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Water Masturbation

Women Use Water to Stimulate Ferself.

What drives you to orgasm? Is your answer one of these options: porn, sex webcam, sex toys, your fingers alone, or your imaginations? If not, then what about water? Water has the power to make you orgasm so intensely that you'll want to do it over and over again. In water masturbation, you are stimulating your genitals with nothing but water. You can do it in the shower, in the pool (not a public pool of course), or your bathtub.

And your options are not limited. Your clitoris, vagina, testicles, penis, perineum, and anus can all be stimulated to light your fire. Ready to learn more about water masturbation, then continue reading.

Water, shower, and bathroom masturbation

These three terms are usually taken for each other but their meanings are slightly different. Here is the simple definition for the three.

Water masturbation is when you use water to stimulate yourself sexually. As we earlier mentioned it can be in the bathtub, the shower, or your pool.

Shower masturbation involves masturbating in the shower while standing. It would feel like you are under the waterfall and you can add a spice of shower head masturbation to keep things hot down there.

Bathroom masturbation is when you touch yourself anywhere in the bathroom. It could be by the door, in the shower, in the bathtub, anywhere.

So, in essence, shower masturbation is a type of bathroom masturbation as well as a type of water masturbation. But bathroom masturbation is not a type of water masturbation. Did you get that?

Benefits of masturbating in the shower

Experts have said that touching yourself has many health and beauty-related benefits. But touching yourself with water raises the bar higher. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of masturbation in the shower.

  • Showerhead orgasm is known to help relieve stress on a whole other level.
  • Water masturbation increases the blood circulation in the body.
  • You can discover your pleasure points when you touch yourself.
  • It boosts the mood.
  • Some studies say it relieves mild pain.
  • Water masturbation releases dopamine and endorphin (feel-good hormones).
  • Finally, female water masturbation eases sexual problems accustomed to postmenopausal state.

But to top it all up, it feels so goooooood

How to masturbate with water?

Two things would be mentioned in this section: masturbating techniques while in the shower and the steps to follow to guarantee explosive water orgasm.

Masturbating techniques

There are many ways to pleasure yourself with water. You can use the shower, jet spray, or even running water. You can also use the showerhead, the body of the bathtub, and the faucet. But let's put all of that into a detailed list.

  1. Faucet masturbation: This is when you use the bathtub faucet for pleasure. You can stand or sit for this technique while the water pressure stimulates your genitals intensely. You can add your fingers too for a hot water faucet orgasm.
  2. Water pressure masturbation: Though faucet is already a form of water pressure masturbation, you can also use a jet spray to achieve better results. Get in a comfortable position, tune the water temperature, and let the jet spray do its thing. All you need to do is brace yourself for multiple water jet orgasms.
  3. Showerhead masturbation: Ever wondered how it would feel to have many tiny tingling touches on your clitoris? It's exhilarating. One cannot but orgasm with water on clit. So, a showerhead orgasm is sure especially when you place your detachable showerhead a distance from your clitoris.

The secret steps to follow

There are 7 things that you should know about women masturbating in the shower. It's a secret to get you multiple orgasms but we will tell you because you read up to this point.

  1. Prepare your mind: Except you got aroused while having your shower, prepare your mind with an erotic story or a porn video before hopping in. This would help stimulate you towards a faster orgasm.
  2. Use lube: You might think that you don't need lube because you are in the shower. But we say this: try using lube and see the unexplainable sexual fire that you would release when you touch your ass alone.
  3. Set the water temperature: This is similar to setting the mood. Coldwater, warm water, or hot water - try it all to see which one tickles your fancy. The temperature change can also be a recipe.
  4. The secret finger: Most people are used to their index or middle finger for fingering. But have you ever tried your thick thumb? When you do, spread the news of nothing but fiery pleasure.
  5. Positioning: Most people stand up during water masturbation. But we say that the juice is in sitting down. Allow the water droplets to tickle your thighs and roll slowly inwards. It would feel like no other.
  6. Lighting: If you are inside, dim the lights and see the results. Light dimming, even during sex gives a different feeling of suspense. So, during masturbation, the same feeling is duplicated.
  7. Lock the door: Of course, you won't want an uninvited or unwanted visitor to walk in on you. So, lock the door behind you except you are expecting your sexy partner to come in.

Take to the next level with sex toys

We would have added this to the previous section but because it is very important, we gave it a section of its own. Sex toys can enhance and diversify your sex life in ways you can't imagine. And the good thing about it is that it is made in different shapes, sizes, colors, for different reasons, zones of stimulation, and for different places. It's a guarantee - you will find sex toys that you can use in a shower.

For example, a suction cup dildo allows you to glue the dildo to the wall and replicate water penetrative sex. And waterproof vibrators vibrate you to intensified orgasms over and over again.

Safety precautions

Though the topic of women masturbating in water seems tempting, it can only be fun if you play it safe. There is no fun in injuring or infecting yourself while you are jerking off in the shower.

Before you even begin at all, ensure that the showerhead, faucet, and bathtub are clean. You should also avoid using bleach to clean these places because the chemical can infect your genitals. Stick to mild soap and clean water. Test the water on your thighs or the back of your plan before landing it on your genitals to avoid being burned if the water is too hot. Finally, we appreciate all sexual fantasies but some extremities are very dangerous. Don't try to use the bathtub faucet or showerhead for penetrative masturbation. Pleasure will go straight into pain very quickly.


Water masturbation is a different ball game with risks and undeniable pleasure. But you can safely make your way towards multiple orgasms without getting injured if you follow the right guide. We only hope that this guide has been able to help you through the journey. And if you find this helpful, don't pass by our best sex toy reviews. It's would help you enjoy water masturbation even better.

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