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Submissive Training

Male Submissive Trainng.

You might think that the word ‘training’ here means to guide a sub towards being a good girl. Well - it’s that and more. Submissive training is about discipline, punishment, and correction when a sub defiles an order. However, don’t take your mind too far. Sub training is not an intensive soldier camp where the pain is the target during punishments. While training a sub, the goal is to punish with pain and pleasure. This is a sub training guide for those of you who enjoy BDSM and want to know more about how to keep your sub in line.

What does it mean to be a sub?

A sub is someone who submits their body, desires, and will to the other partner (dom) in BDSM relationships. They are not limited to only a woman as many believe. A man can also be a sub and it is one of the two roles in BDSM sex. The other is called dominant or dom. A sub is a person at the receiving end of bondage, domination, masochism, and other BDSM sex activities. A sub is the one that gets flogged, spanked, gagged, bondaged, locked, caged naked, and so on. And he or she calls the dom “master”, or “sir”. The sub and master relationship is based on consent, sanity, and communication. And if things are done the right way, submissive slave training can be a very pleasurable and kinky aspect to add to your sex life.

11 Ways to train your sub

The following are ways to punish your sub during sex scenes and play. But before you begin, you both should discuss which is okay and which isn’t. Remember that there are three keys in BDSM - consent, sanity, and communication. BDSM sub training is a sexual act. Force and extremities should be avoided.

The second thing you should note is that the only way you can truly train your submissive is to use BDSM sex toys. Attempting to punish a submissive without a sex toy is like trying to kiss without lips. Sex toys are gifts from men to us so that we can reach all ends of our sexual fantasies. In essence, they help to enhance and diversify our sex life. So this is how to train your submissive;

  1. Deny him orgasm: He’s about to orgasm - the touches, the caresses, the sucking, oh yes. Then you stop touching. That’s one way to go about it.
  2. Don’t give her what she wants: You know she likes to be spanked on her fleshy, luscious, butt. Yet, you don’t spank her all through the play though she’s asking for it.
  3. He mustn't moan: This is not only a male submissive training, but you can also try it for her too. Though the sex is too good, he or she must not make a sound, else you’ll stop.
  4. Chain ‘em up: Here, bondage ropes and handcuffs take the lead. Tie up your sub to the bed or in any sex position for some submissive position training. You can decide to either leave them there, you thrust in your doodle.
  5. Don’t stop: We call this ‘don’t stop’ because here, your sub has already reached orgasm yet you don’t stop. This BDSM submissive training involves the sub taking overstimulation until he can’t anymore.
  6. Cuckolding: This is one of the best punishments for male subs - and females too. Two ways cuckolding helps in training submissive. One, invite a new partner and have sex with him/her while your sub watches or pleasure yourself with an intense, mind-blowing, toe-curling sex toy/machine and force your sub to watch in sweet agony.
  7. Tease her: She wants a lick down there and you know it. But as you get close till she can feel your breath, you draw back. Making her long for it is the punishment in training your sub.
  8. Employ Mr. Ice: Do you know what ice does to you? Using ice to stimulate the body is both pleasurable and crazy wicked.
  9. Opposite of Mr. Ice: If your sub likes it cold, then make it hot. Dribbling wax on his body is great for training BDSM submissives. Just make sure you are using a body-safe candle because burns aren’t fun.
  10. The silent killer: Make her wear vibrating panties while she goes about her duties for the day. This method for training a submissive partner will make her super wet while she regrets what she did.
  11. BDSM collars are heroes: Putting a sub on BDSM collars doesn’t only clarify the sub and dom relationship, it is also great if you want to show him who is boss. Super sexy.

Rules for submissive training

Here are the rules to follow when training a sub:

  • Create a Yes/No/Maybe list where you both discuss what you like, what you don’t like, and what you are open to trying.
  • Use safe words (it can be words or sounds or even an action). It is used to communicate when you really can’t take it again and it is past your boundary.
  • Don’t do what your sub doesn’t like or can’t handle.
  • When using floggers and spanking paddles, spank only the fleshy part of the body. DO NOT flog the neck, head, or knees.
  • Add music.

Red flags

Some red flags to watch out for include a demanding dom, force, playing without a safe word, avoiding or rushing the conversation, bullying, humiliation even outside of the play scene, playing with a high or drunk dom, playing with a disrespectful partner.


We hope you enjoyed reading through our article and that you have learned how to train your sub the right way. If you want to learn more about training a sub or you want to spread out your sex life, please don’t pass by our very interesting sex toy reviews. There is something for everyone.

How to train a submissive?
The best way to train a submissive is to tease her, hold back what he wants the most, have him stimulate himself without making a sound, sex her and mank her stay quiet, or all of them. The key however is to keep it all within the consent conversation.
How to train a woman to submit sexually?
Not everyone is willing to submit sexually, but to get a woman to submit, you have to talk about it first. Let her tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Then take it slow when you get to the play scene.
How to train a male submissive?
To train a male submissive, you need to first load up on male BDSM sex toys like cages, cuffs, ropes, and so on. Then after creating a safe word, lock his man up while you tease him or play with yourself.

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