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Weird Sex Positions

Weird sex positions.

Who is tired of all the classic and boring sex styles like missionary, doggy, cowgirl, spooning, and the rest? It can become a little boring start and end your sexual intercourse the same way. Elevate your sex life and try some of these weird sexual positions that are not only kinky but are targeted at reaching the utmost pleasure spot. Read on to know which of these strange sex positions you can try out tonight.

The Good Ex

This position, though weird is pretty comfortable and great for those that love to take things slowly into the strange sex world.

How to do it: Sit down on the bed with your legs stretched out and let your partner sit – facing you — with his or her legs also stretched out. Then place your right leg above his or her left leg and your left leg under his or her right leg. After this, you both have to lie back down and scootch slightly until your pelvises meet. While the two of you have your hands to yourself, use them to caress yourself — chest and clitoris, or you can involve the use of different vibrators to enhance the pleasure.


Popularly known as a man’s kind of sex style, this is probably the weirdest sex position on this list. Jackhammer gives the woman no allowance whatsoever for sexual expression and is focused 100% on penetration as the sole goal. However, women can enjoy this strange position because the position allows the man to easily reach her G-spot causing her to orgasm.

How to do it: The woman needs to bend over so that she is looking at the ground and her hands can support her. Her buttocks should face upwards and like the work of a jackhammer, the man would hammer her from behind. Some men prefer to rest their weight on the woman by leaving their hands on her waist while others use to hold and waist and drag it closer while thrusting.

Butter Churner

After reading through this section, you might start to think this position is weirder than jackhammer sex style. Butter Churner is more acrobatic and might cause the woman to experience body pain after. However, just like the other weird sexual positions on this list, orgasm is guaranteed for both parties.

How to do it: The woman would need to lie on her back and bring her legs up to her shoulder without bending the knees. This should lift her buttocks off the ground/bed and raise them. She can use her hands to support her back and also to ensure that she remains in that position. The man then can sit on her buttocks making sure that the right parts connect. He simply has to stand and sit again to arouse pleasure for them both. To make this comfortable for both parties, use a lot of lubes, and pillows, and add a vibrator for the woman’s clitoris.

Snow Angel

Despite the innocence of the name, this is among the top strange sex positions, and it’s dirty too. There is a big chance you haven’t tried this before nor heard of it. But it is highly recommended that you try this position only on the bed or a flat surface with a soft cushion.

How to do it: Lying on her back, the woman crunches up with her knees bent and her feet pointing forwards. The man, on the other hand, gets on all four as in a doggy position. Both parties interlock their position as his pelvic area lies above hers, his bent knees rest beside her waist and his feet graces her hair. The woman, below him, has her inner thighs brushing his sides. To perform sexual intercourse in this position, lift yourself by wrapping your legs around his back then when he has entered, take hold of his buttocks and help him slide in and out.

Cross Booty

This is another sex position that wins the award for the weirdest sex position on this list. Though it has both parties lying down, it doesn’t necessarily make it the comfiest. Just as in other strange sex positions where the target is just to explore more sides of sexuality, you can always switch to more comfortable ones after a few moments of trying these.

How to do it: Using a bed or any flat surface with soft cushioning, the woman needs to lie on her back fully relaxed with her legs slightly spread out to give space between her thighs. Then the man, her partner, would lie across her vertical body in a horizontal manner such that his head is facing her right side and his feet on her left or vice versa. Penetration can be a tard bit difficult but as long as the woman lifts her pelvis a little bit, the man can find the slot opening. This position also gives both parties a chance to unravel new erotic zones of the vagina.


Which of these weirdest sex positions were the most exotic to you? Would you like to learn more about different weird sexual positions or do you want to upgrade your sex life? Stay tuned for more content like this, and don’t forget to pass by our best sex toy reviews too, so that you can get yourself a sex toy that can help bring your sex game to life.

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