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Waterproof Vibrators

A very smart solution for users in love to enjoy sexual stimulation with toys in outdoors or in the water. Suitable for most outdoor activities and perfect for sexual stimulation in the water. When you need to enjoy solo orgasms or fantasy pleasures with your partner, this type of vibrator is the best one for shower and tub romance.

silver 10 function waterproof vibrator
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What is a waterproof vibrator?

The waterproof vibrator is a specially designed vibrating sexual toy which can be used in the water or in extreme humidity such as saunas, tubs, showers. A toy unlike others to offer great stimulation thanks to it’s pulsating vibrations, in conditions which make other types of vibrators impossible to use. They come in many shapes and sizes and they offer the best experiences for both men and women users.

purple rechargeable waterproof vibrator

Types and main features

Just like the name says it, the main feature of the waterproof vibrator is the waterproof itself. You can use it in the water, completely submerged, in the tub, shower or any other place that’s humid and wet. There are:

pink rechargeable waterproof vibrator

  • Rechargeable waterproof vibrators – modern toys which offer multiple cycles on the same charge without having to change the batteries.
  • Classic type – penis shaped vibrating toys to offer the same feeling as the real penis, suitable for beginners and excellent when used in combination with lubricants.
  • Remote control waterproof vibrators – highly reliable sex toys, excellent for couple use thanks to the remote control which lets your partner to guide the toy while you use it on yourself.

pink usb rechargeable waterproof vibrator
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How to choose the best waterproof vibrator?

If you are a beginner, first time using a waterproof vibrator, choose smaller sizes and diameters. Enjoy healthy sexual experiences with these top rated waterproof vibrators by seeking the right waterproof vibrator reviews and by gathering the right information. For more experienced users, there are no limitations regarding the size so choose what ever toy suits your sexual desires best. Some offer great stimulation for the clitoris area, others for the vagina and some for the anal area, whatever interests you more, that’s the best waterproof vibrator you should buy!

black silicone rechargeable waterproof vibrator

How to choose the right size?

Size is important on such type of sexual toy but always keep in mind that bigger vibrator waterproof toys are not always better. Sometimes small waterproof vibrators can cause great pleasure, far better than a bigger version. Why? Because some users love to stimulate themselves by just touching not inserting the toy, therefore, smaller ones are more suitable for their needs. Most popular waterproof vibrators often come in 4-5 inches of size, so start with this measure if you are a beginner then increase the size as you gather experience.

realistic silicone rechargeable waterproof vibrator

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

While some waterproof vibrators are made out of jelly rubber, silicone or smooth plastic, others are made out of stainless steel, plastic and other rigid materials. The first materials presented offer a soft and silky feel, a more realistic close to the actual penis feel. The other materials presented offer a more rigid feel with stiff inches to penetrate any hole. Those are excellent for experienced users needy to try something else. Either way, choosing the right material, shape and texture is a matter of taste and desire and can’t be specified or reduced to one single type of version of waterproof vibrator.

7 inch purple usb classic rechargeable waterproof vibrator

How to use the waterproof vibrator?

The main advantage of having a vibrator waterproof toy is that it can be used in any condition. Either you use it in dry conditions or in humid conditions, under the shower, in the pool or in the tub, the effect and stimulation will be the same. The toy is highly versatile and easy to use, with little to no experience required on first usage.

Keep hygiene to a high level and always dry the toy before placing it back in its storage box. Although waterproof, humidity might affect the toy on a long term is stored improperly.

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