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Standing Sex Positions

Standing sex positions.

You can have sex anywhere. You need to be creative to achieve a comfortable angle to enjoy sex and satisfy your partner outside the bedroom. Truly, doggy and missionary positions are not achievable minus a bed. And that is where sex positions standing up come in handy.

Standing sexual angles are perfect for quickies or sex on your couch or against a counter. They allow you sexually satisfy your partner when they need it. Are you wondering if standing sex is great? Yes, standing sex can be amazing and unbelievably pleasurable. It is not about going in and out since the thrusting focus on different tweaking positions and angles for enhanced pleasure and penetration. The challenging part about a standing sexual position is the height difference between the couples. Besides, size can play affect this sexual position.

These two factors can aid certain angles, making you feel better or putting you in an awkward position not to enjoy sex. Keeping size and height in mind, you can try the following standing sexual position and skip some if you're uncomfortable.

Stand And Deliver

It is a standing sex position that involves both partners standing facing one direction. The woman stands in front and bends over, particularly at the waist, leaving the man to penetrate from behind. It can be a great angle, especially if the man brings his hand to caress the body or arouse the clitoris.

Another way to achieve this stand and deliver angle is when the woman lies on the brink of a bed while the man stands in front of her. The woman places her legs over the man's shoulders for deep penetration.

Table Top

This is where the woman allows the partner enters her while she lies at the brink of a counter or table. Actually, you can lie on any hard surface with the desired height so that the man does not strain too much. The woman can bring her legs down, place them around his waist, or on the chest to spice up. Doing so will help the woman be in control.

The good thing about this position is that it brings partners with different heights to almost the same height. Further, it can help the lovers enjoy intimate face-face stares.

Standing O

Although it might not be a favorite for conservative partners, it can stimulate you for a great experience. The woman stands while her hands are tied over or behind her head as the man kneels to arouse her orally. Besides having her legs on the grounds, the woman can choose to wrap her leg around the man's shoulder.

The Yogi

The man takes his woman from behind as her arms are against a wall. She also needs to bend forward, creating a curve to allow smooth penetration. Besides being an ideal stretch for the woman's shoulders and back, this position is suitable for anal and vaginal penetration. You can achieve this position anywhere in the bedroom, washroom, kitchen, and more.

Upstanding Citizen

Sex positions standing are many and upstanding citizen is among them. In this position, the couples stand face-face, and the woman straddles the man, wrapping her legs around his waist. The man should support the woman using his arms, which can be a great position, especially against a wall.

Standing Wheelbarrow

Here, the woman lies down on her knees and hands, and the man lifts her behind until she has her legs wrapped around his butt. This way, the woman will still be lying on her hands while the man penetrates from behind. The man will achieve deep penetration, and he can grab the woman's hips as he thrusts.

Standing Oral

One partner stands while the legs are spread, and the other one kneels to perform oral sex. You can switch positions, allowing the standing partner to kneel and vice versa. This ensures that each partner has the pleasure of enjoying oral sex.

It is a suitable angle for quickies. Also, you can do this in a room with a mirror to enjoy such a great view. Besides, seeing yourselves doing it can enhance sexual stimulation.

The Restroom Sink

The couples stand facing the sink, and the woman bends forward as she supports herself on the sink. Also, the woman can stand if she is comfortable. And the man enters the woman from behind.

The position allows your partner to access your breast for a caress. Moreover, you can see yourselves having sex in the restroom's mirror.


Standing sex positions can change one's sex life for better, allowing you to enjoy the act and satisfy your partner. You can try some of the above positions. However, choose an angle that is comfortable for both of you.

I'm hopeful that this piece was helpful for your sex life. Also, check out our reviews of the best sex toys to find all the toys you would like to try at a reasonable price.

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