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Spontaneous Sex

Spontaneous Sex In Kitchen.

Spontaneous sex is the exact opposite of scheduled sex. It just happens without planning or thinking about it. Spontaneity comes with a fresh fire that routine sex cannot beat. The unplanned nature of this kind of sex makes it boundless. No limit or rules is holding you back. The desire consumes you so much that you just want to get straight to it, give your all, and get the best out of it.

Unplanned sex helps long-term couples rebuild their bond and improve sex life. Scheduling sex does not mean it is going to be boring but it is nice to explore the different aspects of sex as time goes on.

If you have never had this moment with anyone, you certainly need to get a feel for it and, we have made it easy for you. In this article, you will learn how to achieve spontaneity and the benefits of being spontaneous in a relationship.

How to be spontaneous sexually?

  • Do Not Schedule: How to be spontaneous in bed? It starts with not planning the sex. Spontaneity happens by not making plans so, for once, drop the timetable and stop thinking about how to achieve it. Go for it anytime you want it.
  • Midnight Romp: One of the different ways to surprise your man in bed is by waking him in the middle of the night for sex. It goes beyond tapping him until he wakes up. You have to do it with your seductive skills.
  • Do Something New: You and your partner can’t have explored all that there is to sex. One of the many ways to make sex interesting is by introducing a different way to have sex. Have you ever tried using sex toys with your partner before? You can start from there. Since your partner is not expecting it, they will be surprised to see that. Besides, sex toys have a way of keeping sex interesting between couples. Explore other fun ways to have sex with your partner.
  • Change the Location: Spontaneous sex happens anytime and anywhere. If you feel like doing it, just go for it. Sex does not have to be in the bedroom all the time. If you ask me, I’d tell you that our kitchen cabinets have other uses other than cooking.
  • Public Sex: Adventurous sex ideas like attempting a quickie in public can be exciting. Sex is not made for the bedroom alone. Surprise your partner by getting it on in the car, public bathrooms, park, or beach. Be careful not to get caught!
  • Hop in The Shower: This is a great spontaneous sex idea for couples especially the busy ones. Amidst a tight schedule, you can always have a quickie while preparing to attend to them. In the morning while your partner is having their bath, you can join in and have a quick romp.
  • Go on vacations: Sometimes, go on trips with your partner. Locations other than your room can help you have fun and excitement in your relationship. You get to explore new places together, have time to talk to each other, try kinky sex techniques, and have the freedom to go spontaneous without intruders disturbing you. Trips give couples the privacy they deserve.

Benefits of spontaneous sex

Indulging in spontaneous sex has a lot of benefits packed in it for couples. Apart from spicing up your relationship, it also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. The fact that you were not planning it makes the experience thrilling and at the same time satisfying because you wanted it and got it. Because of the spontaneity, you will be able to discover new things together and rekindle the passion in your long-term relationship or marriage.

Spontaneous sex tips

Sometimes, your partner may not be in the mood when you decide to go for it. That does not mean they do not care about you. To be in a safer space, watch your partner’s mood to see if it is right for spontaneous sex. Take the hint and let it rest. You can always try later.

You can drop the kids with your grandparents and go on a short vacation with your spouse. Couples need alone time together at intervals. It frees them to do stuff that will help strengthen their bond and makes the relationship less boring.


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What is spontaneous sex?
It is that when you have the unplanned desire to get intimate with your partner and go for it. Spontaneous sex is usually more exciting and tantalizing than regular sex. It helps to rejuvenate the bond between couples or people in long-term relationships.
How to be spontaneous in a relationship?
To achieve spontaneity in your relationship, you can start by not scheduling events like sex, dates, and other things you do together. Talk more with your partner and act on impulse sometimes. Surprise your partner with things they least expect, go on vacations once in a while and try new stuff together.
How to keep a relationship sexually exciting?
There are several ways to keep your relationship sexually exciting. They include trying new sexual techniques, talking about intimate things, flirting, sexting, role-playing, scheduling sex dates, and engaging in spontaneous sex sometimes.
How to surprise your boyfriend in bed?
You can surprise your boyfriend in bed by role-playing. Sometimes, dress up in a sexy manner and wait for him in bed. If you do not do that normally, he will not expect it. He will be surprised and sexually excited.
How to make sex hotter?
Have sex in places other than your bedroom, engage in oral sex and sensual massages, introduce sex toys, try different sex techniques, watch porn together, engage in mutual masturbation, use extra lubricant, and communicate what gives you pleasure.

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