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Unusual Sex Positions

Table on top - unusual sex position.

If you ever find yourself in a sex rut — or suspect one is on the way — that’s the cue you need to become adventurous in bed. After all, if you or your partner is unhappy with your sex life, it can have a significant impact on your relationship. Switching things up can help you both enjoy your sex life, and trying out unusual sex positions is an easy way to achieve that goal.

You have probably become a pro at missionary and have done it a trillion times in a doggie style. Please, try some unusual sexual positions! Many of the best unusual sex positions appear to be scary or downright weird. But don't be scared; sex postures that appear strange and frightening are enjoyable once you try them.

Here's a list of unusual sex positions you should try.

Side Straddle

Although straddling someone's leg isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “sexy”, this posture is odd in the greatest way. Straddle one of your partner's legs while facing the other way as they lay in bed. You can then go down on your partner and, if necessary, use lubrication to help them within.

Little Dipper

It’s as unusual as it could get with the little dipper. The little dipper will give the partner on top a good arm workout. To do this, the person on top moves up and down on top of the bottom partner's strap-on or penis using a couch, chair, or even a bed. When the top partner's arms get tired, the bottom partner can use their hands to stimulate them — or to assist them in moving up and down. This sex position is appropriate for all genders!


This is another fun and unusual sexual position you can try out to get out of boring sex. Regardless of the name of this sexual position, you do not need an actual pretzel for this. To do this, begin by kneeling over your partner. When you are in that position, they can now put a leg under your butt and the other around your waist. This is one of the best unusual sex positions because it offers powerful thrust at a sideways position, which makes sex more intimate.

Table Top

In the heat of the moment, have your spouse jump onto your counter, bed bathroom sink, or any other surface you happen to be near. Then they twist to one side by bringing their knees together. This is the point where you can enter. This unusual sex position puts you and your partner on the same level, which is especially advantageous if your heights differ. It's also ideal for a quickie.


To get started with this sexual position, make sure your partner raises their hips with their feet flat on the bed. If you love yoga, this position will not be a strange one for you. Adding this to your sex routine makes it even more enjoyable. The bridge position is a great way to spice up the classic missionary style. Bonus: this position gives you better access to your partner's breasts and clit.


Another unusual sexual position that can spice up your sex life is the lotus. Before you go to town, note that you may have to try this more than once, especially with lube, before you get it right. Make your partner sit cross-legged on the bed. It should look like the position for a regular meditation. Then you can gently lower yourself while guiding the penis into you. You can then wrap your legs and arms around them. This is one of the best unusual sex positions because it offers intense penetration and gives opening for clit play.

Tighter Doggy

Take the classic doggy position a step further with this unusual sex position. Instead of the traditional setup, make sure your legs are squeezed together in a doggy position. Your partner will need to spread their legs a little wider, and it may require some lubricant, but once you hit the sweet spot, it feels fantastic. It's a whole different sensation, yet you may still play with your clit to increase the intensity.


Although the thought of lifting your hips might be scary, your partner does a bulk of the work here. To do this unusual sexual position, move to the end of the bed with your legs on your partner’s chest. You can make your legs hook their shoulders. Your partner can then place their hands on your hips to lift you up. This is a fun position because it gives you and your partner a sexy view of each other. It also makes room for deep penetration.


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