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Vaginal Balls

It’s not a secret that women who have better control over their vaginal muscles experience greater orgasms. That is why such factors as aging, childbirth and low muscle tonus cause problems is sexual life, making it difficult for a woman and her partner to get maximum pleasure. How to make it up? Purchase Vaginal Balls, and you will improve both your health and sexual experience.
4 inch silver plastic vaginal balls
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What is Vaginal Balls

Probably, you won’t believe it, but this item has been around for centuries. It is believed that the balls were first created by Japanese men to enhance sexual arousal and penetration, with women stealing the idea and using it for vaginal stimulation, as well. Today, this appliance is used for Kegel exercising and pelvis zone training.

According to Vaginal Balls reviews, they help to strengthen muscles, which, in its turn results into better urinary control, brighter orgasms, stronger sexual arousal, and clitoral penetration, improvement of health (supports rectum, uterus, and bladder). This is a safe and effective way to restore after pregnancy, reduce the symptoms of climax and make sexual intercourse more intense and enjoyable.
4 inch black plastic vaginal balls

Main characteristic

Search for Vaginal Balls online, and you will see how many variations exist! In the beginning, there were two metal balls: one hollow, and the other one with a smaller ball or mercury inside. The hollow ball is inserted first, then the second one. Moving inside the vagina, they produced smooth vibration and made muscles tense and work out. Today, the technology was improved, and the device has the following features:
4 inch purple silicone vaginal balls

  1. It is made of silicone, plastic, metal, glass and even composite materials. The choice is wide!
  2. Today, they have smaller balls inside, or some safe fillers. No mercury, of course. The best Vaginal balls may also feature vibrators.
  3. There are versions with wires, making it easier to put the balls out.
  4. Sizes differ, but most balls come in ¾ and 1 inches diameter.
  5. Many sets have a pouch to store the balls discreetly.
  6. There are remote control versions that go with a smartphone application.

Want to order Vaginal Balls? Open our partner’s site. There you can find tens of various balls and select a suitable variant.
2 inch silver metal original vaginal balls
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How to use

If you have never tried these before, you may be confused about the whole process. Believe, Vaginal balls using is a very simple, but highly useful thing. Here is all you need to know about this experience:

  • Before starting, clean the balls and define which one is lighter: it will be inserted first.
  • Apply some lube on the balls, if you lack pussy juice or if you use silicone and rubber models.
  • If it is the first time you try the device, lie down and relax.
  • Start injecting the balls. After that you will feel them for some time, and experience the tension created by Kegel muscles. They started working out.
  • 3 inch silicone vaginal balls by Lelo

  • Depending on your feelings, you can sit down and try to stay. Some women manage to go around the house with the balls inside, experiencing sexual arousal and even getting pleasure.
  • The balls may be kept inside for as long as you need, but it is recommended to start from five-ten minutes, gradually prolonging the period of workouts. More experiences women manage to keep the balls for several hours, which does no harm at all.
  • If you feel pains or other unpleasant symptoms, put the balls out. You might have selected a wrong size, or your muscles are tensed too much.

With these recommendations, you will make your workouts much more useful and comfortable.
4 inch gold plastic vaginal balls

How to choose

Want to make a purchase, but don’t know where to buy vaginal balls and which variants will be suitable for you? Here are some considerations for smart shopping:

  1. Don’t make an order if you are unsure about product quality. Make purchases only in popular sex shops or official stores. Fake production is unsafe and may even expose danger to your health.
  2. If you are a beginner, or a woman older than 30 without children, select ¾ inch models. Women with children may buy vaginal balls of bigger diameter.
  3. 5 inch purple 69g vaginal balls

  4. Select the materials, basing on your experience: light silicone and rubber models will do for the starters, while more skilled women have muscles powerful enough to keep heavy metal balls.
  5. If you plan to use the device when coming outside, select wireless variants. You don’t want a string to show out of your panties, right?
  6. Mind that Vaginal Balls price is not the deciding factor. Pay attention to the quality and materials.

6 inch pink plastic vaginal balls

Where to buy Vaginal Balls

Our partner’s store is the perfect variant for online shopping, providing excellent shopping conditions:

  • A wide catalogue comprising cheap vaginal balls and hundreds of other sex toys and appliances.
  • Convenient payment types.
  • 100% original products.
  • Fast and secure shipping in discreet package.

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