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How To Tighten Vaginal Walls?

Woman Tighten Vaginal Walls.

There has been a long-term fixation in the sex industry with tight vaginas and a touch of difficulty in access. This fixation has been around for as long as we can remember. And it has been seen as a little more than a pet peeve with sexually active men. Such men think that the tighter the pussy, the sweeter the sex is bound to keep them coming back for more. For this reason, a growing number of women are out to tighten up their vaginas before and during sex.

Here, we will be giving you the lowdown on what it means to tighten up a vagina and what goes into such an arduous task. We will also give you a couple of pro tips on how to get the job done and how you can reap the fruits of your labor in a not too distant future. Further along the line, we will string off the merits of tightening the vaginal walls during sex and why it's more of an art form these days. So, without further ado, let's head straight to the bedroom for some fun.

How to tighten up

An erroneous myth states that the more comprehensive a woman's vaginal walls are, the more sexually active she is. That saying couldn't be more untrue, as wide vaginal walls have little or nothing to do with promiscuously. Wide vaginal walls could be caused by various factors such as childbirth; poor exercise refines, genes, and a host of other factors. If frequent sex causes vagina walls to be extra wide, then why are a host of female adult entertainers "blessed" with ultrathin walls? You see, there's a need to dispel these myths before we get to the business of the day.

So how exactly can a woman tighten her vaginal walls, and to what use is this in the grand scheme of things? Well, a woman can pull her vaginal walls by using various methods, such as the following.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises have long been a favorite method for sexually active women to strengthen and tighten their vaginal muscles. That is an efficient exercise that does wonders for the pelvic region when done in the right way. But first things first, you need to identify your pelvic floor muscles. To do so, stop midstream while you're peeing. If you succeed, you figure out the right strengths. Once you've gotten that out of the way, then you can proceed to pick up a position for the exercise and work out painstakingly on that spot. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, and then hold the contraction for five seconds, relaxing for another five seconds. Then repeat this step at least five times in a row. Kegel exercises might seem to be a chore initially, but with good practice, you'll be able to get the hang of the drill.

Vaginal Cones

If kegel and other related exercises aren't your cups of tea, then there's no need to fear. You can also purchase vaginal cones for added effect and for firming up your vaginal walls and muscles. You can buy these cones from our online store, and they come in different shapes and sizes. It happens to be a functional weighted, tampon-sized object that you put in your vagina and hold. Vaginal cones are easy to use, and you have to follow these steps. Firstly, Z the lightest cone into your vagina. Then, squeeze your muscles, and hold them in place for about fifteen minutes, twice a day. Once that's done, increase the weight of the cone you use as you become more successful in holding the cone in place in your vagina.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

If you are looking for a more scientific and permanent approach to the tightening process, you can try out a neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Using a probe will help strengthen your vaginal muscles by sending an electric current through your pelvic floor. NMES is a registered and trustworthy procedure, and there's no need to fret about long-term consequences, as the electrical stimulation will cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax. The process is pretty straightforward, and you could either do it yourself or consult your family doctor to assist you in the procedure. A typical session lasts twenty minutes, and you should do this once every four days, for a few weeks.

Merits of tightening vaginal walls

Here are some of the top and less appreciated merits of tightening up vaginal walls.

  1. It allows for better sexual satisfaction. That is why we wrote this piece, and you don't have to look further than your significant other. The grunts while thrusting and penetrating are more than enough to tell you that you're doing a great job.
  2. It assists in the treatment of stress-induced urinary incontinence. Stress-induced urinary incontinence among our female specs is a real thing, and such could prove to be a chore if not nipped in the bud. However, thanks to the tightening of the vaginal walls and muscles, this could be a thing of the past. Vaginal tightening does wonders in strengthening the powers of the pelvic floor, and it helps you regain the control you had over your bladder.
  3. It improves vaginal dryness and banishes itching. These two are issues that many women deal with, especially when they are getting older and less sexually active. However, with proper tightening done, such cases would be more minor of a problem as vaginal tightening aids in eliminating both of these problems by restoring your vagina to its original youthful state.

Final Thoughts

Here, we love our women in their natural forms, and we do not discriminate in any way, shape, or form. However, we are factual, and we would love to assist our divine feminines in any way we can. As such, we recommend that any lady with loose vaginal muscles partake in vaginal tightening exercises and activities. These aren't that big of a deal, and the advantages far outweigh the perceived drawbacks. Remember, we love it when you are comfortable in the bedroom, and our store has a plethora of tools that can do just that. If you're curious, you can check out our website for more thought-provoking pieces like the one you just savored. You wouldn't regret it!

How to make your vagina tighter?
You can make your vagina tighter by partaking in pelvic workouts and observing a sound and healthy lifestyle. A host of factors widen vagina walls, and avoiding such would do you a world of good.
What can be used to tighten the vagina?
You could use vaginal cones to tighten up the vagina, and you can purchase these cones from our store. Vaginal cones should be cleaned before and after use to prevent infections.
Does sitting on hot water tighten the vagina?
Yes, and No. Yes, because this has worked for some people, even though we have our reservations. No, because the sample size is pretty tiny, and such an act could have some unwarranted side effects.
Can guys feel when a girl tightens her walls?
Yes, guys can feel when a girl tightens her walls. That's especially true when a guy is used to the vagina in question. Men are pretty wise, and they will likely appreciate the effort being made.
How do I know if I'm tight or loose?
You can know whether you are tight or loose by asking your significant other. Ensure that such an individual is a hundred percent honest, as this tends to be a touchy subject. Once you can get that done, you can proceed to the following line of action.

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