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Water-Based Lubes

This article takes a closer look on water based lubricants – the widest spread type of lubricants used for sexual intercourse. As the title suggests, the main ingredient is water which can have many benefits. Sometimes, the lubes can also be flavored for better taste and smell. Read on to know which are the top water based lubricants in the market.

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What is a water based lubricant?

Lubricants are liquids used during sexual activities, such as anal sex or masturbation. They are used to provide additional lubrication when actors in play are too dry and there might be unwanted friction. Most widely used type of lubricant is lubricant that is water-based. This means the major part of the lube is water, so the liquid is also soluble in water, is able to soak into skin and also to dry up. That is why sometimes you need to reapply it during sex in order to keep things moisturized.

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Most commonly, we know of water based vaginal lubricants – so this type is used widely for heterosexual intercourse where woman does not provide enough lubrication on her own. Other times it is used for anal sex where additional lubrication is vital. Searching for best water based lube might also be for playing with sex toys, which also do not provide their own lubrication. Luckily, this type of lube is fully compatible with any sex toy you might enjoy.

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Types and main characteristics

Most important distinction among good water based lube products is their usage. It might be for:

  • Vaginal sex;
  • Oral sex;
  • Anal sex;
  • Male masturbation;
  • Sex with toys.
  • If you are looking for a lube for 1. Type – vaginal sex – you are essentially looking for best water based lubricant for women. Sometimes it happens that vagina does not produce enough lubrication on its own so this is where the lube comes handy. In other instances, natural lubrication is not provided so you do not have other option but to shop for some artificial lubrication, which is totally OK and importantly – it is safe for your body.

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    When it comes to the product itself, there are few types of the water based lube that you might want to check out:

    1. flavored water-based lube;
    2. natural water-based lubricants;
    3. organic water-based lubricant.

    The first type – flavored lube – is most widely used when couple enjoys oral sex. It is simply because a person does not like the taste of genitalia, he or she can use flavored water-based lube and suddenly, a penis or vagina tastes like strawberries or pineapple, which is more enjoyable for them. And whether you use natural or organic is just your personal preference.

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    How to choose the best water-based lube?

    If you are planning to shop for lube, it might be useful to read some water-based lubricant reviews. This way you will get opinions and experience of real customers, which might help you decide better. But besides that, we will now discuss important things to consider when buying a lubricant that is water-based.
    First think you shall think about is the price: how much are you willing to invest in this kind of product? Essentially, you have these options/price ranges:

    1. Up to $10;
    2. $10 – $20;
    3. $20 – $30;
    4. $30 – $50;
    5. $50 – $100;
    6. More than $100.

    4.2 fl oz enjoy water-based lube by Sliquid H2O

    So as you can see, being well lubricated can be quite pricy when you need a high quality product. Other factor connected to price is the size of lube:

    1. Up to 100ml;
    2. 100ml – 200ml;
    3. 200ml – 500ml;
    4. 500ml – 1000ml;
    5. More than 1000ml.

    As you can see, the volume range is vast, so it might be a good idea to think how often and where you are going to be using the product. If it is the daily basis at home, a good option might be a liter or more – buying in bulk is also cheaper. But on the other hand, if you do not plan to use it that often, or if you plan to take it with you when traveling, be sure rather buy a much smaller packaging. Or you can buy a small and a big bottle for even more convenience.

    8.5 fl oz enjoy water-based lube by Sliquid Sassy

    How to use?

    You do not need to worry because this type of lube, or generally lubes, are pretty easy to use. Also, most of the time you can find clear instructions on the bottle. But just in case, with clean hands, apply the small dose of lube in vagina and penis, or anal and penis, or a sex toy, simply anything that is involved. Try it out and if it still feels weird, apply some more. Remember that since it is water-based, it will eventually dry out and you will need to reapply it during sex, which might be inconvenient sometimes. And since it dries, it can leave traces on your skin, that is why it is always a good idea to wash the product off after you are done using it.

    8.5 fl oz enjoy water-based lube by ID Glide

    Also do not forget to keep it away from the direct sun as it can go bad. The best way to store it is to keep the lube in the cabinet at room temperature, that way you will be able to use it for a very long time. Otherwise, water-based lubricants are totally safe to use for skin and genitals, so you do not have to be concerned.

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