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Where to Hide Sex Toys?

Sex toys storage.

For whatever reason you have, you are here because you need ideas on how to discreetly hide your sex toys away. Don’t worry, we can help. There are a lot of places you can keep your sex toys away from your kids or any other person and until you know them, you might be confused as you currently are. In this article, we'll show you how to hide sex toys depending on how small or big it is.

Where In the Bedroom Can You Hide Your Sex Toys?

  1. Under-bed storage: Although this might seem pretty obvious like – really? Under the bed… However, if your children or other members of the family are not too nosy, you can keep your sex toys under the bed. If you need more secrecy, place it inside a box and then under the bed. You can also add some other stuff. Besides, it is easier to reach for it when the fun is about to start.
  2. Bedside Drawers: This is another part of the bedroom where your sex toys are safe. Also, if you are looking for how to hide a dildo, you've found it. A bedside drawer is already a private space where personal things are kept. So except you have extra nosy people around you can simply keep your sex toys inside one of the drawers. To ensure that it is kept away, put it in a box or a sock then keep it deep inside the middle or last drawer. If you don’t have a bedside drawer, number 3 can be of help.
  3. DIY Bedside table boxes: A bedside table box is a DIY creative décor idea that involves using three or four storage boxes stacked on each other as a bedside drawer. Though you can buy an already made one from IKEA, you can also make one yourself. Just make sure it is not too high or higher than your bed. This is even harder to nose around through. When you place things on top of it, you can easily tell if someone has poked around near the boxes.

Other Places to Hide Sex Toys

Though some might say the best place for sex toys is in the bedroom, we beg to differ. Some places are super invisible to others for hiding things, especially a dildo. They are:

  1. Shoebox: If you are looking for where to hide sex toys, a shoebox can come in handy. The greatest thing about a shoebox is that it is discreet and completely invincible. You can also keep it in your room.
  2. Socks: If you have a lot of sock pairs, then you can make a few of them useful by keeping slider and long sex toys like a dildo
  3. Drawstring organza bag: An organza bag is where ladies usually keep their jewelry. Though it is small for smaller sex toys like masturbation eggs, it is discreet except for other women in the house though.
  4. The pocket of the handbag: Whether a small or a large handbag, you can keel your sex toys in the pocket. But make sure it is a bag you are not taking out. You won’t want your dildo dropping out during a presentation in the office.
  5. Stuffed animal pocket: Similar to the handbag pocket, keeping your sex toys in the pocket of a stuffed animal you have at home is a great idea. The stuffed animal shouldn’t be for your kid though.
  6. Suitcase: Men in the house, and women that use suitcases, this is a pretty great idea for where to hide sex toys. A suitcase with a lock is even much better. People usually see a suitcase as a professional item so no one would think that your vibrator's in there.
  7. Tissue box: You can place small sex toys inside an empty tissue box. But you need to be aware that people tend to reach out for tissues quite often and one might stumble upon your stash of sex toys. The tissue box works if it’s only kids you want to keep out.
  8. Coat pocket: The pocket of your coat, jacket, or suit is another great idea for where to keep your sex toys. But similar to the handbag warning, don’t forget to remove them when going out with the jacket.
  9. Tampon box: In a tampon box, only ladies might stumble upon this. Tampon boxes are safe from men and of course kids and might be one of the safest places mentioned throughout this list.
  10. A lockbox: A lockbox or lock safe is the most discreet yet obvious place to keep sex toys. Everyone knows you are trying to keep something hidden but without the lock, no one can access the content within.

The Best Place for Sex Toys

Despite all the things mentioned, the best place to keep your sex toy stash is specially designed sex toy storage containers. These containers don’t have to be in form of boxes, they can be purses, drawstring bags, pockets, storage drawers, and so on. However, two things are unique to them. One, they are usually made to suit the material of the sex toy it is bought with. Also, sex toy containers usually come with locks to keep unwanted hands away.


Though other sex toys matter, dildos are the most obviously-shaped sex toys. That’s why this article talked more about where to hide dildos. We hoped you have gained new knowledge on how to hide sex toys. If you want to spread out your sex life, make sure to pass by our best sex toys reviews. We have everything that will suit your taste and need.

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