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Tantric Sex Positions

Tantric sex positions.

These sexual positions combine movement, sound, breath, and concentration to create intense and more prolonged orgasms. They bring you close to your partner physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Additionally, these positions have mindfulness aspect that keeps one present in the moment while connecting you to your lover.

Tantra sexual positions concentrate on overcoming all physical and emotional limits to sexual pleasure. You diligently focus on directing all your sexual energy to your partner thoughtfully. Besides, sometimes during tantric sex, you barely move and only focus on meditating and relaxing. You can make love for hours with pleasure intensifying by relaxing and slowing down.

The objective of these sexual positions is to appreciate the trip, discover pleasure, and surrender to the sea of erotic unknown mystery. There are numerous tantric sex positions for anyone to try.

Hands-on Heart

Here, you sit legs crossed and facing one another with a soft romantic gaze. Take a hand and place while allowing him place his on yours too. Also, ensure that your left hands are on your hearts.

Close your eyes and listen to your lover's heartbeats. Feel love welling up in the heart of your lover. Further, synchronize your breaths. Concentrate on the energy and emotions. Besides keeping eye contact, you enjoy your goddess riding on you.


The butterfly position requires a flat surface like a mattress, bed, or table. The receiving partner lies back as the penetrating partner grasps their ass to lift the hips to his pelvis while standing. This tantric sexual position allows you to rest your ankles on his shoulders. Use your hands to brace your body or put a pillow beneath your hips or back to make it more comfortable.

Hot Seat

The penetrating partner kneels and sits on their legs. The receiving partner also kneels and sit on the penetrator's lap to allow most of your bodies be in touch. You all face the same direction. The man can have his hands around his woman's hips or waist with her legs in between his. Furthermore, the man can easily access the woman's clitoris, stimulating her.

This position can help the woman to control the movement with her waist. In addition, she can move her hips in circular movements or down and up. Don't be shy to take breaks when you get tired. Besides, you can sit on his lap and bend your legs at the knees. This forces your ass back like in a lap dance, creating an incredible view.

Golden Retriever

Doggy style is not as intimate as the face-to-face tantra sexual positions. However, you can enhance the connection by increasing your skin-skin contact. The receiving partner should be on her fours as the man penetrates from her back. Instead of holding the receiver’s hips, you can lean back, embrace the receiver, and wrap their hands around their waist. This boosts support and improved skin-skin contact.

Spooning Sex

To achieve this tantra sex position, lie down closely on your sides. Some tantra sex positions will bring you as close to your partner as spooning. What's more, you are cuddling. Snuggle up and talk about your desires, among other things. It deepens the intimacy and connection. When ready to penetrate your lover either vaginally or anally, do it slowly while caressing their thighs up and down. The spooning position allows the penetrating person to be as handsy as they wish. You can also intertwine your fingers with your partner’s.

The receiving partner should twist the head and gaze back at the lover. Quite intimate! After all, spooning requires less stamina and strength than other sexual positions.


Lean on the edge of a table or other furniture like the kitchen counter. Face each other. Your lover comes in between your legs. As you penetrate her, take the legs and wrap them around your waist. For a fantastic view of your lover's body, lean slightly back on your arms. The padlock position makes the clit easily accessible and encourages deep thrusting.

Yab Yum

The person penetrating should sit down on the bed or couch with their legs crossed while the receiver sits on their lover’s lap as their legs overlap around the lover’s lower back. The insertive partner can now penetrate the vagina. Wrap around each other, rocking back and forth for deeper penetration.

Keep your legs straight instead of crossing them to relieve the leg joint stresses. As your partner slides in you while embracing each other, stare deeply in your partner's eyes. Coordinate breathing as you try to inhale and exhale.


Tantra sex focuses on achieving a higher mind-body conscious state. Additionally, it is about creating a deeper intimate connection or bond with your partner.

If you want to experiment with new angles, the above tantra sex positions can assist you in mobilizing sexual vigor for a longer, cherished, and more gratifying sex. Other tantra sexual positions include the swing, open pincer, snake trap, and great bee, among others. That said, we hope that this article was of help. And check our great sex toys reviews to choose the best one for your bedroom matters.

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