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What Does a Female Orgasm Feel Like?

A woman has orgasm.

Have you ever wondered, “what does a female orgasm feel like?” You’re not alone! It’s natural to be curious about what your girl feels when she’s coming. Although you might not get to feel it IRL, we do our best to describe the female orgasm in this article. Are you eager to learn women’s best-kept secret? Stay with us!

What is a Female Orgasm?

An orgasm is the climax of a sexual experience — think erotic pleasure at its peak. There’s a reason the French refer to it as ‘la petite mort’, a little death. It can be so intense, that having just one can help you release a lot of tension and instantly improve your mood. Meanwhile, female orgasm is simply the sexual climax experienced by a woman — a vulva-owner.

If you’re thinking, “what does an orgasm for a woman feel like?” We’re here to let you know that it's a case of different strokes for different folks.

Types of Female Orgasms and Their Sensations

Regardless of whatever sexual myths may be flying around, the truth is that your woman can climax through various kinds of stimulation– not just through her clit.

Clitoral Orgasm

There are about 6000 nerve endings on the clitoris, so it’s no wonder that a clitoral orgasm is the most common one women experience. According to Dr. Melisa Holmes, founder of Girlology, “clitoral stimulation creates an intense burst of pleasure”.

A clitoral orgasm is triggered by continuous stimulation of her clit, while ensuring that she’s well lubricated. You can pair this with other forms of stimulation to make the experience better. Right before she climaxes, the clit becomes hard and engorged, all the nerves primed to release tension.

This type of orgasm is often short-lived and felt on a surface level. It just washes over her body like a warm glow, a hit of heady pleasure. In summary, it’s short, sharp, and intense.

Vaginal Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm occurs during penetration, whether it’s with a penis or sex toy. To trigger her vaginal orgasm, you want to make sure you’re hitting the G-spot just right, sending waves of pleasure to her brain.

Signs that she’s having a vaginal orgasm are body vibrations, vaginal contractions, sweat, and some intense moaning or crying.

Although not as intense as a clitoral orgasm, a vaginal climax erupts from within her core. It’s felt all over her body and typically lasts longer. Sometimes you may even feel her vaginal walls contract, and the grip may trigger a mutual orgasm for you both.

Anal Orgasm

As the name implies, an anal orgasm is the climax your female partner reaches when you stimulate her anus the way her body loves. It gives a different sensation due to the tightness of the anus, but it's no less intense.

If she’s new to anal play, it most likely will feel like a combination of pain and intense pleasure. Many women have described this orgasm as overwhelming.

Nipple Orgasm

This type of orgasm is one triggered when you only stimulate her nipples. With the use of fingers, ice, nipple clamps, vibrators, you can take nipple play from basic to amazing and make her orgasm from that spot alone. Many women describe this as a light and breezy sensation.

Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm packs a punch because it’s not just one sweet spot leading her to climax — it’s often a combination of two or three. You can expect this to be thrice as intense, and explosive. It may result in female ejaculation, and feels like an otherworldy experience.

During an orgasm, endorphins are released which can make her happy, relaxed and even sleepy, right after. So, overall, the female orgasm is just a blissful experience, which every vulva-owner deserves.

Can Sex Toys Make a Woman Orgasm?

If you want to guarantee your woman a good time in bed, what better way than to use sex toys? As you know, an automated machine is faster and more efficient than a manual one. In the same vein, vibrating sex toys can intensify your woman’s orgasm to depths you never thought possible. Never seen her squirt?

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When you ask “what does it feel like for a girl to come?” The answer you get depends on who you ask. You may never be able to understand the depth of pleasure your lover experiences when she climaxes. And that’s okay!

Instead, you should be more concerned about giving her more of those experiences. And we can help! We hope you found this article helpful. Ensure that you visit our sex toy review section for affordable, yet efficient sex toys that will make her orgasm even more with you.

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