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How to Talk about Sex?

Couple Talking About Sex During The Act

The more straightforward question is how to not talk about sex because these days, everyone and everything seems to have an opinion about the topic. Sex has been in existence for as long as man, and none of us would be present without it. However, over time, the concept of sex has become so misconstrued. Because people seem to be veering more off point than ever before, that is due to many reasons, but we won't be touching on such grounds here.

Instead, we will examine all the fuss about sex and why it never seems far away from the news. We will also be giving you an array of tips on talking about sex. These tips will make the subject matter less challenging to communicate, and with time you'll likely be able to master the task at hand. There's a lot to decipher, so the sooner we dive in, the better.

What is all this fuss about sex?

Sex, sex, sex, a term that has been all over the mainstream. A word that evokes different feelings for whosoever you happen to ask, and a tour that never seems off social media. Sex has various definitions, but it can be defined in laymen's terms as “intercourse involving penetration of the vagina by the penis”. However, this definition tends to rub off some people the wrong way, as sex isn't merely limited to heterosexual couples.

Now, sex is an act that involves two willing participants that proceed to perform oral, anal, and other forms of penetrative actions on their partners. Sex is a consensual act, as anything other than that would spell trouble for the defaulting party. You can do sex for various reasons such as recreation, reproduction, in exchange for monetary favors, and others. There's a lot of fuss about the sacred (or not so religious) act of sex, and following up are a few tips on talking about the same practice.

Tips on talking about sex?

Here are a few handy tips on broaching the top of sex with your significant other.

  • There's no shame in talking about it. Without sex, none of us would be here today, so there's no shame in talking about an act that brought you and your partner into this world. What's more, it's almost certain that you aren't the first person talking about sex to your significant other. As such, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when opening up to your partner. It is one of the purest forms of intimacy (if not the purest), so it only fits that you share. Remember, such talks should take a natural flow; talk and listen to what your partner says about sex; none of us is an expert in the field.
  • Perfect the act of timing. Timing is everything, and you do not want to look or sound like you are the epitome of insensitivity. You should read the room before you talk about sex, as this tends to be a touchy subject for some. The reason is that not everyone's prior sexual experience was the bomb, and there's no harm in being sensitive. Remember, this is your partner you are talking about, so there's still a margin for error and experimentation. Make sure that you tow the fine line and master the art of timing before you bring up the topic of sex.
  • Share your sexual fantasies. Who better to explore sexual fantasies than with a "down for the course" partner? That's a question that we always ask. Sexual fantasies are typical for every individual, as human beings love to try new things, so there's no harm in stating so. However, the potentially harmful thing is talking about such fantasies with an outsider, and worse, still partaking in such fantasy activities with the said outsider. That is a level of betrayal that most relationships hardly come back from, no matter how grounded they seem to be.
  • Listen more, talk less. One of the biggest problems in communication is not that people don't know how to speak, but they don't know how to listen. We understand that many people feel comfortable hearing themselves talk about sex, so much so that they occasionally overdo it. Sex is something that two (or more) people partake in, and every single person's opinion involved matters. There's no weaker vessel in a relationship, which is just as important to note when discussing sexual relations. Try to put yourself in your partner's shoes, and try extra hard to accept what you’re hearing. The sooner you master that, the less awkward these feelings would be.
  • Talk during and after sex. The other tips we showcased involved you talking to your partner before the act of sex. However, that's not the only way to please a lover, but it's just one of the few tricks up your sleeve. Try talking about sex during the act, as well as after the action. The reason is that communication is a great way to learn new tricks, build up intimacy, and build a bond that is more or less guaranteed to stand the test of time. Good couples take all the chances that they get, and they don't merely shriek from responsibility. There's nothing to be ashamed of when talking about sex; instead, it's something that must be embraced wholeheartedly by you (and your partner).

Final Thoughts

Talking about sex with your partner isn't a big deal because you are straight to the point with the said partner. Moreso, it is significantly easier when both of you are sexually active, so there's more or less nothing to hide. These sorts of talks are pivotal to the growth of most romantic relationships, as they bread a higher sense of intimacy. Not talking about sex with your partner could alienate them in the long run, and we are pretty sure that you do not want that. We have given you the necessary tips; now, it's up to you to get the job done! Speaking of which, you should pay a visit to an online store to see some sex items that can improve your (and your partner's) sex regime.

How to talk to your boyfriend about sex?
If your boyfriend is sexually active, then you can talk to him during his spare time. Sex talk isn't something to do when playing video games or hanging out with the boys. Ensure that he has your undivided attention, and then talk and listen with equal precision.
How to talk to your girlfriend about sex?
If your girlfriend is sexually active, then you can talk to her during her spare time. Sex isn't something you can talk about when she's playing around or chilling with the girls. Bring up the topic when you have her undivided attention, and get ready to listen way more than you speak. Trust us; it works a charm.
Talking about sex in a new relationship?
New relationships are like fertile ground for mischief and intense fantasies. However, don't get too carried away hearing yourself talk. Ensure that your partner expresses their mind, building a connection that will fuel a loving and sex-filled relationship.
How to talk to your girlfriend about intimacy?
Ensure that your girlfriend knows that her satisfaction is paramount to you more than anything else. That is guaranteed to turn her on almost instantly. The rest would happen naturally so far as you are straight to the point.

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