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What Does a Male Orgasm Feel Like?

Man on bed after orgasm.

If you’re not a man, then you’ve probably wondered time and again “what does an orgasm feel like for men?” Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it won’t do you any harm. In this article, we describe what a man’s orgasm feels like, and hopefully give you a picture of how he feels as he climaxes.

What is a Male Orgasm?

An orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure, where the body releases the tension accumulated during arousal and sex. About 10% of women ejaculate during an orgasm, however, for men, an orgasm almost always ends in ejaculation. An orgasm without the release of semen is called a ‘dry orgasm’, and it seldom happens to men.

Types of Male Orgasm and Their Sensations

This section discusses the various types of orgasms a man can have, and how each one may feel.

Penile Orgasm

A man’s penis is his primary sexual organ. So an orgasm from penile stimulation is the most common male orgasm. Your man may not need help to achieve this orgasm. With a good lube in his hand, he can do a good job masturbating and giving himself an orgasm.

A penile orgasm feels like the entire groin tensing up, almost like getting a cramp– only this is the good kind. His breath quickens, and it’s almost like a relief after holding in pee for hours on end! He may also experience fatigue after climaxing.

Anal Orgasm

Contrary to public opinion, most men enjoy anal play and derive intense orgasms from backdoor sex. According to Susan Milstein PhD., “the male G Spot is the prostate and it is located two inches into the rectum.” The prostate has many nerve endings (almost as much as the clitoris), therefore, it’s easy for men to experience an orgasm through consistent stimulation of the prostate.

For men, anal or prostate orgasms are more intense because they come from deep inside the body. This orgasm is also accompanied by a tingly sensation all over his body.

Nipple Stimulation

A survey carried out by the U.S National Library of Medicine reported that nipple stimulation increases arousal -- and subsequently, the chances of orgasm-- in 52% of men. Some tools that can make nipple play a walk in the park are nipple clamps, vibrators, ice cubes, and even your tongue! A nipple orgasm may not be as intense as other types and doesn't always result in a full-blown ejaculation

Blended Orgasm — How It Works

In the real world, the word ‘blended’ means a combination of various substances. So, when we mention blended orgasms, you should imagine– one big orgasm triggered by the stimulation of multiple erogenous zones.

This type of orgasm is often more intense, because of the combined efforts. So while your man penetrates you, you can also be kissing, twiddling his nipples, or pegging him for that extra effect.

Note that stimulation of multiple erogenous zones at once may cause him to climax faster than usual.

Dry Orgasm

We know that male orgasm is commonly associated with ejaculation– the release of semen from his penis. However, did you know that a man can climax without ejaculation? A case like that is what’s known as a dry orgasm. Some causes of dry orgasm are genetic anomalies, multiple orgasms in a short time frame, hormonal deficiencies, nerve damage, or a blockage in the urethra. A dry orgasm is not a cause for concern, unless it’s become a norm in your sex life, then you should see a health professional.

Can Sex Toys Make a Man Orgasm?

The simple answer to the question above is yes. But, we’ll go more in-depth. When a man is aroused, his erogenous zones become more sensitive than usual, priming him for sex, and eventually orgasm.

With sex toys, you can get there even faster. First, the sight of sex toys can make a man incredibly horny. It gets even more intense when you use it to stimulate his nipples, anus or penis. The vibrations will heighten his sensitivity, and increase blood flow into the penis.

Get a vibrator , butt plug or cock ring from our sex toy review section and you’ll make him climax like never before.


In answer to the question “what does a male orgasm feel like?” The truth is, you can never truly understand the depth of this sensation until you’re a man. The summary is that the male orgasm feels like pleasure and relief, all at once.

We hope you loved reading this article as much as we loved creating it for you. Visit our sex toy review section for wonderful and affordable sex toys that will enhance your man’s orgasms.

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