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Spreader Bar Sex Positions

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Many people are starting to feel comfortable with bondage sex and BDSM toys, as they make sex more steamy and intense. There are so many exciting things with bondage sex, and having total control of your partner is one. It gets even wilder when you combine the fun time with different significant positions using a device like a spreader bar precautions.

Spreader bars give you premium access by keeping the legs or arms of your partner apart during sex. What's more? The sex toy can be used in many creative ways and in diverse positions. In this article, we'll be considering different exciting ways you can use your spreader bar during sex. However, before we get to that, we'll consider some basic spreader bar safety.

Safety Precautions While Using the Spreader Bar

Basic rules apply for all types of bondage sex, as it is essential always to keep the safety of the second party in mind. The most basic of these rules is to ensure your partner is not tied up too tight. There are many risks involved in keeping your partner in an overly tight cuff. It puts them at the risk of damaged nerves, blood vessels and tendons. You won't only be imposing a lot of pain on your partner, but you'll also be putting them at risk of permanent damage.

Before attempting to use a spreader bar, be sure you know exactly how it works. Read instructions that come with the device, and follow accordingly. Lastly, you'll need to discuss using safe words with your partner to avoid unwanted complications. Using toys like gags that restrict communication should not in any way be a problem, as safe words can also be in the form of gestures.

Spreader Bar Sex Positions

As we've already explained the safety precautions to take when using a spreader bar. Let's consider the spreader bar sexual positions you can try with your partner.

The basic "Y" Position

This sex position is the most used with the spreader bar. It is done by spreading your partner's legs apart and cuffing with the spreader. This is more amazing because it can also be used without one needing a partner. Anyone can easily insert the cuffs for some alone fun time. The Basic Y position is a convenient way to attach the spreader bar, and it’s better to go into the position before using the cuff. This "Y" also has a derivative known as the "X" position. It is done when a second spreader is used on the wrists, alongside the one on the ankles.

The Standing Bar Position

It isn't all spreader bar sex positions that involve you lying down. The standing bar position can be done by using the spreader bar to keep your partner's ankles apart, while standing. You can adjust the "spread" of your partner’s ankle using the adjustable spreader bar. However, not having one shouldn’t be a problem too, as all your partner has to do is spread their legs wide enough to take the length of the bar. Keep in mind, that an individual's spreading ability depends on height, flexibility, and stability. Also, this position requires a lot of balance, and one is bound to lose equilibrium when things get intense. Ensure that there is a solid object that can be used as a grip when it gets too intense.

The Vertical "X" Position

The vertical X position portrays a level of vulnerability that can be highly arousing. There's nothing sexier than seeing your woman tied up, looking helpless and entirely at your mercy. This spreader bar sex position is done by restraining the hands above the head, leaving the rest of the body entirely on display. It is important to note that, like other X positions, there is a limit to how long a person can keep their hands raised and in bondage. If cuffed for too long, there might be a restriction in blood flow due to the positioning of the wrists.

The Advanced X Position

If you have more than one spreader bar in your sex toy collection, this spreader bar sexual position is perfect. Why limit yourself to just the ankles or wrists when you can bind them both? The advanced “X” position is done with two spreader bars, where you attach one to the ankles and the other to the wrists.

It can be done by using the bondage to assume the Basic Y position, and then moving on to add one more bar to the wrists. It's relatively easy, and fun at the same time.


With the positions listed above, it is apparent that spreader bars are a versatile device that makes bondage sex more exciting. We hope this article has been quite informative for you and it helps you have a more exciting sex life. If you'd like to have more sexual adventures, check out more of our sex toy reviews . Here, you'll find something that suits your taste, style, and budget.

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