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What Does Sex Feel Like for Women?

Sensation of women during sex.

If you saw this article title and clicked on it, chances are, you’re not a woman — hence your curiosity. However, understand before you move on that we can only provide a vague picture of what sex feels like for women.

When you think, “what does sex feel like for a woman?” or “does sex feel good for women?”, the most important factor is her sexual preference. What type of bedroom activities she enjoys will ultimately determine how sex feels for her?

Types of Sexual Stimulation Women Love

Before we share the sexual secret of the womenfolk with you, let’s discuss the various types of stimulation women enjoy with their partners. If you’re lucky, your partner likes one or more of these, then you may have a slight idea of how she feels when you put your mouth or hands on her.


Also called outercourse, foreplay is the sexual activity before actual intercourse. Some types of foreplay are cuddling, kissing, touching. If you’re a little nasty, you could strip for her; women love a good show. It’s a great way to make the butterflies flutter in her belly. Most people may relegate it to the background because it’s just a “lead-in” to the main event, right? However, without this step, your lady may not even enjoy the rest of your sexual encounter. Women need foreplay to get primed for sex, get their hormones running, make them wet and trigger intense arousal.

Oral Sex

Some women claim that oral sex is like being in paradise, while some others are not really into it. However, if your lover likes oral sex, then it means that she craves the feel of your wet, warm tongue on her vagina. You can go down on her while running your fingers on her other sensitive parts. During oral sex, she may feel lightheaded and may tremble every now and then. A little rimming may just send her over the edge.

Vaginal Sex

This is what many people in hetero relationships consider ‘real sex’. Using your penis or a sex toy to stimulate her vagina and clit can be intense for your lover. It almost feels like pressure, free-falling and sweet oblivion at once. You can try out various positions such as the missionary, doggy, spooning, etc., till you find one that she enjoys. You can also use a sex pillow to incline her body for easier access to her G-spot. Your fingers are also welcome to play in her pussy. Use them to your advantage and watch sex become even more intense for both of you.

Anal Sex

When it comes down to it, every woman doesn’t react the same to anal sex. Some say it feels like sensory overload, while some others term it ‘reverse pooping’. Whichever way, anal sex makes her feel full and tight. Because it’s often regarded as taboo sex, it also feels exciting and can be such a turn-on for her. The thrill of doing something so nasty with someone she’s attracted to, also adds to the rate of pleasure.

If you want to spice up anal sex between you and your lover, try double penetration. Penetrate her anus with your dick/sex toy, and thrust it in her vagina simultaneously. Her senses will be heightened because of how full and tight all her holes are. She may feel a slight zap of pain now and then, especially if it’s her first time experiencing such. However, plenty of lubrication and gentle penetration does it.

How To Intensify Her Sexual Experiences with Sex Toys

Does sex feel good for women? Try her sex toys to find out. According to a survey by Knowledge Networks, 44% of sexually active women believe that sex toys improve their sex life dramatically.

Vibrators work faster than your fingers or penis ever will, and with a range of speed settings to choose from, your woman will have an unforgettable experience. If she never climaxes through penetrative sex, then it’s time to try the rabbit vibrator which provides dual stimulation- to the clit and vagina.

The trick to intensifying a woman’s sexual life is to try a variety of toys until she finds one that meets her needs. Check out our sex toy reviews for amazing toys you can use to wow your woman in bed, next time.


What sex feels like for women differs based on the woman in question, and what kind of sex you’re having. Anal sex doesn’t feel like oral sex, and vice versa. However, try to explore your sexual fantasies and boundaries, communicate with her, and learn what she likes. We hope you loved this article as much as we loved creating it for you. Ensure to visit our sex toy reviews for amazing toys that fit your taste and budget.

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