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Types Of Submissive

Sexual Submissive Type.

Even though mainstream media might have had you believe that sexual submission is synonymous with weakness, malleability, and a lack of strong will, we’re here to tell you that it is not. Being a Sub in real life is consensual and fun to enjoy sex with your partner. This role is typically preferred by people looking to let loose by relinquishing control during sex, allowing their partner to dictate play.

Although most people think that submission is limited to being dominated during sex, this role has become diversified over the years as most people tap into various areas of the dom-sub relationship. If you are interested in this kinky role, stick around as we introduce you to the various types of sexual submission and practice it with your partner.

Who is a submissive?

The title Submissive or Sub describes anyone who exhibits traits of submission during sex or in a relationship. Being a sub means that you consensually agree to allow the dominant to lead interaction. While some Subs may prefer to incorporate the submissive nature into their everyday life with their partners, for others, it is limited to sex and sexual activities. Since the role of a submissive is to submit to the dominant partner, most subs take pride in being able to help and serve their doms.

Types of subs

Before getting into it, it should be noted that you can be any type of sub you want. Combine a little of this and that until you find what works for you and your partner. Every Sub is unique, and there is no single way to be submissive. Sometimes, you might even find that the type of submission you enjoy changes over time, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try new submission techniques. That being said, let’s talk about the common types of submissives.

  1. Service Submissive: Being a service submissive goes beyond the sexual pleasures of a dom-sub relationship. This type of submission refers to Subs that perform services for their Doms. Rather than looking to the bedroom activities, pleasure from this kind of submission comes from serving the Dominant. Services can be domestic house services such as cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry. Depending on the kind of relationship that you have with your partner, this role may even extend to carrying out activities such as doing taxes, mowing the lawn, and fixing the car. To be a service submissive, your greatest pleasure comes from being able to make your Dom’s life easier.
  2. Forced Submissive: As aggressive as this might seem, it should be noted that it is a consensual form of dom-sub relationship. This term refers to submissives who don’t want their submission to be coerced or seduced from them. Instead, they want it to be taken. Rather than “will you be my sub?” they expect you to make them. Most subs that fall in this category expect you to prove that you are stronger and worthy of their submission.
  3. Sexual Submissive: Sexual submission is the category in which many Subs fall into and why not? Since it involves exhibiting the submissive trait and submitting control to your partner solely during sex. In this case, you expect the dominant to lead while you take orders during intercourse. This is usually less aggressive than forced submission, although it could also be primal in some cases.
  4. Smart-Assed Masochist (SAM): The SAMs are the brats of submission. Subs of this nature are known for provoking their partners into dominating them. This can often lead to the Doms unleashing anger because these Subs tend to push too far. But the punishment and pain are often what these subs yearn for. When in this mode, SAMs see pain and punishment as a sexual need rather than something that hurts. These kinds of subs are best dominated by sadists who can handle the provocation, know the right moment to be extra, and when to stop.
  5. Slaves: Like most other categories of submission, slave submission comes in a different spectrum. If you fall under this category of submission, you might want a master dominant who can control you while you serve as their slave. In some cases, you may even want to be micromanaged down to tiny details such as what to eat, when to eat, and when to use the bathroom. Being a slave is characterized by relinquishing even more control to the dominant than other Subs typically do.
  6. Littles: This category of submission can be found among various people, but it is characterized by a common trait - acting younger than your biological age. These subs usually refer to their Doms as Mommy or Daddy as they expect them to serve as caregivers. As a Little, you want to be taken care of, nurtured, and allowed to pass on responsibilities to your partner.

Sex tips for submission

If you’re looking to practice submission with your partner but don’t know how to start, these tips will make it easier:

  • Discuss submission beforehand: Sub-Dom play isn’t something to randomly spring up on your partner. Take time to discuss it and ensure that every party is on board.
  • Agree on a safe word: Submission and dominance are based on mutual consent. To avoid breaching the trust and exceeding consent, ensure that a safe word is selected, which can be used to tell your partner to stop or ease off during the kink.
  • Use sex toys: To get the very best for the sexual side of your dom-sub relationship, don’t be scared to incorporate the use of sex toys such as ticklers, cuffs, and ball gags.


You may still not find a category that describes your submission desires even after looking at this list. The good thing is that you can always explore your preferences with your partner by expressing your submission traits and developing your relationship. If you found this article helpful, you might also want to stop by and check out our best sex toy reviews. Here, you’ll find everything that fits your budget and taste.

What is submission?
Submission is the act of consensually giving up control to your partner either during sex or in other areas of your relationship with a dominant.
How to be a submissive in a relationship?
To be a Sub in a BDSM relationship, you must be prepared to allow your partner to take control, and you have to be sure that you derive pleasure from being dominated because it is a serious commitment.
What are the different types of submission?
There are several types of submission, and they are not limited to sexual submission. Other forms of submission include slave submission, service submission, and forced submission.

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