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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Spice Up Your Sex Life

The internet has exposed us to many things, and gone are the days when we needed to look too far and wide to get the most basic of information. Now, you can access almost any resource material with relative ease, you can get results in seconds, and you can do a lot more than ever before. As such, there's a beacon of hope for couples that are having issues with their sex life. That's why we came up with this think piece on how to spice up your sex life, and reading it would do your relationship a world of good.

Here, we will define what sex life constitutes and the benefits of spicing up your sex life, and we will give you a host of tips on how to spice it up with the class. There's so much that you stand to gain by this, and we implore that you take notes (if you aren't already). There's a lot to uncover, a bunch of tricks to unravel, and a plethora of dissatisfied lovers to appease. So, without further ado, let's get down to the business of spicing up!

Sex Experimentation Ideas

No one likes a boring person in bed, and being a drab during sex is one of the easiest ways to turn your partner off. Being sexy is an asset, and knowing how to have good sex is an attribute that everyone should possess. One of the easiest ways to do such is by experimenting during sexual intercourse, and you will definitely be in the good graces of your significant other.

Experimenting during sex is a very wide concept, and you don't have to be a renowned acrobat to get the job done. All you need to do is open your mind to the realm of possibilities, pay attention to the effects of your touch, and be at ease with your partner. Here, we will be putting you through the motions, setting you up for a great time, and hopefully you'll be on the right side of the bed at the end of the lovemaking. So pay attention, take some notes if need be, and get ready to captivate your lover with our wide array of tips and ideas.

Some Common Things to Spice Up your Sex Life

  • A Happy Relationship: While an improved sex life isn't the only thing that can make a relationship fun, it plays a significant part. As a result, couples in a sexual relationship must think outside the box and find out tricks that can spice it up. There are various ways to do this, and you have to keep reading to find out.
  • Advanced Confidence: People with top-notch sex lives are known to have a bounce in their walk and an upswing in their mood. Why wouldn't they? They are having the best time of their lives on the home front, are having mind-blowing sex, and still, look good after it all. It would help if you didn't let this slip, the fate of your higher living probably depends on it (seriously).
  • Plaudits from your partner: No human being doesn't like being praised, especially in the sex department; you could ask around. As such, you mustn't let such praises slide just because you can't get the job done constantly. What's more, if you don't, someone else will, and we are pretty sure you don't want such a sordid situation to occur.

Tips for Having the Best Sex Ever

Here are some tips that would improve your sex life.

  1. Earmark some time for uninterrupted and sensual sex. Spontaneous sex could be a breath of fresh air, quickies are pretty cool, but there's nothing better than passionate lovemaking. As such, it is essential to earmark some time to participate in such a ceremony, no matter how busy you and your partner are. There isn't a price to such things, and they go a long way in spicing up failing sex life. What's more, it's the little things that count, so you don't have to go all out. All you need are a few scented candles, a bubble bath, and a glass of sparkling red wine; that's all you need to set the mood for the night.
  2. Sext your way to the good graces. Sexting is one of the most significant advantages of the internet age when spicing up your sex life, and you shouldn't sleep on it. I mean, there's almost nothing as thrilling as getting a racy picture from that special someone while you're away at work. I bet she feels the same way, and you can't tell what a few eggplant emojis can elicit later in the day. What's more, sexting is known to broaden the mind, stimulate the brain, and make for a thrilling orgasm when the going gets too well going. Sexting is as spontaneous as it gets, and you could try several mediums such as WhatsApp, Instagram, direct text messages, and so much more. The more, the merrier you know!
  3. Try out sex toys. Sex toys have become more mainstream over the years, and you no longer have to worry about how society will look at you purchasing such a device for solo or couple's play. There's no harm in trying, and it could be a significant win if you can talk to your partner about introducing sex toys to your bedroom. That is an excellent way to spice up your sex life, as sex toys are known to work on several stimulation zones, make for quiet work, and open doors that you never thought existed. Just don't forget to ask your partner about their take on the toys; if they are cool with it, then you are in for a treat.


Spicing up your sex life isn't for you alone; it is something that you should do for the person you call your own, and you should be glad doing such. There are so many hidden gems on spicing up your sex life, and you are the only one that can work the magic in finding them. What's more, your partner is most likely going to award you with a throbbing orgasm for your efforts. We've shown you most of the things you need to know, so now the job is yours to do! I hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to spread out your sex life, do not pass by our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

How to spice up sex in marriage?
You can spice up sex in marriage by doing spontaneous sexual acts that come off as thoughtful as well as spontaneous. Most partners love the effort, so seeing how much effort you are making is bound to go a long way. It's the little things that count, and your partner would appreciate it if you do such "little things" with a touch of class.
How to spice up boring sex?
Ask your partner what turns them on, talk dirty, sext, and try to work out of the box. These are some of the stuff that will spice up boring sex.
How to spice up your life with sex toys?
If your partner agrees to it, purchase a couple of sex toys to work your magic. Follow the instructions, clean them before and after use, and instruct your partner to play with herself while you watch. That will drive you crazy, and you'll be doing magical sexual tricks in no time.
How to spice up sex with your husband?
As a wife, you could spice up sex with your lover by introducing role play. Ask him what his favorite comic book character is, and dress up in the costume. Make sure that you come without panties so that there will be easy access.
How to spice up sex life with wife?
Purchase a vibrating dildo from a reliable sex toy retailer, and hand it over as your Valentine’s Day present to her. Instruct her to please herself with it while you watch and take a couple of sexy pictures. It would put her in the mood, and before long, both of you thoroughly horny for some action.

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