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How to Have Vaginal Orgasm from Penetration?

Vaginal Orgasm from Penetration

Did you know that vaginal orgasms are a thing? Well, maybe you do, but we all know they are few and far between. First off, we’ll say that you don’t need a vaginal orgasm to enjoy sex, okay? However, many women have yet to experience the wonder that is a vaginal orgasm. But, don’t fret. As is our nature, we have brought you the best vaginal orgasm tips that will guarantee you or your partner an earth-shattering vaginal orgasm.

What is a Vaginal Orgasm?

As the term implies, a vaginal orgasm is a climax that comes through penetration and stimulation of a woman’s vagina. Penetration and vagina are the keywords here. Because the vagina is an orifice, stimulation cannot occur without a form of penetration. You can also call it an internal female orgasm because it happens inside the body.

Penetration in the vagina can occur with a finger, penis, dildo, or vibrator. Regardless of the ‘tool’ being used, what matters ultimately is the woman's pleasure and the satisfaction it brings to the partner (if they’re involved).

Let’s keep going on this wild ride of internal orgasms.

Difference Between a Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasm

Many people are ignorant of the fact that vaginal and clitoral orgasms differ. However, many women have revealed that a vaginal orgasm feels way different from a clitoral orgasm or any other kind. This is very understandable because as the location is different, so is the feeling different, right?

Clitoral orgasms are mostly felt on the body’s surface because your clit is somewhat on the surface. It often feels like a tingly sensation or overwhelming pleasure running across your brain and skin.

However, a vaginal orgasm is way more intense and requires a set of techniques to get there. During a vaginal orgasm, the rippling sensations are felt by the woman (at the receiving end), and her penetrating partner because the vaginal walls pulse and constrict during an internal female orgasm.

Let’s be clear and note that how each type of orgasm feels will vary from one woman to another.

How to Get a Vaginal Orgasm through Penetration?

No one ever said getting a vaginal orgasm through penetration was easy. However, all it takes is communication, the proper techniques, serious foreplay, and patience. If you’re ready to get that orgasm in the bag, then let us show you how to get there.


This step applies if you intend to go down the orgasm road with your partner. A lot of communication between partners will prevent the awkwardness of not knowing the next step to take. Let your partner know what you like and what you don’t. In essence, teach them how to love your body and that orgasm won’t be far behind.


The right amount of foreplay has you panting for a dick or toy inside you, my friend. One that brews crazy passion, lust, and need. That’s the kind we’re talking about. For partnered sex, take your time to kiss, stroke, tease, and rub because we need the woman dripping wet.

If you’re going solo, imagine, stroke, rub, press, everything. When your body is ready for the next step, you can move on.

Choose a Suitable Position

Deeper, deeper! You need to get yourself (or partner) in a position that allows you to receive deep penetration- one that hits all the right spots. The only way to know the perfect position for you is to test each one that crosses your mind.

Give your partner/toy easy access, and let them drive you crazy.

Switch up the Motion

It’s not always about going deep. It’s also not about the insertable length and girth of your penis/sex toy, but can you move? You need to apply a range of motion that allows you to feel the penetration as intensely as possible.

Have your partner move inside you, in different directions, rolling, twisting, etc. To help you move things along, adjust the tempo of your vibrator as you go.

Keep an Open Mind

A vaginal orgasm is not the be-all and end-all of great sex. Even if you follow our tips for the best vaginal stimulation, you might still be a-ways from achieving vaginal orgasm, and that’s okay. Overall, do not let your need for a vaginal orgasm rob you of this moment- your moment. We know you’ll get there, eventually.

Best Positions for Intense Vaginal Orgasms

There is no single best position for vaginal orgasms. In trying to give or get a vaginal orgasm, you need to consider accessibility to the vagina, the woman’s comfort, and motion.

In essence, does the position give you:

  • Access to the vagina?
  • Is she comfortable?
  • Are you able to move (the toy) properly?

Any position that fits the criteria above is ideal. Many women feel intense vaginal pleasure by staying in a doggy position; others prefer to go cowgirl, and for others, a modified missionary position is highly effective. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Why are Sex Toys Essential to Vaginal Orgasms?

Sex toys are bearers of good vibes and vaginal orgasms. You see, using a sex toy gives you a different feeling than being penetrated with a penis. Incorporating sex toys in your bedroom activities will literally take your pleasure rate from 10 to 100!

Here’s how it works: use a variety of dildos/vibrators to get the fun going. Subsequently, move the toy while it’s inside you to find your sweet spot. Most G-spot vibrators are capable of finding your G-spot without much stress. Allow yourself to feel the vibrator pulsing inside of you, and you’re well on your way to achieving vaginal orgasm.

Pros and Cons

Discussing the pros and cons of vaginal orgasms is another way to tell you, ‘why on Earth should you not get a taste of this goodness?’. In the list below, you’ll find several reasons to sell you onto the side of vaginal orgasm.


  • A vaginal orgasm promotes a sense of wellness and sexual satisfaction.
  • It can improve one’s sex drive significantly.
  • Vaginal pleasure is a form of stress relief.
  • They can reduce cramps.
  • Vaginal orgasms tend to improve intimacy with oneself and partner.


  • A real vaginal orgasm has no cons in and of itself.

Getting an orgasm from penetration isn’t as difficult as most people paint it. Whether the orgasm is for you or your partner, the important thing is that you have taken a step to learn. The vaginal orgasms will come pouring in soon enough. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Visit our sex toy review section for the most affordable and luxurious sex toys you’ll ever own. Let’s keep those orgasms coming.

How to have a vaginal orgasm?
You can have a vaginal orgasm through intentional and skillful penetration. Most vagina owners need penises or sex toys to help them achieve that goal. Whatever you choose, try to ensure that the ‘tool’ in question can reach your G-spot and go at your pace.
How to make a woman have a vaginal orgasm?
Making your female partner have the best vaginal orgasm requires a level of patience and open communication between both of you. Listen when your woman tells you what she likes and doesn’t; also, listen to her body language. Switch up your tempo from time to time, and focus on giving pleasure instead of receiving.
How to have a vaginal orgasm with masturbation?
Even in your masturbation sesh, you can still cop a vaginal orgasm or two. It’s the same process you would follow during sex with your partner, only this time; you’re all alone- riding hard and fast. Use a G-spot vibrator that can easily find all your sweet spots, and don’t be afraid to go as deep as you can.
How to have a vaginal orgasm during sex?
If you want to have a vaginal orgasm during sex, make sure you’re wet and ready for any form of penetration. Engage in foreplay, and lube up generously. Then, start slowly (maybe with fingers), and build the anticipation. Have your partner thrust at any rate you desire (sweet and slow/fast and hard), and use sex toys to make things more exciting.
What is the best sex toy for a woman to have a vaginal orgasm?
The best sex toy that can give a woman a vaginal orgasm is a penetrating toy. We’re talking G-spot dildos and penis-shaped vibrators. If you’re confused about which to go for, try out any of the rabbit vibrators from our store. They provide intense double stimulation and will have you reeling in pleasure.
How to use vaginal toys?
If anything, use your vaginal toys gently. Your vagina is more delicate than any other genital, so you want to take things easy on your poor coochie. Penetrate your vagina with your toys, or rub them against the pussy orifice. Whatever makes you feel good works fine.

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