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What Does Sex Feel Like for Men?

Sensation of men during sex.

As humans, our curiosity is unlimited. We want to know more about life, career, and wealth accumulation, all right. But if you could have superpowers, you would probably choose the ability to read minds. We simply want to know what the other person thinks when they remember our time together, even in bed! So the grand question, ‘what does sex feel like for men?’ isn’t out of line at all.

Of course, this question can only be asked by women, because men ultimately know how sex feels for them. But the female folk want to understand how the men feel when they receive a blowjob, what their partner’s vagina feels like to them, or how intense it gets when they penetrate their lover’s warmth.

Stay with us as we try to answer your question in the article below.

How Do Men Derive Pleasure During Sex?

The first thing many ladies get wrong is thinking that sex is the same for every guy. Yes, they feel good, but the manner of pleasure they derive from that intimate moment differs. In the same way we have different bedroom preferences, so do our bodies react to pleasure differently. Before we answer your question regarding “what does sex feel like for a guy?”, we’ll describe the various ways that men derive pleasure during sex.

  • Foreplay: Believe it or not, there’s no good sex without foreplay. With all the kissing, fondling of boobs, and stroking that goes on in a hot makeout session, it’s not surprising that your man will get all hot and bothered for you. His penis will hard, signaling his desire for something more.
  • Penile Stimulation: A man’s primary sexual organ is his penis. He may have other sweet spots but his penis is the most sensitive part of his anatomy. So, when you stimulate your lover’s penis with your hand or mouth, hormones such as adrenaline and oxytocin are released. His heart rate increases and he may feel an urge to ejaculate. You might even find some precum at the tip of his penis.
  • Penetration: The penetration happens when he sinks into your wet vagina or anus. It’s an otherworldly feeling because then he can finally release all the pent-up sexual energy. Men ejaculate more easily through penetrative sex than any other form of stimulation.

Types Of Sensations Men Experience During Sex

There are two common sensations associated with men’s sexual experiences namely: heady and tingly sensations.

The Heady Feeling

During sex, the release of dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and adrenaline trigger an intense wave of pleasure in the brain, which leads to a heady sensation– almost like you’re out of this world. This feeling is more intense during penile stimulation, due to a significant increase in his blood pressure and heart rate. This heady feeling during sex is often likened to dizziness or intoxication. Your man may also get aroused by the sound of his balls slapping on your butt/labia during penetrative sex.

The Tingly Sensation

You probably know what tingles are. Some men feel like they’re being tickled during penile stimulation. The penis, especially its tip, is incredibly sensitive so light, feathery touches can feel like tickles. During foreplay and penetrative sex, he may feel rising tension in his lower belly but at orgasm, all that sexual energy is released and it feels like tingles all over his skin.

On the whole, many men believe that great sex comes down to two major factors– sexual chemistry and the wetness of your vagina.

How Sex Toys Can Affect a Man’s Sexual Experience?

Gone are the days when men felt threatened by the presence of sex toys in the bedroom. Now, we can even say that our dear men have formed an alliance with BOB–The Battery-Operated Boyfriend. So, your man can either use the sex toy to please you or let you use it on him.

Letting him use the toy on you is so arousing, just like when he watches you masturbate. However, you can also use a butt plug on him, or a cock ring to keep him erect for longer

durations. In addition, men have their P-Spot inside the anus, so pegging can really intensify your man’s sexual experience.

Since you’re not a man, you may never truly understand how sex feels for your partner. But this guide is the most comprehensive you may even find on the subject. The next time you want to know how sex feels for your man, just ask him. Who knows? He might be very heavy on details.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did. Don’t forget to stop by our review section for amazing sex toys that will literally transform your sex life from bad to great; or good to amazing!

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