Susan Quilliam

Susan Quilliam

I am Susan Quilliam, a 36-year-old marriage and family therapist. I live in Houston, Texas, with my family. My interest is in marriage and family therapy, focusing on how to improve sexual intimacy and find sexual fulfillment in marriage. My friends and family describe me as a marriage saver, a holistic thinker, and a nature lover.

When I’m not helping my patients and offering consultations, you’ll find me volunteering, cycling, doing pottery, or camping with nature. I’m also a part-time blogger on several websites. This is more of a hobby than a job. Here, I write pieces that deal with improving sexual intimacy and satisfaction in marriage.

I got my BSc and MA degree in Family therapy from the University of Houston Texas in 2009 and 2012, respectively. I passed the state licensing exam that same year and became fully licensed by the state of Texas Board of Examiner of Marriage and Family Therapists. However, I didn’t start my private practice until 2016; this is because I first worked under the supervision of a senior therapist to gain more experience.

My interest in marriage and family therapy comes from a personal experience. Growing up, I witnessed many unresolved issues with my folks that affected both our individual and family growth. Without the help of a family therapist, my family had to function without proper guidance. The difficulties I experienced relating with my folks got me interested in family therapy and informed my decision to major in this area after my first degree. What started as a personal curiosity became a life-long work and commitment.

Professionally, I work from a family systems perspective. I firmly believe that healthy and supportive relationships are necessary for optimal individual and family growth. I employ several therapy models tailored to each individual’s experience. My work ethic is to provide practical tips and real solutions to real-life challenges. So, expect undiluted honesty and practicableness, I am very direct, and I tell you like it is with professionalism and compassion. My strategies are doable, with visible results over the years.

I have great experience facilitating educative seminars and workshops, working with schools and in a private setting. My area of interest is family healing, improving sexual intimacy in marriages, finding sexual fulfillment in marriages, relationships, and intimacy development through dialogue.

My greatest passion and goal are to help people understand this area to enjoy more fulfilling marriages and lives. I’m always available to answer your questions about marriage, sex, and intimacy. Do well to reach out at any time.

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