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Vaginal Vibrators

Suitable for both solo and couple pleasures and highly reliable for the perfect sexual adventure, the vaginal vibrators is among the best rated sexual toys in the world, very popular and a true excitement for types of women seeking vaginal pleasure.

blue 8 inch classic rechargeable vaginal vibrator
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What is a vaginal vibrator?

A vaginal vibrator is a simple yet highly useful penis shaped sexual toy for women, meant to stimulate the vagina and recreate the realistic feeling of the man penis. It’s highly common for sexual stimulation in solo mode but most useful for couples in need for some extra spice in their love lives. A very useful sex toy which can easily provide strong stimulation and orgasmic moments to women. Using a vaginal vibrator is a very common thing among women passed their 30’s and also between married couples.

purple rechargeable usb vaginal vibrator by VeDO
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Types and main characteristics

There are many types of vaginal vibrator toys and each of these types serve one purpose, to stimulate and provide ultra pleasure for the women using them.

black rechargeable usb vaginal vibrator by Lelo

  • Classic vaginal vibrators – the old school penis shaped female vaginal vibrator which can be of many shapes and sizes. Provides realistic feelings and optical view just like a normal penis and can be used with or without the vibrations on.
  • Double headed vaginal vibrator – specially designed sex toy for women meant to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris of the woman. Highly rated and most popular especially for kinky sexual games and couple activity.
  • Anal and vaginal vibrator – top sexual toy for adults, mostly females, suitable for both anal and vaginal pleasures. It’s usually made out of strong materials suitable for anal penetration but soft enough to replicate the penis realistic feeling.

black rechargeable usb vaginal vibrator

How to choose the best vaginal vibrator?

Choosing the best vaginal vibrator, for you or for your partner, should be a matter of taste and desires. It’s hard to tell which one is the best vibrator and which one is not so great…every type and model can satisfy a certain category of users so naming a certain vaginal toy as the best, it’s almost impossible. However, there are some important specifications which can help you to choose the best vaginal vibrating toy for you tastes.

red remote control vaginal vibrator

  • The material;
  • The shape;
  • The size.

Keep in mind that a smaller or medium size will always suit your needs better if you are a beginner. If you want to use it only for vaginal stimulation, seek the vaginal vibrator guide for the best material. Choose the shape you like but make sure to fit your needs.

pink remote control 10 function vaginal vibrator

How to choose the right size?

First of all you must decide whether you want a normal toy or you crave to go wild and stimulate yourself with giant vaginal vibrators. If you are a beginner or a romantic person, it’s better to choose a smaller or normal size which may vary from 3-4 inches and up to a maximum of 6 inches. If you want to experience new things and go wild in solo or along your partner, there are vaginal vibrators out there which can reach even 13+ inches. Seek for the top rated vaginal vibrators and read the vaginal vibrators reviews for better information about choosing the right size.

pink usb 5 inch vaginal vibrator by Lelo

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Just like when choosing the size, for the right material, shape and texture, you must first decide what type of sexual activity are you planning to enjoy with this toy?

  • Glass vaginal vibrators – suitable for romantic and highly stimulant sexual activities on both the vagina and the ass. Soft feeling which requires lubrication
  • Powerful vaginal vibrators – grand class sexual toys suitable for the fetish lovers, especially for BDSM stimulation and other domination sex games. Smooth and slippery when used with lubricants.
  • Silicone – recreates the realistic feeling of the penis. Most suitable for women in love with the classic feeling and willing for sexual stimulation only.

The best thing is to seek for informative material content before buying. Regarding the shape, vaginal vibrators are mainly shaped as real penises with slight differences on the tip, which can be sharp, rounded or bald.

white vaginal vibrator by Swoon Shimmy

How to use a vaginal vibrator?

Using a vaginal vibrator requires little attention on the instructions due to the differences regarding the shape, size and material. While some of these types of vaginal vibrators require no lubrication, others are highly recommended to be used only with proper lubrication.

The vaginal vibrating toy should be used only for its purpose and should be kept clean and out of extreme heat or moisture. Due to its electronic parts, such harsh storage conditions might damage the toy. Hygiene plays a very important role in the whole process of self stimulating with toys therefore, keeping the vibrator clean is mandatory. Follow the vaginal vibrator guide for information about how to clean it, how to store it and how to use it.

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