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What Does It Feel Like to Get Your Dick Sucked?


If you are dying to know what a blow job feels like, it's okay. Millions of people without penises are also with you on it. It is really hard not to think about it when you see somebody's reaction to getting their dick sucked. Their closed eyes, moans, curling toes and flexed muscles make one wonder endlessly what they feel and how high the action floats them. The curiosity even gets worse when you are the one sucking their dick. However, when you ask most people with penises what a blow job feels like, they tell you it is unexplainable. They sometimes ramble about something that is not comprehensive, leaving you with an unsatisfying answer. That only spikes your curiosity and makes you want to exchange bodies for a bit to catch the feeling yourself.

Fortunately, some people are better skilled in weaving words together to describe unexplainable situations like how blowjobs feel. We have taken the pain to ask a couple of men the question and summarized their answers in this article to satisfy your curiosity.

Now to the million-dollar question, " what does it feel like to have your dick sucked? Read on. You may learn a thing or two against the next time you go down on someone with a penis.

Physical aspect

Using the answers from men who have experienced their dicks getting sucked, we have summarized the answer to the question into three explanations:

  • A mouth on the dick feels like having sex, only that it is wetter. The saliva production is continuous, making the blow extra slurpy and reducing any form of friction. A good blow job focuses on the penis tip, the most sensitive part of the genitals. The pleasure builds up as someone rolls their tongue over the cap or deep throat.
  • Inside the mouth feels looser than the vagina or butt. The sensation is also different because the mouth and hand create a tempo that you cannot get during penetrative sex. To sum it up, comparing sex to a blow job is like pitting oranges and apples against each other. They both hit the taste buds in different tantalizing ways and usually give a similar satisfaction.
  • The penis tip has the same sensitive skin as the clitoris, meaning a blow job should give a similar sensation to sucking a vagina. Therefore, the best way to explain how getting the dick sucked feels to a woman is by telling her to imagine what she feels when her clit gets sucked. When you ask most of them about it, they also cannot particularly explain the feeling coherently. It is like that for most men too.

Emotional aspect

What most men feel when they find a good dick sucker is a little anxiety mixed with heightened pleasure. For one, they usually feel the urge to bob their partner's head because they want more, but the men hold back too because they don't want to confuse the person sucking. They might think the hair pulling and jerking came about because they are not getting it right. Another person may also become embarrassed being in that position.

Some men lay down still but become worried that their partners may feel like the dick sucking has no effect. To sum it up, the process causes a roller coaster of feelings, with pleasure usually dominating. In worst cases, especially when the person sucking is inexperienced, the anxiety takes over, and the men just can't wait for it to be over.

Do Men Like It All the Time When Their Dicks Get Sucked?

The obvious answer is no. Not everyone who gives a blow job understands how to get your dick sucked. Some fail to do it right and have the men praying they don't bite off their dicks before the session is over. To ensure you are doing it correctly, ask your partner what they like. They know what makes them feel pleasured and will guide you on how to give a good blowjob. Checking the internet may also work when learning how to suck a dick well. However, it is better to ask your partner as everybody has their preferences. For instance, some people like eye contact while others find it creepy. Next time, communicate with your partner to send them over the edge with your discoveries.


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