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Tantric Sex

Woman Prepare For Tantric Sex.

Tantras are texts in Hinduism and Buddhism that focus on spirituality. These ancient scripts form the origin of tantric sex.

Tantric sex, also known as yoga sex, consists of a wide range of practices done in Hindu and Buddhist cultures to exercise sexuality. It is a slow, meditative, yogic sexual act. The idea of tantric sex centres around sexual methods that create an intense, close relationship.

Tantric sex combines the spiritual, sexual, and mindful ways to encourage a titillating affair that can be enjoyed single or with a spouse. The purpose of tantric sex is to be present to relish a satisfactory sexual affair.

Sexual pleasure isn't all there is to yoga sex neither is orgasm the sole purpose of tantric sex. Instead, it is done to appreciate the body's sensations, celebrate your body, and the sensation of increased sensuality. The purpose of this spiritual sex is to drive sexual vigour through the body for treatment, transformation, and enlightenment purposes. It is believed by practitioners that tantric sex processes can help fix sexual difficulties like weak erections.

Tantric sex involves various sexual activities, of which not all require penetration or stimulation of the erogenous zone. A tantra session typically involves slow embraces, gentle caresses, being present, and focusing on the movement of energy between the partners’ bodies. If you relax and take things slowly or go high and low, you can make love for hours. Tantric sex focuses on the meditative dimension. Breathing is vital in tantric sex. You can use your breath to move energies throughout your body.

Tantric sex is inundated in myths. A popular myth is that tantric sex is chaotic and unrestrained, but this is false as tantric techniques are mental and spiritual even though they help you discover new sensations.

Another myth is that you must have a partner. This is far from the truth. Although many couples enjoy tantric sex together, tantric sex can be done solo.

Benefits of tantric sex

There are numerous benefits to having tantric sex. They include:

  • Healing.
  • Discovery of full-body and multiple orgasms.
  • Longer lovemaking sessions.
  • Encourages mindfulness and focus.
  • A deeper connection to your partner.
  • Awakening your fullest sexual desire.
  • Discovering more about your body and sexual energy.
  • Enhanced communication.
  • Releases you from expectations.

Preparation for tantric sex

Whether you are a beginner or not, some techniques help you get ready.

  1. Increase your insight about tantric sex. Research every aspect of this spiritual sex and its practices. The more understanding you have as a beginner of this sexual practice, the more comfortable and ready you will be.
  2. Creating a suitable environment should be the first on your list. You can try cleaning up, dimming the lights, lighting some incense. Whatever place you choose, make sure it is comfortable and free from distractions. You can also dress up in an outfit that makes you feel relaxed and sensual.
  3. Take a moment to be aware of your environment. You don’t need a lot of experience to practice sexual meditation. Let your senses absorb everything happening around you. Tantric meditation also helps you focus and have a clear mindset.
  4. Breathe. Breath in deeply and gradually, then breath out. Breathing in tantra ensures that you inhale deep adequately to begin to sense sensations in your sexual organs.
  5. Let go of your stressors by creating rhythmic movements. You can lay on your back and separate yourself from the anxiety. As you train your tantra breathing, arch your back and lift your pelvis. You will be able to engage with your core and feelings as you continue.

Many couples practice tantric sex because its methods help them form a closer, more personal bond and give room to explore each other’s bodies. It can help in discovering what each of the partners likes and teach others about your preferences.

To explore tantric sex between partners, the first and most important is eye contact. Face your partner with your clothes on, maintaining eye contact. Practice the tantra breathing techniques and sync your breathing. You can begin the other tantric sexual methods once you have gotten into a comfortable rhythm. You can then undress each other slowly — touch, feel and move with your partner. Always remember to maintain eye connection and concentrate on your breathing. Be present and relish the feelings.

Tantric sex further motivates individuals to understand their bodies. To understand your body better, you can try tantric self-service or masturbation. The more you know about yourself, the higher your chances of having a gratifying sexual affair.

Focus on your breathing and sensations in your body. Give yourself a massage and focus on touching the parts of your body that can heighten arousal. Quite like yoga sex with a partner, the expectation of tantric masturbation is not an orgasm but to feel better secured with your body. Always remember this.

Tantric sex positions

There are different sex stances to try during tantric sex:

  1. Yab-yum: Here, one partner sits cross-legged while the other partner settles on their laps while wrapping their legs around the waist of the partner sitting. The partners hug while they begin to sync their breaths. Depending on the preference of the partners, they can hump each other, have penetrative sex, or just enjoy the period. Yab-yum can also be used for masturbation.
  2. Spooning: As an ideal way to share energy with your spouse, spooning is an excellent position for tantric sex. You and your partner can lie close, with the energy giver at the back. Make sure your breathing is synchronized.
  3. The peaceful arch: One partner settles on the mattress or mat with their legs stretched out while the other partner gets on their knees and sits on the partner’s lap. The partner above must gradually lean behind and relax their head between the other's legs.
  4. Missionary: Of course, the basic sex position will be a part of tantric sex. Before you get to the penetrative part, you can start with syncing your breaths and maintaining eye contact. You can add a pillow or have the receiving partner place their legs on the shoulder of the penetrating partner to increase the penetration depth.

Tips for enjoying tantric sex

  • Engage in self-exploration, or experiment with your partner. Experimenting with the different techniques and aspects of tantric sex will help you and your partner know more about yourselves.
  • Always go for comfort, especially for beginners and for people trying with new partners. There is no rule in tantric sex that says you must be naked. Most postures can be done clothed or nude.
  • Do not stress yourself. Before moving to other aspects, you can start with the basics, like meditating and syncing your breaths. You must not engage in every aspect of tantric sex in one try.
  • Engage your senses. Utilize your 5 sense organs, be mindful and concentrate on the understanding of the sexual deed.
  • Consider edging. This is done in tantric sex, where you intentionally hold off on climaxing to achieve an even greater pleasure.


Are you organizing a sexual bucket list? Tantric sex will be a great addition to that list.

Tantric sex is a reflective form of sexual technique that promotes concentration on the mind and body harmony. Tantric sex doesn’t expect you to bend into rigid postures. Its core is on being intimate with your partner and being comfortable. It also focuses on the sexual discovery of your body.

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What is Tantra?
Tantra is an Indian practice whose origin can be traced back to over 5,000 years. The term applies to any ‘text, theory, system, method, instrument, procedure or practice’ from the era. Any action or thing that benefits one or more people once finalized is known as tantra.
What is tantric sex?
Tantric sex is an old Indian practice that focuses on building a genuine, comfortable union. The purpose is to gain a satisfying sexual understanding and autonomy.
How to prepare yourself for intimacy?
First, take a shower and put on an ensemble that makes you feel peaceful to ready yourself for intimacy. Make sure you are in a space that feels both comfortable and sacred. You can light some incense or play music.
How to do tantric massage?
With your partner lying on their backs, you have to massage their entire body, not ignoring the chest, stomach, arms, and legs. Massage the inner thighs up to the public areas. Move through your partner’s erogenous zones like the vulva, butt, penis, etc.

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