking paddles. The spanking paddle is one of the highly advisable kink tools for first-time kinksters to pick up when they are looking to introduce BDSM toys. However, not all paddles BDSM are made for new kinksters, which is why this review would help you decide what spanking paddle to go for, depending on your level of expertise in the kink game. Our experts have considered all things and have come up with the top and best spanking paddles you can get in 2023. Go ahead and check them out:

Products Information Price
Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle
Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle
Material: Faux Leather
Length: 13 inches
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Sportsheets Leather Slut slapper paddle
Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper Paddle
Material: Leather
Length: 13 inches
Check price
Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Spanking Paddle
Bondage Boutique
Material: Faux Leather
Length: 11 inches
Check price
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle
Material: Silicone
Length: 16 inches
Check price
Bondage Boutique Leather and Lace Spanking Paddle
Bondage Boutique Leather and Lace Spanking Paddle
Material: Leather
Length: 12.5 inches
Check price
Bondage Boutique Glow-in-the-Dark Paddle
Glow-in-the-Dark Paddle
Material: Faux Leather
Length: 12.5 inches
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Submersible
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DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper Paddle
DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper Paddle
Material: Faux Leather
Length: 12.5 inches
Check price
Fetish Fantasy Gold Pleasure Faux Crocodile Leather Paddle
Fetish Fantasy Gold Pleasure Faux Crocodile Leather Paddle
Material: Leather
Length: 10.5 inches
Check price
ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle Leather Spanking Paddle
ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle
Material: Leather
Length: 13.5 inches
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What is a spanking paddle?

You could assume that it is a paddle used for spanking. Well, your assumption is not false. A paddle is an object, round or rectangular, that is consists of two parts. The two parts are the handle and the blade. The blade (i.e., the upper side of the paddle that lands on the surface) measures up to 3-4 inches in width, 1-3 feet in length, and approximately one-quarter of an inch thick. They can produce from any material, so far it is rigid. They come in different sizes. Some spanking paddles might have holes drilled in them for lesser air drag during use (which in turn produces more pain). Sometimes, the submissive party might use it on themselves if they think they must be punished. Being specially designed to cause a sting of pain on the submissive party to make them ‘obey’, they give a mixture of pain and pleasure. A BDSM paddle provides more pleasure than pain and is a must-add to your collection of BDSM implements.

Large Spanking BDSM Paddle for Adults.

Usually, they are used in BDSM and role play and aimed at the buttocks of the submissive partner. But sometimes, the back of one's thighs or hands can be targeted too.

Types and main features

The types can be based on the material used to make the paddle, the size differences, and the design (structure) of the paddle.

Based on Design and Structure

The three major categories are dual-slappers, paddles with holes, and straight paddles.

  • The straight paddles are the regular BDSM paddles. They are the most common and basic type. It's simply one handle to one slapper.
  • The dual-slappers contain two paddles joined together in layers. When they are used to hit a person, the top paddle layers slap or hit against the bottom paddle layers creating more impact. They are extra intense and more painful (you know what they say, "real pleasure comes with pain").
  • Some paddles also come with holes. The ones with holes tend to be more painful because of the reduced level of air friction that will occur between the skin and the paddle. This means you can hit harder with little effort applied. If you are a beginner, stick with the "no hole" spanking paddle until you have a good sense of its right use and control.
Long Black Spanking Paddles.

Based on the material used

Spanking paddles can also come in different materials. Some are made from acrylic, bamboo, leather, fur, Kevlar, glass, and so on. Paddles you will see in sex stores are mostly covered in faux leather which softens the blows of the core a little. The more flexible and softer the covering of a paddle is, the lesser pain you'll feel.

Based on different sizes

Lastly, they can come in different sizes. Small-sized paddles have smaller impact areas, which tends to produce more pain than larger sizes. Therefore, it is advisable to start with the bigger spanking paddle (as a warm-up or if you are a newbie), then gradually move to smaller paddles to inflict more pain in a smaller area.

Red Silicone Spanking Paddle and Dildo. Choose Spanking Paddle

Why Should You Ditch Your Hand and Use a BDSM Paddle Instead?

Although BDSM spanking can be done with the hands, there are several good reasons to agree that spanking paddles heighten the fun and sensation of the kink sex style.

First, you know you need all the sensations you can get if you are into kink style. There is only a little your hand can do. You might want to take things higher by using a BDSM spanking paddle. They come in different materials and textures to give you other stinging sensations. In addition, the pain levels cannot be compared to what a hand will produce, so masochists might find it more exciting.

More importantly, spanking with your hand causes your hand to hurt, especially if you prefer long-haul sessions. It is okay to use your hand if you would only be spanking your partner for a few minutes, but if you would be spanking for a while, please opt for a paddle BDSM.

How to choose a suitable spanking paddle?

Even though they all look alike (almost the same), you shouldn't just buy anyone you see available in the market.

Having gone through our recommended list of the best spanking paddles, you might still be confused about the one to pick. Take a look at these tips to help you choose the most suitable one for you:

  1. Consider your budget and go for a paddle that you can afford. Make sure you watch your pocket but also make sure you are not settling for low quality. You can pick one from the top picks we have mentioned.
  2. The size of the paddle should also be proportional to your partner's buttocks. But this might not be needed or considered, as you might want to try out bigger sizes (or even smaller) on your partner. Also, if you're the kind that wants to be discreet about your paddle, you might want to consider going for a small size. You should also consider the size of your paddle handle.
  3. The kind of sensation paddles give are different from each other at times. Some might be painful while others are stingy. Some might even feel akin and so on. The one you choose should depend on the type of sensation you and your partner want.
  4. Think about choosing one that is easy for you to operate and has a form and size that you can easily hold.
  5. Buying a spanking paddle from the original paddle producers rather than a general sex toy company may be a good idea, even though it is not very crucial because they would put more attention into the manufacturing process and make them enjoyable for both parties.
  6. There are two forms of pain that a spanking paddle can cause: "thuddy" and "stingy," depending on the type used. Choose your spanking paddle based on the level of pain you want to experience; thick, hefty paddles cause thuddy pain, whereas thin, light paddles cause stingy pain.
  7. Whichever spanking paddle you select, make sure it is injury-free by checking for rough or sharp edges. This is primarily for those who spank their partners using homemade household items. Before usage, seal the edges and make sure they are all smooth.
  8. Leather Red Spanking Paddle.
  9. The material of the spanking paddle you're choosing is also very important. This is because some materials are so harsh that they leave marks or bruises Materials like that include, faux leather, wood, ceramic, plastic, suede, and so on. If you don't like this, opt for softer materials.
  10. It is also important to understand the situation of your partner before purchasing your spanking paddle. For example, if you will use your paddle for multiple partners, then we advise that you go for a non-porous, easy-to-clean paddle as you will need to sterilize every time after use.
  11. There are also many designs available and this is another factor you can keep in mind before choosing a paddle. Sometimes, you have to make this decision with your partner to get the one that fills up both your fetishes.
Wooden Spanking Paddle.

How to use?

Generally, to use a paddle, involves two persons (you can't spank yourself, can you?). So, you can only use a paddle when you are more than one, here are some procedures on how to use it:

  1. Speak to your partner about the kind of paddle he/she would prefer and where they would like to be spanked.
  2. Develop a safe word during the discussion in case the pain becomes unbearable.
  3. Incorporate pain scales. Ask your partner consistently what level they are on the pain scale.
  4. A cushion will work when you want to practice your aim and strength before you start playing with your new toy. By slapping your hand or thigh, you can also experience the sting of that specific paddle.
  5. Hit safe areas of the body. Avoid hitting the head, neck, tummy, chest/breasts, back, and so on. A tip is to hit only thick fleshy places.
  6. Choose any position of your choice that is convenient for you and your partner for spanking.
  7. Lastly, clean your spanking paddle with a dry cloth and store it in a cool and dry place.
  8. Make sure to stop immediately you hear the safe word. You don't want to hurt your partner.
Regalia Black Heart Spanking Paddle.

Pros and cons


  • Spanking paddles can provide a more intense sensation than other types of spanking tools, such as hand or hairbrush.
  • They can be used for both light and hard spanking, depending on your preferences.
  • Spanking paddles are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.
  • It adds creativity and excitement to sex.
  • It gives a more targeted sensation.

Disadvantage of the paddle is its poor use. And it is caused by hitting the wrong areas of the body. This would cause extreme pain and could lead to skeletal problems.

  • Spanking paddles can be too intense for some people, especially if used improperly.
  • There is a risk of bruising or other injury if the paddle is used too hard.
  • It requires manual labor for it to function.
  • It may break if too much pressure is applied.

However, using a spanking paddle comes with a lot of benefits like helping you increase your good hormones, giving you a sense of surrender or power (whatever the case). It also strengthens your relationship and reduces your stress level. All of these are guaranteed with their use while giving you a better and improve sex life and orgasm.

Rubber paddle for spanking.

Concluding remarks

It is always nice to add a spice of domination and punishment to our sex lives (especially if this is your fetish). With spanking as one of the most efficient and effective ways to do that, spanking paddles are the safest way to go. However, as easy as it might be to use one, you need to take absolute precautions. If you are doing it all the right way, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

In conclusion, do not forget to tend to your emotional and physical needs afterwards. Cuddling, watching a movie, checking for possible scars and talking about it helps you and your partner get back into reality as lovers. Enjoy!

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What is a spanking paddle?
A spanking paddle is considered the most appropriate toy to spank your partner. They are sex toys made from different materials and used in BDSM and role play. Your hand cannot do the way a spanking paddle would.
How to spank with a paddle?
Spanking with a paddle is not much of a work, just get your paddle ready, grab the handle and allow the blade to hit your partner's buttock gently. Spank a fleshier place for lesser pain.
How to use a spanking paddle safely?
Start with warm-ups (slight taps on the buttocks) after which you can then gradually increase the size and impact of each spank. You can change positions as you wish. However, do not hit the bony or less fleshy part of the body as it might fracture the bone. You should hit only the fleshy or muscular parts like the buttocks and back of the thighs. Lastly, communicate and understand your partner as that is the most important thing.
Are spanking paddles loud?
Yes, spanking paddles are typically loud equipment. When in use, a person close by may be able to tell that a naughty butt is getting smacked. If you’re looking for quiet options, you’d have to consider wands, spatulas, etc.
Which spanking paddle hurts the most?
With spanking paddles, the pain does not usually have anything to do with the noise. The stiffer material always produces the most pain. And in that regard, we’ll say the wooden paddle hurts the most.

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