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Unique Sex Positions

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Trying out new, unique sex positions sets you up for a stimulating sexual experience with your partner. While it might be comfortable to resort to your everyday, tried and trusted climax-guaranteed styles, spicing things up might be even more interesting. There are two ways to spruce up your sex life when things start getting boring.

The first is to get sex toys, and you can check out our sex toy recommendations here. The second way to update your sexual repertoire is by trying out a distinct sex style. We have gathered a list of unique orgasm-inducing sexual positions. Although these sex positions might require more stamina and flexibility, it would be worth it when they help you unlock new levels of mind-blowing orgasms.


The YMCA sex position is like the 69 position, but on another level. It is especially recommended for flexible partners, and the style works for all gender pairings. To do the YMCA position, one of the partners should sit, preferably on a pillow, for extra comfort. The second person has to stand on their head, grabbing the sitting partner's hips for support. The person sitting up has access to the vulva, vagina, and butt, while the person upside down has access to the other's clitoris. Another thing that makes this position very exciting is the extra blood rushing to the head, giving a crazy orgasm.


This is a sex position that also works for all gender pairings. It is identical to reverse cowgirl, but the person receiving lays forward with their legs extended all the way back. The receiver can stimulate the partner's perineum (if they have a penis) with their hand or a sex toy. The receiver can also use a small clitoral vibe to stimulate themselves in the process.

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate position is another version of 69 like the YMCA, but it requires more physical strength. A partner has to lie flat with their legs folded for support while the other partner bends, giving the person lying down access to the clitoris or the penis. This position requires extra flexibility and upper-arm strength from the person on top. Hence, it is recommended for someone who does yoga or gymnastics. The Golden Gate is a unique sexual position that works for all gender couplings.


This position is dangerous, and it should only be tried if the penetrator has penile flexibility (if they have a penis). Although close to the cowgirl position, the person on top leans right back instead of being upright. The penetrator lies flat with both legs together. It is important for the receiver on top to support themselves with their hands stretched behind them. The crab position offers more stimulation than the regular cowgirl.


Strength and flexibility from the receiver are essential in the wheelbarrow position. Depending on the recipient's fitness level, they can balance with their hands on the bed or prop in a plank position. The giving partner stands and penetrates the receiving partner in the vagina or anus with a penis or dildo. The biggest risk in this position is a neck injury if the receiver gets dropped on their head. The wheelbarrow position is accessible to all-gender couplings.

Hanging Garden

In this sexual position, the thrusting partner stands and hoists the receiving partner up with their hands. On the other hand, the receiving partner supports themselves by wrapping their legs around the standing partner's waist. Though it requires strength from the penetrating partner, it is a great way for them to take control and show off. You can spice things up with a vibrating cock ring on your partner's erogenous zones. The hanging garden position is a unique, energetic, and bold position.

Reverse Pile Driver

The reverse pile driver is also a dangerous sex style, and partners have to be cautious. The position involves a partner- the receiver lying flat and bending the legs towards the head while using their hands to support their waist. The other partner arcs slightly, enough to thrust and control the tempo of the action. However, the partner on top has to be careful not to rest their weight on the bottom partner who has been super stretched. The reverse pile driver position is perfect for the G-spot stimulation in vagina owners to create mind-blowing orgasms. This sex position also works for all gender pairings.


When having sex, there is no limit to how many positions you can explore. Keep an adventurous spirit and try out the unique sex positions with your partner- you might just get a new favorite position. Remember to start with some engaging foreplay with fingers and sex toys before diving into the unique styles to enjoy the experience. To spice up your sex life with sex toys, do not pass leave without checking out our best sex toy reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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